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  1. Hello, I will be moving down in September. I had planned on renting a small one bedroom place when I got there as I am a single person with a cat. But my brother decided to interfere in my life once again. Don't get me wrong, he is an awesome guy and I love him, but he has always been just a little bit overprotective of me. He wanted me to be inside a gated community, so he made arrangements to rent a 4 bedroom house in the Racquet Club area. 3,856 square feet. I would have been fine with 700 square feet. Anyway, it is clear that I will need a housekeeper. What we were thinking of is a live-in housekeeper who would have his or her own bedroom, their food would be paid for and we would pay into the necessary system so they get benefits. Since it will only be me most of the time (I'm sure my brother will visit frequently) and him sometimes, this will not be the most demanding job. Cleaning the house and keeping it clean, some cooking, perhaps shopping and taking care of the cat. I have always cleaned up after myself, so it is not like a huge mess will be created everyday. Part of the job will just be to keep tabs on me. A couple of years ago, I passed out, hit my head on a filing cabinet and was taken to the hospital. After many tests, they found out I had a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy. It has not disabled me (they have a very good drug to control it) but when it flares up, it can temporarily cause me a problem, like that passing out incident I mentioned. So, the duties would be keeping the house looking good, light cooking, some shopping and calling the appropriate emergency services number should I have another episode. I don't expect that this person would work 24/7. In fact, it does not seem like there would even be enough work for 8 hours. But I am willing to pay this person full time with benefits. I am also willing to pay above average wages to get a good person who will want to keep their job. Of course they would have days off, paid vacation and all of the other normal benefits as well. So my questions are: Where do we find such a person? Do they have agencies for this somewhere in the Lake Chapala area? Do we take out an advertisement somewhere? And as far as the pay goes, what is a reasonable starting salary? What would be a good above average salary? And what would be too much? I don't want to be cheap because when we get a good person, I want them to stay. As for us we are generally nice people, and are pretty laid back. Thanks, Jeff
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