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  1. I was wondering.....is the peso exchange rate is set in stone at the January 2nd date for temporary and permanent visas or is it calculated at the time you apply? Obviously the financial requirements would be significantly less now for residency if based on the current peso/usd exchange rate then if it wast set on what the rate was last January. A friend is unable to qualify based on the Jan 2nd exchange rate by just a few dollars but if based on the exchange rate today she is good to go.
  2. I absolutely love it😜 Best post here for a long time💖
  3. A great spot to hear what is going on in Mexico and lakeside is the Facebook page "Chapala Health Talk". Kerry Watson gathers all the current data daily and posts it. It is a great resource:-) My family all got a very strange "flu" after my kids flew here. We went to Manzanillo for 4 days and when we got back we all were sick and a variety of symptoms. For my husband and myself we had a severe dry cough that turned into lots of congestion after a few weeks and I am still coughing up thick crud after 2 full months. My husband started with lots of nausea and stomach pains. My 2 adult daughters had coughs and one had nausea. We all had fevers but not for long and not terribly severe. I was pretty sick for over 2 weeks, hardly could eat, nausea and no appetite. My 3 year old grandson had a cough, threw up for a couple of days and a fever for 3 days. The weirdest thing was my husband and my inability to smell anything for weeks. My symptoms were the most severe and definitely not like any cold/flu I had ever had. I still have a cough with sputum that is hard to cough up and sinus discharge every morning. I don't believe for even a second that the Covid-19 virus is biological warefare, but I do wonder if somehow we were exposed to it somehow and that we have already had it. When there is a test available that can test for antibodies I would like to have it done to see if by any chance we did. Long shot I know and I am not espousing any conspiracy theories at all. My kids did fly however and perhaps they were on a flight with someone that had it. Manzanillo is a major shipping port and perhaps somehow we were exposed there. Of course there have not been any reported cases there so I know it is probably not the case but it was just such a different illness than we have ever had previously it just makes us wonder:/
  4. We take an early morning walk each day. Since I started preparing for this in early January we eat well at each meal. Stocked up on beer, wine, alcohol and mota so we are imbibing well too:-) Ordered jig saw puzzles on Amazon and work on one a bit each day. Organizing 10's of thousands of photos. Play with the dogs. Trying to train the stray we adopted which is challenging. Play different card games and backgammon and chess and checkers and Chinese checkers. Keep the yard up. Watching some TV since we hadn't been for months before this. Have Hulu Plus, Netflix, Acorn TV and Amazon Prime with most of the premium channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, etc. and got UTube premium for music. Also have Napster music with any song I can think of at my finger tips. Trying my hand at drawing with sidewalk chalk and coloring up our house and every hard surface I can reach. Got an above ground pool and cool off in it on the hot afternoons. Facetime with my family every day or so. Keeping our 2 cats, 3 dogs and one bunny fed and happy. Follow news with the internet. Lots of relaxing in the back yard watching the birds on the lake and listening to music. My husband is quite a bit to handle (understatement of the century) and I am happy that I have only had the urge to murder him a few times so far:) Trying to write at least a little every day on my experience to be one of the first legal recreational pot growers in the US in the hopes of having something interesting for others to read. We are getting a boat delivered today or tomorrow so we will be out on the lake quite a bit I imagine. Having a pretty good time all in all but worrying about mostly everyone else:/ My daughters and their family are well prepared for this because we all took it seriously from the first reports out of China but both their spouses have jobs that are considered critical so they have to go into the work place every day which is very scary. Seriously hard being so far away from our kids and my mom and if I had known this was coming we probably would have delayed our move down here so I could be there for them even though I prefer self isolating in our lovely location. Trying to help our Mexican neighbors when we can but wish we could do more. Worried about how hard this will hit folks with less income and no ability to work. We are so fortunate that we retired when we did and have an income no matter what, at least for the time being. If we were back in WA state my husband would still be working at the huge landfill as that is considered critical employment and I would be going back and forth between my moms house 3 hours drive away and our home. Luckily for me my normally looser brothers and sister are stepping up and helping her out. Seeing this thing bring out the best in lots of folks and that is a blessing indeed:-)
  5. We crossed back into Mexico last Monday, a week ago. No problems but obviously before the border was closed to non essential travel. We wanted to go and deal with more permanent visas in Tuscon at the consulate there but were worried about the border closing so just got new tourist visa and TIP and hope we can do the permanent thing within the next 6 months:/ We drove up to Nogales, turned in our TIP and visa, spent the night on the US side and back the next morning to get new ones. No issues at all at that point and no wait at the Aduana/Banjercito office either.
