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  1. Quite distinctive from 'guesses' so far me thinks.
  2. PS - it was powdery/downy mildew.
  3. I have been experimenting with fresh coconut water that I buy locally, diluted 100 ml to 1 litre of water and sprayed on foliage with a pump up sprayer. It so far has controlled it on hydrangeas, rosemary and mostly controlled on poinsettia tree. In Canada I used trichoderma fungi germinated as well as Japanese knotweed watery infusion.
  4. Is there a mandatory expiry attached to these permits. I gave up using them in Canada because of having to periodically re-apply. This does not make sense for a congenital permanent disability.
  5. Perhaps the issue with plastic bags being banned while still allowing the flow of other plastics is rooted in the difficulty of recycling plastic bags and specialized equipment required for various categories of plastics. I do agree that entrepreneurs are the best avenue for recycling but some of the complexity is beyond small operations. However, there still needs to be some government regulation. The cleaned up waterways in the US from days of old are good testament to this. https://blog.nationalgeographic.org/2018/04/04/7-things-you-didnt-know-about-plastic-and-recycling/ https://apps.npr.org/plastics-recycling/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/its-in-the-bag-why-cant-you-put-carrier-bags-in-with-your-plastic-recycling/2019/10/27/b838b83a-f8bf-11e9-ac8c-8eced29ca6ef_story.html Maybe we should bring back glass and metal containers.
  6. Does anyone know if there is an accessible online mapping-registry of lots for the Chapala municipality?
  7. Just like the South Koreans recommended months ago.
  8. As Tom has stated the router won't help with your buffering. It only helps if you are distributing Ethernet connections to more devices. Testing your cables is a good idea but Tom is likely correct about the internet in general. I have terrible buffering on a free internet TV service but no buffering using kodi and real debrid [you'll need a learning curve for these; kodi is free and real debrid is 9 euros per 90 days] . I get no buffering using no VPN but sometimes it is wise to use VPN so I connect to time zones where it is least likely a lot of people are watching TV and have no buffering problems.
  9. I thought bumber to bumber was a good word play.....no?
  10. Paulownia aka Empress trees are extremely fast growing. You may be able to find saplings. I grew them to 8 feet in 2 years from seed in Canada.
  11. I believe you can take your dog with you by air or car fairly easily.
  12. Thanks for the great photo. Mauricio's nephew, [a close friend] and I are thinking of doing some sort of memorial plaque. We are looking over some photos. Is it okay to consider this one?
  13. Yesterday the poison alcohol claimed another victim; Mauricio, who many knew by 'duck' - 'el pato'. He cared for the LCS gardens for a number of years up until last year. Some of you may have turned compost with him. I did not know him well but what I did, revealed a gentle and happy soul. He loved to hike the mountains in search of herbs and roots [and occasional artifacts]. He is gone much too young and I will miss the friendship which was in the making.
  14. Sustainable economics, based on subsistence, rather than economic growth. Like regenerative farming.
  15. I never said that 800 per week was great did I? However, perhaps you can explain what " has done do much for the economy of this town" means.
  16. 8. most have large dangerous steps Many Mexican families shop at Walmart. I think stocking staff make 800 per week. I believe they pay benefits which I doubt most small shops pay.
  17. I find it unnecessary to load the VPN on the router. I just load it on each device.
  18. It just means that the Ilox modem is not good for plugging in several devices so I bought an additional router so I can do this. It does not assist with the incoming signal from the fiber optic wire.
  19. A router is only a solution for the poor quality port sharing of the Ilox modem. It will not help with dropped broadband. Amazon.
  20. Mine did. It has gone out periodically since installation and the indicator not working is typical. The modems are garbage. I improved WIFI and expanded connections with cheap Asus router.
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