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  1. True enough but that does not mean, one who is disabled should give up. I was born disabled and struggled through many barriers fighting for the same rights and function others take for granted. I could not feed nor dress myself until after 10 years of age. Along the way I improved some access regulations and even a city and taught many people who can't walk to ride horses up into the mountains. I'm still going.
  2. Hey there's an idea. I'll drive and you meet me there to run into the store for me or you help me walk perhaps. While you are at it buy some cars for all the people having trouble in that area, especially the amputee chap.
  3. I see the bicycle path being used a lot, since I use it myself with my mobility scooter. Regardless of who is sponsoring the work, I wish they would turn their attention to completing the section of bicycle path at the west end of Ajijic. It terminates right in front of the new hospital construction (old car wash) and picks up again at Juarez. This no man's land is treacherous for bicyclists and pedestrians. I am forced to ride my scooter with the traffic in this section and against the traffic on the way back (west). Very dangerous. I literally risk my life to go shopping. I have also seen the gentleman amputee traversing this course in his manual wheelchair. I did note, from a newspaper article that when the governor visited he said completing this was on the slate but I've heard nothing further. If anyone has any clue who to contact regarding this, I'd appreciate receipt of the information. I would contribute to this project financially if that would get it moving along. [or raise money and hire my own crew to get er done ]
  4. I mix boric acid [from hardware stores] with sugar and water for bait. Works for me.
  5. If what Jrod posted is accurate it would seem the legal limit is 0.13 [130 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood] which is higher than the 0.08 US/Can standard and certainly more than the 0.025 posted above related to the person arrested. It would be helpful to learn the actual limit. I was pulled over myself and went through a rather amusing episode with the pleasant young woman holding the tester. Every breathalyzer I've seen requires compressed breath so I kept moving my mouth towards it and she kept pulling away and my ignorance of Spanish helped naught. I finally understood I only had to blow in the direction of the meter. We both laughed and it read 'no alcohol'. Although funny, this is also frightening. There is no chance IMO that these meters are remotely accurate. Also consider certain medications, mouthwashes and persons with diabetes and I suspect protein dieters can cause a false positive reading. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRPnd2apxvM
  6. I use Kodi quite successfully but am fairly computer/internet literate. It is a free download but it works only with free add-ons and functions best with a paid streaming service [40 euros per year] called Realdebrid. I use only my laptop and flat screen tv. I have been using the same add-on for a year. There are better ones but I'm lazy. You are wise to use a VPN. [virtual private network; 5 to 10 bucks per month] https://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Windows https://www.wirelesshack.org/category/kodi-media-center https://real-debrid.com/ https://www.wirelesshack.org/top-best-working-kodi-video-add-ons.html https://www.firesticktricks.com/best-kodi-addons.html
  7. If one quoted this information in court, they would be free to be drunk as a skunk while driving. 0.8 mg/ml is excessively high as are 0.4 and 0.5. They have misplaced the decimal point.
  8. Chillin; We did something similar at a wilderness camp I ran for 15 years. We just insulated a room off the kitchen, about 10 x 10 ft. cut a hole in the exterior wall and inserted a cheap air conditioner. No coolbot necessary. It worked like a charm to give us a cold room. Now one can purchase a temperature regulator on Amazon for 32 USD which simplifies the task.
  9. I have found myself without cash lots of times and I have a lot of trouble with coins because of the condition of my hands. I usually tip way more than 20 pesos and also because of that thing with my hands I dump the change given by the cashier right on the counter. Have only had smiles and a few pats from the elders bagging groceries. I'm going to remember the chocolate bar or... idea. Thanks.
  10. Sometimes very difficult if you have no cash and the ATMs are sold out. Not all that rare. A candy bar beats nothing right?
  11. I have used Hitman Pro anti-virus successfully to remove some previous infections. It does not take a lot of space on your computer and constantly updates its base. I'm still mourning the passing of XP pro operating system. I do interface of high end microscopy and 24 RAM computer and nothing was better. I tried MS 10 but had to revert to 7 because 10 had too many dumbed down operations.
  12. I just saw Dr Juan Garrido in GDL (puerta de hierro sur hospital) who told me I have cataracts. He prescribed multifocal eye glasses to try forestalling surgery for a while. I have never worn glasses. They cost 12,000 pesos [ouch] He said the surgery would be 25,000 pesos per eye but did not say what sort of lens. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  13. Pea gravel was mentioned in the thread. Does anyone know of a bulk source?
  14. I'll second Winston. Excellent service.
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