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  1. My Jack Russell loves to kill them but I've also got 2 Geckos who have moved in with me who eat cockroaches.
  2. That glyphosate biodegrades fully was/is an unfortunate obfuscation promoted by Monsanto/Bayer. It destroys or inhibits many beneficial soil microorganisms. Perhaps worse it has become a popular 'tool' of many large grain farmers in Canada and the US to hasten senescence making for a timely harvest. Because of this, glyphosate is detectable in many vegetable oils (especially canola) and virtually all cereals. Nice eh?
  3. Sure; shoot their contact info. My buddy in Vancouver is an expert at this. He has saved me thousands over the years. Failing this, I'll try teaching myself and my right hand to do this on an ABS modulator.
  4. I was tempted to point that out but did not wish to be too rude, being a rank newbie and all.
  5. On this subject is anyone aware of a mechanic capable of solder circuit board repair? This includes such things as car computers, ABS modules, etc. I already tried Moises in Riberas but he is not this far into auto electronics.
  6. Carlos is still outside the Tuesday market (most Tuesdays). Grey braids on right when exciting parking lot.
  7. There appear to be two varieties; one is large ant size, the other the size of hornets. Anybody know what's up with that?
  8. The hotel with the entrance beside Dr Georges foot place was 300 to 350 usd for an apartment
  9. Is a regional hospital an open government hospital or IMSS hospital?
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