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    How do they do it?

    HI bournemouth It does not have anything to do with Mexico specifically, I put that example because I am from Mexico, that's all.
  2. dxtr

    How do they do it?

    AlanMexicali you are right, and like I said before I know all those rules, the thing is I know of many people (Mexican) they are US green card holder but live and have their life made in Mexico and they didn't file any form to preserve their US resident status and they still have it, they may travel to the US 2 or 3 times a year and when they are being ask how long they were out of US they can say 2 or 3 days only. Unfortunately I don't know well this people, (or they are friends of my friends) to ask how do they do it, or maybe they didn't do anything and they just took the risk.
  3. dxtr

    How do they do it?

    hehehe, are you talking about bureaucracy in US or MEX? so far I have not seen as much bureaucracy in US as it is in MEX.
  4. dxtr

    How do they do it?

    Thanks bdIngton, I know all this information, but like I said, people find the way to skip it either keeping an address from relatives or like AngusMactavish said driving out and return driving too. However this makes me think on on more question, how do they prove an income in the US or pay taxes? either way, not a big deal, I wont put on risk my status, if I want to leave I will leave either after becoming US citizen or drop my green card status. Thank you all.
  5. dxtr

    How do they do it?

    that's what I thought and I believe is a bit risky; also, not sure if they come to the US let's say once or twice a year, if the customs or border officers can see in their system this people have not been doing taxes or making any income during the time they were out; officers usually ask how long you have been out and basically you can say anything (of course usually that you were out 1 week or so for vacation or anything) so if they ask this is because they really can't see anything on their systems and they trust on people only? hehehe just wondering.
  6. dxtr

    How do they do it?

    My question is regarding US green card holders. Thank you.
  7. I am curious to know how some people do to keep they permanent residence card even when living abroad. I know all the legal and official steps like not being out of the Us for more than 1 year etc, but I know of many people who they got they green card and move back to their home countries and still keep the card, they travel occasionally for 2 or 3 days a year to the US but basically they live and have their lives made out of the US. So that's I'm curious, how do they do it? I guess something under the water should going on but I really dont know how. And in case someone wonder why I ask, yes I got my GC a year ago (I'm not planning to move back to my country) but you never know, and in case there is a situation where I will have to move back I would like to know just in case I want to keep my GC. Thank you in advance for your comments.