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  1. Thanks for the advice. I just assumed that no one there spoke English. I will try.
  2. Unfortunately the CRTC is like the secret police and one can not always get all the Canadian channels on the internet but I assure you that I can get literally get thousands of channels and ppv sports and movies and I mean movies that are in the theatre. I have tried lots of VPN's and found that the best one for reliability and price of Nord VPN and you can get a special 3 year deal which even brings down the price more.
  3. I have an answer to all of your satellite problems. If you have a reasonable, not great internet, I can help you get all the channels you would ever want but have to do this operation in person. If any of you live in or near Vancouver, I can help you when you get back home. Plus, you will be able to get all the free TV, movies and all sports in including ppv sports.
  4. Does anyone on this webboard speak Spanish and if so could you help me? I have a Telcel "Amigo Sin Limite" account and have registered on line so that I can recharge. I am at present able to phone from Mexico to Mexico, USA and Canada but the problem comes when I am in Canada. When in Canada I am able to phone Canada and the USA but only after getting help from someone, I am only able to phone one phone number in Mexico. If I can phone one Mexican number, I should be able to phone any number but I do not speak Spanish and need help to find out what the problem is. If you could phone Telcel info (*264) and ask them for me how to be able to phone more than one Mexican phone number from Canada, it would really help. Thanks.
  5. Yes I even put 011 instead of the plus sign. I have to find someone that speaks Spanish to ask them what the problem is. The real strange part is that I can actually phone one and only one Mexican cell phone.
  6. It was a cell phone number that I was trying to phone, so you are saying that I should dial 52-1 and not +52-1? I tried every combination there is and still can not connect except for the one number that works. The one number that works is dialed +-52-1 and then the number just like I tried with all the other numbers that don't work.. I really need someone that speaks Spanish to find out what the problem and I suppose it would be better if they were Mexican because they would understand the cell service in Mexico better.
  7. 011 52 then the number does not work at all. My friend here that speaks Spanish, some how got a Telcel operator to fix only one number in Mexico that I can call and it starts with +52-1 and then the number and only that one number seems to work. Telcel on there website states that I should be able to phone from Canada to Mexico using the Amigo Sin Limite service but somehow only one number works that way. Why is everything in Mexico a mystery?
  8. I got a friend who speaks Spanish to phone Telcel and find out how I can phone a friend of mine from Canada and now I can but I still cannot phone any other Telcel numbers in Mexico. Now I am really confused because I can phone only one number but no other numbers. I will have to get my friend to try again next week and ask why only being able to phone the one phone number and not others.
  9. More news. I can still phone from Canada to the USA and Canada but seem to have again lost the ability to phone Mexico. Will try to find out why today as a Mexican friend is comming over to help me with the language barrier.
  10. I have good news to report. My "Amigo Sin Limite" plan works great here in Canada and I can phone anyone here plus I can phone the USA and Mexico. I also used this same plan when I was in Mexico and could then phone the USA and Canada from there, so all is great with a couple of snags but I figured then out. Oh yeah, I also never had to pay all those extra charges mentioned above. I have used both the 100 and 200- peso plans.
  11. I have activated the funds and got a text response that I was good until April 7 this year.
  12. Yes I was able to call Mexico, USA and Canada for 2 days but can't use the phone at all right now and would like to get it working again.
  13. I have been using Telcel's Amigo Sin Limite plan while in Mexico and when I got home I opened my account up on their website. I reloaded a 200 peso plan on to my phone and it worked for 2 days. I could phone anyone in Canada, USA or Mexico and it worked great but after 2 days I can't connect and don't know how to fix this. Problem is that I do not speak Spanish. Does anyone know how to get my service working again?
  14. For anyone in Canada that gets an Amigo Sin Limite plan in Mexico for either 100 or 200 pesos, you can set up an account with them on line and use this plan to phone anyone from Canada to anyone in Mexico, USA or Canada. When you want to phone a Mexican cell phone just dial (+ 52 1 and the 10 digit Mexican phone number. I am going to test this out over the next month and if it works out, I will drop my present Canadian plan. You can't beat $6.90/month Canadian price.
  15. I have been looking everywhere and even tried to communicate with Telcel but could not get anyone that spoke English. I have an Amigo Sin Limite 200 peso plan and can call everyone in Canada but would like to know how to dial a Mexican cell phone number. I have tried every combination of numbers possible. +52 then the number, 001 52 then the number etc with no success so far. Does anyone know how to phone a Mexican cell phone from Canada with this plan. By the way, I just went on line and set up my account and paid for another 32 days on my Amigo Sin Limite plan and it works fine in Canada.
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