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  1. I had a very good experience (so far) having cataract surgery done by Dr. Juan Garrido at Puerta de Hierro Sur hospital. I was given a choice of practically any intraocular lens I decided upon. The cost varied accordingly. The cost of monofocal lenses which most people get was 35,000 pesos per eye. These are usually for average distance viewing and reading glasses are used for close up viewing. After some research I decided on Zeiss (Lisa) multifocal (trifocal) lenses. The cost for everything excluding my initial examination (900p) and analytic measurements (1200p), was 42,000 pesos per eye, a
  2. If anything, Facebook is the tiny box of the internet.
  3. Absolutely avoid Macdonald. They lost 1500 USD worth of lab equipment for 2 months and still charged me. They told me first they were 100% reliable to deliver this.
  4. That is the one I am hoping for. Old school technology(?). I had the covid virus and have antibodies, so I'm assuming that I am somewhat immune. Research on the other SARS virus has shown people who recovered still have immunity 17 years later.
  5. Thanks! A much better deal. Now I just hope mercadolibre accepts my transaction this time.
  6. Has anyone seen this [Shoe Goo] sold anywhere? I've used it for years to keep myself in rubber clogs. I have difficult to fit feet so buying new clogs is not so easy. It is fabulous material which can even be molded to create a new sole. It costs a fortune on Amazon.
  7. XE - no fee - inbetween high and low exchange - you can select what exchange you want your money to transfer at and it happens while you sleep - no limit that I know of - used it to buy my house.
  8. Winston - chapala movers - good service - cheaper - bring stuff you cannot get here. Stuff for hobbbies, etc. I wish I had brought way more.
  9. My mickeymouse system on my rv works continuously so long as the demand does not outstrip the storage/recharge ability [the following day].
  10. For ants that eat sugar, I mix boric acid with sugar and water, pour into various shallow lids with small pieces of tissue. They take it back to the nest and all the ants die. 2 tablesoons boric acid; half cup sugar; 2 cups warm water [better for mixing] It works. Place out of reach of pets.
  11. I'm curious; what is an upper arm reduction? I went through an extensive procedure which lengthened my leg by 4 inches; turned out great allowing ambulation but I'm trying to figure out the benefit in shorter arms. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž
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