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  1. I appreciate everyone's input! I decided to go ahead with ordering a Nectar Sleep mattress and foundation. The mattress comes rolled up in a bag and the foundation is pretty much just a stack of boards to be assembled on site. It won't take up much room if it takes us a while to get things squared away with a landlord. Ditto for sheets and towels. Bringing our own. Along with books, clothes, some hobby supplies and a couple of kitchen items I can't do without, that's about it. Looking forward to our move!
  2. Our retirement to Ajijic is rapidly approaching. I am at the point of deciding on a couple of things. Our books, clothing, "stuff" has been sorted. The Mexico pile is much smaller than the sell/Goodwill/freecycle pile. Now I need some advice from folks who have moved with minimal stuff into furnished rentals. Beds - Both of us have back problems that require a really good mattress. Currently using a temperpedic and getting first pain-free sleep in years. I have a couple of options - the Nectar mattress comes in a big bag and unrolls. That will pack easily and someone we know owns one. Because Mexican mattresses are not the same size as US, mattress will probably not fit whatever foundation. Is it reasonable to ask the landlord to store one of the beds so we can use ours? Other option is to buy a mattress here. Recommendations for a place? Sheets - Do rentals come with bed linens or do we need to buy our own. Same for towels.
  3. I am looking for a long-term rental that will be available in December or first week of January to move in. I need at least 2 bedrooms, prefer 3, and 2 baths. Nice kitchen. Prefer one floor. Two floors not a deal breaker. We are in our early 60s, non-smokers, no pets. Our budget is around 15,000 pesos. My husband has been in maintenance for over 30 years and we have been landlords, so we know how to be responsible tenants. We are arriving in Ajijic December 4th and have an air B&B booked through January 6. We won't have a car, so reasonable walking distance to Centro would be great - maybe 20 minutes tops. Please message if you know of something. Thanks in advance!
  4. Seriously? My household clothing is rags??? Given that - thanks for the suggestion. The fabric pieces could easily be called rags -- very expensive rags. 😁
  5. Settlers with the 5-6 player expansion and the Traders & Barbarians extension are now in the games to bring box. Thank you! I may even buy Pandemic (cooperative game to save the world) since it seems I may have people who'd like to play.
  6. I"m out of practice as well, but would love to resurrect this aspect of my past. My D&D reference material is pretty much all gone, but I've got lots of dice. 😁
  7. Thank you! I've a considerable investment in the fabric and really don't want to give it away/sell it stateside before I move.
  8. Has anyone had experience bringing sewing fabric into the country? "Bulk fabric" appears on the list of items that can't be brought through customs. Does anyone know what "bulk" exactly means? I have a boxful of fabric that I will be sewing into clothing for myself once I arrive and I don't want to lose it at the border!
  9. Glad to hear of your improved health in Mexico. We can hope for the same, but need to be prepared. While you may believe we are jumping the gun, I'd rather have a short list of doctors that residents have used and liked. There will be plenty of things to do settling in and knowing that there are specialists of the types we need available makes for one less immediate concern. Taking care of diabetic feet when there is so much walking is not something we can put off.
  10. Yes, we have B&B reservations from 12/4 to 1/9 for finding a place to rent.
  11. My husband and I are coming down to find a place in December and hoping to be able to find and move in by first week of January. My husband is a diabetic and we are looking for recommendations for an ophthalmologist and a podiatrist. I've already seen a bunch of threads about endocrinologists, so that's been pretty well covered. Second question - I'm having trouble figuring out whether we need prescriptions for our maintenance medications or not. Can someone suggest a good online reference or help me out. I'd prefer not to post the list, but would appreciate a pm, especially re psych meds.
  12. Hola! My husband & I will be retiring to Ajijic early next year. I'm in the process of sorting my board/card games into what to bring and what to leave. I know the Chapala Society has a game group, but it appears to be only pretty conventional games. Anyone out there interested in Settlers of Catan, Eurorail, Out of the Box games in general? Is there an existing group with a game library? I also wouldn't mind finding an RPG group, mostly D&D experience, but willing to learn.
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