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  1. We are looking for another Shaw account to hook up with as my mother is coming to stay with us and I am sure she will not like my husbands choice of sports programs all the time. I am hoping for as good of programming as possible and of course am happy to pay for the service. We already have a Shaw DVR receiver and it is all wired from the satellite dish so all we need now is another account.
  2. My husband says the same thing and has been trying to find one but not with that much power😕 Checking Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Florida craigslist daily!
  3. I have a Telcel wireless modem and live just west of San Juan Cosala. I resorted to this method when Telmex said a hardwired modem would not give me very good results here and they recommended me to not even try😳 No service available from Ilox here yet and maybe not for quite awhile according to their office. Sometimes I get reasonable speeds meaning adequate for internet search and streaming Netflix or Hulu or Amazon prime with a VPN. Often I do not get enough speed to stream however and sometimes I have no internet at all. I also have to have the service reset every week or so by the lady at the telcel office:/ I don’t have to go in but just call her and she takes care of it and i still do not understand that situation:/ I hate the process but it would seem that is about the only option I have where I live. The service is supposedly unlimited data for $500 pesos a month but i guess that is a matter of opinion since i don’t get much service:/ If anyone knows of anything better I could try in my location I would be extremely grateful for the information:)
  4. I was one of the first people admitted to the Féria on Friday morning. It seemed well organized and the artwork was just amazing. I purchased 4 pieces and I am very pleased with each one and the prices i paid were definitely not exorbitant. 80 pesos was a paltry sum to have the opportunity just to see all the wonderful artwork presented let alone the chance to purchase some of it! Personally I could not imagine trying to “haggle” with anyone there for their art😳 I believe the purpose of the event was to give the artists an opportunity to make a reasonable price for their talented works and not a charity event for attendees 😕 It did not appear that the event was under attended so hopefully such opinions were few and far between. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers that make this wonderful event happen and especially to the artists that offer the results of their talents to us💖
  5. We had to withdraw large amounts of cash in the last few weeks for repairs upgraded systems for n the house we are renting. The closest atm (other than one at one of the spas in San Juan Cosala is at Santander bank in Jocotepec. Of the roughly 10-12 atms we have utilized it had the lowest atm fee at 34 or 38 pesos per transaction. When we use the Charles Schwab card the fees are unimportant but we have had to use our small bank in WA state debit card so the fees stand out to me:/
  6. We live between Chantepec and San Juan Cosala and went in to the Ilox office in Ajijic last week. They told me they won't have service here for months and could not give me any more info than that:/
  7. We will have the results of the water test tomorrow or Wednesday so we will see. Kind of wanted the shower to be reasonably clean too but again we will see what the results are tomorrow:-) If it is as you say, certainly we should be able to have a reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink for dishes and the like and if the water is not deadly for a shower that will be great! We drank bottled water NOB as the community we lived in had been all agricultural for generations so we didn't drink our well water there either. If we can get along with just filtration at the sink that would probably be lots easier. We also wanted to get some sort of pressurized system though because we have hardly any water pressure:/ Showers are a real bummer with the water just barely trickling:/
  8. We recently moved here full time and are right on a lake with a well:/ No filtration at all. After searching here I contacted Jacki with H2Ole and we are 2 weeks into that situation with nothing happening yet and we are bathing and doing laundry with this water which I assume is basically just lake water. Jacki seems nice but so far just the water testing costs 2900 pesos and he has quoted us between 50,000 -60,000 pesos for a water filtration system for the house. We just rent and while that is a bit of cash are OK with the cost if we can get it rolling. My question is are there other companies that might be able to do this as well? The timeline is my biggest issue and we want something done sooner than later. Would appreciate any recommendations on who other than Jacki we could contact.
  9. We would like to buy a boat. If anyone knows of one for sale please let me know!
  10. We are also looking to share a Shaw account and would greatly appreciate it if anyone has a leftover line we could pay for:-)
  11. I have searched the forum for info and hope no one minds if I ask for current information on how to deal with scorpions on our property. We have found 3 scorpions in our home in the last 4 days, one in our master bedroom closet 4 days ago and 2 in the living room right out in the open this morning. I am not so afraid for myself or my husband but definitely am for our 3 kitties and toy poodle. Hopefully the 110 lb German shepherd would not be affected too seriously as he is as big as some people. Anyone have good information on what is safe to use when pets are in the household and if so information on who we could have do that? I can do the spraying if there is a product that we can use safely with our animals. I am very opposed to pesticides normally. I have cinnamon and bay leaf and lavender and peppermint oil strewn all around the place but 2 scorpions just lounging in my living room in plain sight is just scary with my smaller critters. Any educated information would be greatly appreciated!
  12. I know this post is a year old but if Dr. Eric is still doing grooming is there a more detailed description so I can find a phone number? Thanks so much!
  13. I did take our kitty to The Pet Place and they were great! Glad to have a vet here that we feel good about:-)
  14. Need a vet today for my older kitty that seems to have taken a fall and injured his mouth. Have a vehicle so I can go wherever needed but really need to go today.
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