  6. A friend that lives on the south side of the lake in Tuxcueca has had rain a few times in the last week. She says that is very unusual for this time of the year but they have had actual rain on 3 different days when we had lots of wind on the north side over the last 10 day period. Don't know if they heard any cicadas or not:/
  7. We are driving to Tucson actually now. Have to take care of TIP as well and definitely wouldn’t fly even if we didn’t. Thanks for all the info!
  8. Thanks Ferret. I am aware of where the various consulates are. Just want to get to one and be done ASAP in case the US closes its border or makes us wait 14 days in quarantine before we are allowed to move past the border. The drive to Nogales is 18 hours and the drive to Albuquerque is over 20 so one of the Texas border consulates is much more appealing at this point:/ A bit concerned about going to Laredo as I have heard various reports of shakedowns in the last weeks:/ Thinking about Brownsville TX but it sounds kind of sketchy too so was hoping to hear some first hand experience about travel to that consulate. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond however:-)
  9. We had planned on driving to Tucson later this month to deal with our temporary resident visas with reservations already paid for at various pet friendly AirBnB's and a weeks stay in San Carlos and a few days in Mazatlan. Now with the Corona virus issues we feel we need to just drive up and immediately return lakeside as quickly as possible. I have read that Laredo area is sketchy and wondered if anyone would make a suggestion where would be best to try to do this quickly? We have only crossed at Nogales and Mexicali and would prefer to not be gone so long to do that drive. Our tourist visas expire on March 21 as well as our TIP so we have to at a minimum cross the border to try for new tourist visas or best case scenario to get to a consulate in the US, apply for the temporary resident visas and get back home lakeside. Would appreciate any suggestions based on recent experience:-) Thanks so much!
  10. We did stop in Mazatlan for the first night driving north. We stayed in a pet friendly new motel right off the highway. It is called El Descanso Inn and you need to call them directly or book through Booking,com. They have a pool and a small restaurant:-) I am home now. We have to drive to the border ourselves to renew our tourist visa I guess because we do not want to go into the US at this time to deal with the permanent visa while the Corona virus is still an issue. We may head out on Wednesday to do that but should be back in a day or two.
  11. That is pretty much it except I am pretty sure that my service is through Telcel. That is the plan I chose, $499 pesos for 150 GB of data. Still working pretty well here just east of Sanderos de Lagos. I am going to Manzanillo for a few days and am taking it with me so we will see if it works very well there:-)
  12. Yes ComputerGuy. I live on the west end of Lake Chapala and that is my point of reference. Sorry I was not more specific.
  13. Yes Ferret is correct on the location of the shop. According to google maps that street is Boulvard De Jin Xi. Thanks Ferret and I will post how this goes and if my service gets restricted near the end of the cycle:-)
  14. Sandra is in a small office on Boulvard De Jin Xi that runs along the south side of the carretera in Ajijic and the office is a few businesses before Juan Alverez street. She and her husband operate the shop. I think they sell phones, modems and the service for each. I pay $499 pesos for 150 MB monthly for the wireless modem. There is no guarantee that I know of for a certain download speed:/ She just called me and told me it should work better for us in our location and in fact so far it does. The small modem itself cost $2500 pesos. I was paying $499 pesos a month for supposedly unlimited data service for the first wireless modem I had and paid 5 months in advance but it did not work well, lagged terribly or just did not work hardly at all at the end of each monthly pay cycle. If you would like her cell number I can give it to you tomorrow as I forgot my phone today in a friends car. She and her husband both speak pretty good English.
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