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  1. 332 617 6058 airport runs, Costco, day trips, etc. 500 pesos for airport
  2. I am coming down at the beginning of April if that helps
  3. I would like to thank everyone for their help. As usual, there is always very helpful answers on this board. I did have a price quoted to Nationalize my truck $ 3350.00 , this is only one quote. I am hoping to find one closer to Sonia's dollar amount. ( Yes the truck is worth it ) To RV Gringo's response, using a U Haul and having a mover deliver the house hold goods to Ajijic is perfect, this solves a lot of problems. Remember my wife has a Temporal, only I have the Permanante, which I think/hope will work to my advantage. When my wife and I arrive in a few months......beer and tacos are on me. Thanks Again
  4. What I did in my home is install 2 safes. One was rather easy to find, bolted to the wall in the master bedroom closet. In it was a few hundred dollars, old insurance slips/travel documents and other useless papers. In another wall I built a false / hidden panel and placed the real safe. Almost impossible to find . Once the intruders find the first safe they will not be looking for a second.
  5. Hola I am driving from Canada this March and will have to Nationalize my truck. ( I do have a permanante ) My truck is 8 years old Can anyone recommend who use in the Laredo area? Also thinking of bringing a trailer with some household items. Has anyone done this ? Any issues ? I do know I will need a maneje de casa but I will also need a customs broker in the Laredo area, can anyone recommend one. Or I will have to use Strom White if hauling a trailer is more pain then what it is worth. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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