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  1. Yes that was all inclusive; hospital, surgeon, assistant, anesthesiologist. It was less expensive than an eye clinic and I thought the pre-examination was more thorough than a 2nd opinion I got. In the unlikely event I had a reaction to the drugs used, I was already at a hospital.
  2. I had a very good experience (so far) having cataract surgery done by Dr. Juan Garrido at Puerta de Hierro Sur hospital. I was given a choice of practically any intraocular lens I decided upon. The cost varied accordingly. The cost of monofocal lenses which most people get was 35,000 pesos per eye. These are usually for average distance viewing and reading glasses are used for close up viewing. After some research I decided on Zeiss (Lisa) multifocal (trifocal) lenses. The cost for everything excluding my initial examination (900p) and analytic measurements (1200p), was 42,000 pesos per eye, a very reasonable expenditure. I had both eyes done, 2 weeks apart in March. I can see the trees at the mountain tops and read without glasses. My last eye exam I had 20/20 vision. The examination process when I first attended Dr. Garrido's office was to first, have magnified (microscope) photos taken of my eyes. Then I went into the doctor's office and he examined my eyes with another microscope and performed a vision test as well as a lens prescription should I decide on glasses. Post surgery, I went into yet another room where he examined my eye(s) with another scope which interfaced with a camera and large monitor so we could see the lens placement. The surgery takes place at the same hospital. After checking in with admissions, I was taken to a private room where I put on a hospital gown and had the IV line for sedatives put in. The surgery caused no discomfort whatsoever. Dr. Juan Alberto Garrido Camelo (Juan Garrido) Cirujano Oftalmologo - Ophthalmologist Surgeon Ph: 331-593-2102 Email: drjgarrido@gmail.com Hospital Puerta De Hierro Sur - 10th floor Tell him Tim sent you, as I'd like him to know that I am happy to refer others. [no kickback; I promise] The topographical(?) (sizing) testing of my eyes was done in the same hospital by Dr. Carlos Munoz on the 4th floor, who is also an ophthalmologist surgeon. This is done for the sizing and type of lenses to be used. I believe the cost of this ranges from 1200 pesos [which I paid] to 3000 pesos. His phone number is 331-655-0544. He is also an excellent physician.
  3. If anything, Facebook is the tiny box of the internet.
  4. Absolutely avoid Macdonald. They lost 1500 USD worth of lab equipment for 2 months and still charged me. They told me first they were 100% reliable to deliver this.
  5. That is the one I am hoping for. Old school technology(?). I had the covid virus and have antibodies, so I'm assuming that I am somewhat immune. Research on the other SARS virus has shown people who recovered still have immunity 17 years later.
  6. Thanks! A much better deal. Now I just hope mercadolibre accepts my transaction this time.
  7. Has anyone seen this [Shoe Goo] sold anywhere? I've used it for years to keep myself in rubber clogs. I have difficult to fit feet so buying new clogs is not so easy. It is fabulous material which can even be molded to create a new sole. It costs a fortune on Amazon.
  8. XE - no fee - inbetween high and low exchange - you can select what exchange you want your money to transfer at and it happens while you sleep - no limit that I know of - used it to buy my house.
  9. Winston - chapala movers - good service - cheaper - bring stuff you cannot get here. Stuff for hobbbies, etc. I wish I had brought way more.
  10. My mickeymouse system on my rv works continuously so long as the demand does not outstrip the storage/recharge ability [the following day].
  11. For ants that eat sugar, I mix boric acid with sugar and water, pour into various shallow lids with small pieces of tissue. They take it back to the nest and all the ants die. 2 tablesoons boric acid; half cup sugar; 2 cups warm water [better for mixing] It works. Place out of reach of pets.
  12. I'm curious; what is an upper arm reduction? I went through an extensive procedure which lengthened my leg by 4 inches; turned out great allowing ambulation but I'm trying to figure out the benefit in shorter arms. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž
  13. Agreed. Small or large amounts may be transferred from most countries, to worldwide. As stated, setting up varies dependent on your circumstances. e.g. I do transfers and pay the amount to be transferred through my bill payment feature of my bank.
  14. lots at least 200k cad - there are some things to work out to see if it works for you. xe.com
  15. Well, my disability prevents me from doing so myself, so I just talked my buddy through it. You can find good instructions on youtube,
  16. The 'taxpayer relief provision' is quite wide ranging and flexible in the hands of a good bookkeeper or lawyer [or an astute human]. I first noticed it when I was claiming capital gains exemption/return from the sale of a farm. The full read; https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/forms-publications/publications/ic07-1/taxpayer-relief-provisions-1r1.html
  17. Carlos is your guy. He speaks Ingles. We need to clean the thermocouple [sensor/sending unit] every winter with a piece of green scrubbing pad. Also when you open your gas line it can take a long time to reach the unit.
  18. One of several in CRA regulations. It can represent thousands of dollars. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/segments/tax-credits-deductions-persons-disabilities/disability-tax-credit.html "If a person was eligible for the DTC for previous years but did not claim the disability amount when they sent their tax return, they can request adjustments for up to 10 years under the CRA's Taxpayer Relief Provision."
  19. http://www.knowyourinsects.org/Hemiptera1.html
  20. I think it has still yet to be named. Look at the 2 photos. It looks different than a leaf footed bug....similar but.... EDIT; I'm conviced you are correct - leaf footed but have not found that variety yet
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