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  1. And here I was just thinking of going over tomorrow to play with the cats.
  2. My condolences. I read your last comment, and if you need any reaffirmation, Javier Raygoza was most definitely a good choice for those books. I am also good friends with his son, who is a violin player. I am interested in knowing what else you have for sale. Specially interested because some of my closest friends here are passionate musicians who might be interested in some of the instruments/gear your husband left behind, or, at the very least, help you find the right people. May I request to have the Word document sent to me? If possible, I would also appreciate coming over to see what you have. My email is serrmigue@gmail.com Miguel Serrano
  3. Thanks. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and ask for details. Have you had film developed/scanned by them? If so, how expensive was it?
  4. I'm looking for a serious place where I can develop color as well as black and white 120 film, medium format. Additionally, I'd also be looking for a place where I can scan the negatives in high resolution. Anybody know where can I go?
  5. Almost completely off-topic, but as someone who was raised there, I can't just let this fly. It's Aguascalientes, not Aguascaliente.
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