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  1. Hola. I'm Chris and I raise chickens in Ajijic. I've got 3 well established collinies of red wiggler worms going. Red wigglers are top feeders and the preferred vermiculture specialists. Hit me up if you need some free(ish) worms. Let's trade/barter for something. @gringofarmer on FB (El Granjero Urbano)
  2. Did you ever find a source for this? I'm always on the hunt for new breeds.
  3. Been a few years w/o comments on this post. Did anyone find a good local source for dual purpose birds in and around Ajijic? Gracias.
  4. Just moved here to Ajijic. I'm planing to buy a KTM or another on/off road bike. I'll ride with you.
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