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  1. I injured my left knee while providing my moms end of life care in June and it was causing me a great deal of grief so I went to an orthopedic physician in Oregon. My insurance was not the best so they proposed first a steroid injection in my knee, then if that didn't work a hyaluronic acid injection. If that didn't work the insurance would pay for an MRI. I decided to wait until I was back in Mexico to deal with it on my own at my own expense. I went to Dr. Gabriel Martinez Sandoval who is at Quality Care on Wednesdays. He had more xrays taken and gave me a referral for an MRI in Guadal
  2. The lab I had my MRI done in gave me a DVD with the full scan on it as well as 171 separate images so a US Dr. would easily be able to use them. They did have numerous English speaking technicians and receptionists there as well just as an FYI.
  3. Well.....since the OP is in the US, will be visiting the area for one week, mentioned the out of pocket expense they would have to pay in US dollars in the US, it seemed that giving them the figure in US dollars might be helpful. Perhaps you could have converted it for them if you take issue with it.....gosh really!
  4. I had an MRI of my knee 2 weeks ago......obviously a totally different MRI......but the cost was $240 US at a lab in Guadalajara and they have the 3.0 tesla magnetic field set up. I am sorry but I don't know the expense for the MRI of the inner ear. If you find the doctor you want to see they will be able to tell you the cost of that specific procedure I am sure.
  5. The only info I have is that I went to Sandra's office and said I needed internet. At the time when we first moved here I thought it was "the" TelCel office which of course it was not. She and her husband have a small office and they live behind it. I did not see a flyer or anything. I pay her directly and I pay in advance a few months so I don't have to worry about it. I write it on my calendar and note when I have to pay again. I don't have to wait at the big TelCel office ever. I bought my neighbors daughter an Iphone 8 last week from her even. That really is all I know but you can call her
  6. I have been using TelCel's wireless modem or router...what ever it is, for about 7 months. It is better than no internet and most of the time I can stream netflix or hulu or Amazonprime video but occasionally in the evenings it is too slow to stream. I use it with a NordVPN that comes with my Norton antivirus package. I got mine from Sandra at the small TelCel office just west of El Torrito and occasionally I have to call her to do some sort of reset and then I am good to go again. She is very nice about it.....I only call her during business hours if it is not working but she says I can call
  7. Some representatives of the foodbank were at the organic market on Tuesday accepting donations and we donated, grateful for their wonderful work. We have adopted a few different families here.....or maybe I should say they adopted us because they sure are wonderful to us.....and we help them with food, cash when necessary and we pay for one families oldest daughters accounting school classes and books. We are not wealthy and basically live off of our SSI and a small pension but compared to the average Mexican person here we are very well off. Those of us on fixed incomes here have not been ser
  8. I was at Quality Care on Wednesday. The receptionist kept letting her mask slide down below her nose but everyone was wearing masks and they were definitely required for patients as well. I also went across the parking area and had xrays done and everyone there had masks on as well. Hopeflly OregontoChapala's experience was a fluke and not a regular occurance:/
  9. We used Dr. Moya for my mothers care when she came down to visit last December. He had her hospitalized at the Sanatorio hospital in Guad as well. I had to stay with her 24/7 as there was no assistance for her to get to the bathroom or anything else for that matter. They were very nice but no actual nursing assistant services at all of course. Her treatment consisted of diuretics through an IV. That was the only treatment she had. No other medications, no other treatment. Instead of the hospital giving us a bill that we could pay as we left the hospital Dr. Moya got the bill. I asked repeated
  10. Looking for a mans bicycle large enough for a 6' 200 lb male.
  11. Tried to send a message but system says you do not receive private messages:/
  12. We are looking for an on demand water heater. Sending you a message!
  13. There is easily more than twice as much lirio visible from our location on the lake and a higher percentage of water hyacinth too so I should have just been patient and waited:) I imagine there will be plenty soon!
  14. LOL...while the water plants on the lake are called lirio here collectively, they each have a real name. Here they are grouped together and called lirio. The majority of water plants on the lake are commonly called water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and water lettuce ( Pistia stratiotes). Water hyacinth have the purple flowers. Water lettuce does not. They are both common plants used in ornamental water features in the US. The plants currently on the lake are primarily water lettuce and only a small amount of water hyacinth so far that I can tell. We have a layer about 15 ft wide on our lak
  15. We live right on the lake but have been gone for the last 4 1/2 months. We expected to come home to floating islands of lirio like last year but it is very “scant” so far and it seems to be entirely water lettuce and no water hyacinth:/ Anyone else notice this or know why?
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