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  1. I will be moving down in 19 months and I have had 20 years grooming and working as a vet tech. I have also done a lot of house and pet sitting. Is there call for this in the area. I am also fluent in Spanish. Any info is helpful!! Thank you!
  2. We have decided that we are going to be moving to the Ajijic area within the next 2 years. I may have to come alone first and get an apartment for a year before my husband can move down, at which time we plan on getting a house in the 160k range. I am wondering what types of apartments or rooms are available. It would need to be furnished with paid bills. We are coming down next year in February and will be prepared to pay an entire year rent in advance. Would like to stay in 500 to 600 USD range. On a side note. I am fluent in Spanish and have a long past of working with animals. I
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