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  1. Okay but the same point. Not that I'm seriously suggesting it. It is kinda beautiful in its ugly fashion. Now that's engineering. Edit; Actually it is the Riverside viaduct.
  2. gustavofrances@hotmail.com RV park in Ajijic - Gustavo is a great guy.
  3. Can you please post that test here. I tested hemp in Canada via HPLC. The results show the percentage of each detected cannabinoid. One can also pay for more complex testing. A general certificate of quality is not valid.
  4. The Multiva and Scotia ATM no charge for Actinver. and cash back up to 2000 no charge at Walmart.
  5. Mexican made; https://fronterasdesk.org/content/1090356/meet-thal-mexican-electric-car-wants-disrupt-market https://www.lmth.com.mx/
  6. The trees are everywhere. I saw ripe ones in a tree at Yves a few days ago.
  7. I presume you are referring to the break in the bicycle path running west from Juarez. I brought this up previously but it was suggested I invest in a car. This stretch of the Carretera is very dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists. The parking taking place on the bike path through town is a joke of lack of enforcement. Since it is Jalisco undertaking the path improvement project, I would think writing to the governor would be the best way to bring these issues to light.
  8. I've yet to see any CBD oil in the area which has any testing to show either the ratio or percentage CBD of the plant it is extracted from or the oil itself. How it is extracted is also important to the quality. An alcohol or solvent distillation is superior. Most around here is extracted via alcohol wash. Of course, there can be benefits from local cannabis oil anyway, no matter whether it is genuine CBD oil.
  9. I have a congenital bone/joint deformity. Years ago in Canada friends convinced me to see a chiropractor for back pain. The chiropractor I saw cracked my neck, causing severe pain and issues for months after. Some years later I was again having back and neck pain and a friend told me of a chiropractor reputed to be the best in BC. I believe Macmillan was his name. I decided to make an appointment. He looked me over and told me my problems came from my fat wallet carried in my back pocket. He took x-rays and told me that ANY chiropractor who works without imaging is a quack. Over about 4 months he did very gentle adjustments to my neck and back and cured my issue, plus I stopped carrying the wallet.
  10. I am working on raising enough red wrigglers for selling worms and castings. I have 8 bins now at various stages. Might have product by later in 2020. Will be located about 6 doors west of Yves Restaurant. We will put up a sign when we are ready to sell. microbeorganics.com info about microbial based growing
  11. True enough but that does not mean, one who is disabled should give up. I was born disabled and struggled through many barriers fighting for the same rights and function others take for granted. I could not feed nor dress myself until after 10 years of age. Along the way I improved some access regulations and even a city and taught many people who can't walk to ride horses up into the mountains. I'm still going.
  12. Hey there's an idea. I'll drive and you meet me there to run into the store for me or you help me walk perhaps. While you are at it buy some cars for all the people having trouble in that area, especially the amputee chap.
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