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  1. At the tourist area just east of San Juan Cosala there are a number of different boat options. They have party boats, a very large double decker boat and various other boat rentals for a few hours or all day. You could check there:-)
  2. Wondering if anyone that has flown here on Volaris with a small dog in the cabin that can tell me what your experience was exactly? My daughter is flying here on the 18th with her little dog and it will be her first time flying with him so she is very nervous about it. Any first hand experience will be greatly appreciated:-)
  3. We have lived here now for a little over 3 months. Both my husband and I have had dental work that was flat out cheap compared to NOB pricing and good quality work to boot. We chose Dr. Barragan's office after reading various reviews here and other boards/facebook pages and are extremely happy with his and his associates work. I had 3 teeth extracted and a new upper partial plate as well as full mouth ex-rays and 3 exams by 3 different specialists and to date the cost has been $421, crazy cheap for the care I have had. A couple of weeks ago we brought a friend to the Ajijic clinic/hospital for an emergency that included 2 stitches, meds, tetanus vaccination and emergency exam and the cost for that was about $115 US for very good service and care. My 85 year old mother arrived on Sunday the 22nd of Dec. for what we had hoped would be at least a month long visit and an eventual move here. She has a number of serious health concerns with a plethora of physicians NOB including diabetes, high blood pressure, bladder stones, some sort of growth on one of her kidneys, chronic anemia, a couple stents in her heart and a few other issues. She also had an aortic valve replacement 2 years ago and tests done before she came to visit showed that the valve was functioning properly but her heart has pulled away from the valve on one edge and there was some internal bleeding and fluid leakage that would need to be repaired once she returned NOB and the very good cardiologist she sees in Portland, OR gave her a prescription for a light diuretic to deal with that and keep the fluid from forming. Just 2 weeks before she came to visit she had 2 units of whole blood to treat her anemia. I tried to convince her to reschedule her flight until her health was a bit more under control but she would not hear of it. She chose to come as scheduled and we picked her up from the airport in Guadaljara as planned. That night she was very tired and pretty frail and we thought it was due to the stress of flying and the trip. The next day, Monday the 23rd she was much worse feeling like she could not breath and we ended up taking her to the Ajijic Clinic/Hospital where they did an EKG, gave her a different blood pressure medication and sent us home with instructions to call a local cardiologist for a house call. Yes.....I did say house call. I am sure people that already live here are aware that some physicians make house calls here but it was pretty incredible to us. The cost for the visit to the Ajijic Clinic/Hospital was $35 US. I found out that she had chosen not to take the prescribed diuretic because she did not want to have to pee all the time on her trip!!!! That was the cause of her breathing issues with build up of fluids in her chest:/ With the recommendation from the Ajijic Clinic/Hospital we called Dr. Moya and I believe they recommended him because he lives in Jocotepec which is close to where we live. Dr. Moya came to the house with a portable electro cardiogram and an ultrasound and said my mom was suffering from heart failure and needed to be hospitalized. He said she had fluid buildup around her heart and lungs and that is why she was having difficulty breathing which was consistent with her diagnosis NOB. He sent an associate, Dr. Antonio Herrera to go to the hospital in Guadalajara with us. We were checked into the Sanitorio Guadalajara which was an older catholic hospital but the people there were very nice and the room was incredibly large with a kitchenette, 2 bathrooms and an extra room for family to stay. To make a very long story a bit shorter, Dr. Herrera stayed with us in the hospital the full 3 nights my mom was being treated. Unfortunately Dr. Moya chose to do all the same labs and tests that my mother had just had done NOB even though we told him she could access them for him to see. She was released on Friday the 27th and was still pretty frail. We decided she should go back NOB to her own physicians for treatment until she was in a bit more of a stable condition. Dr. Moya took the hospital bill and did not give it to us. That was a big red flag for me. He did not give us any bill even though I continually requested it until Monday the 30th. It was not a separate bill for the hospital, just one bill from his office with the hospitalization listed on it. The total of the 3 day stay and all the labs and tests conducted with his fees was $99,247 pesos, just over $5150 US, and more than half of that was Dr. Moya's fees. We paid by credit card and he came to our home to collect that with his traveling credit card machine. That is of course way less than it would have been for such a stay NOB and we are grateful to the hospital and Dr. Herrera for the care my mom received. I was not really that happy with Dr. Moya or his practice of duplicating expensive procedures. We will not use his services again but he did help my mom all in all and that is what is most important. I am just posting this as a window into dental and emergency care here and the costs we have sustained as a result of it:-) It has been a very good learning experience and we will be sure to find primary care physicians that we feel comfortable with and trust moving forward.
  4. Depending on how long of one you need, I have one you could have. Let me know the length you need and I can drop it off to you if mine is long enough:)
  5. We have made the trip from Green Valley to Lake Chapala a few times now. Very easy trip:-) Stay on the cuota the whole way:-) Get to the border crossing at Nogales about 1/2 hour after they open, so at 6:30-7:00 am and it should be an easy quick crossing. Note your mileage and you will see the aduana/banjercito building at 21 km mark. At that time of the morning it will be quick and very little if any wait. We had 3 cats and 2 dogs and did not want to drive more than 7 hours per day so they could get a break. Stopped at Navajoa the first night. Best Western and Hotel Navajoa Plaza both take pets and the Best Western has a restaurant. We have found a couple decent places to eat but it is not a restaurant mecca, that is for sure. Beds in both motels are Mexico firm meaning not soft and cozy. I do have to say that while I am not that comfortable while in bed my back does not hurt in the morning so there is that. We leave just after day break the next morning and stop in Mazatlan for the night. There are many pet friendly motel/hotels there as well as AirBnB's. We have stayed in a couple of different AirBnB's and one motel just off the cuota with pretty good access to the city for food, hotel El Descanso Inn through booking.com with A/C, pool and a small restaurant. Good for just the night and pretty reasonable cost. Next day it is straight to Lake Chapala in about 5-6 hours depending on stops for pets and driving breaks Tolls add up to between $25-30 US. Lots of bathroom stop options but to be safe bring extra TP. Happy to answer any specific questions about the drive you may have:-)
  6. If you are interested in seeing any of the area outside if Ajijic I would be happy to show you around:) We live in the west end of the lake near Jocotepec and I have a suburban so could show you some of the interesting places outside of Ajijic. My vehicle is pretty large for most of the Ajijic streets so I don’t really venture there much plus I hate the traffic but there are many amazing places all around lake Chapala and I was a born tour guide😜 Happy to share these experiences with anyone interested! Just message me if you are interested and we can exchange contact info. My husband and I have only lived here for 3 months but we have been busy checking out as much as we can:) Susy Wilson
  7. I have used a cpap/bipap for over 12 years now. The very nice one I have currently I purchased used on Craigslist for less than half the price of a new one. The cleaning machine is totally optional. It is quite easy to clean your reservoir, mask and hose yourself. Not a chore and not really anything you can screw up. The most important part of using a cpap is that you really need to use it. Many people find it too difficult or uncomfortable. It took me about 4-5 months before I was comfortable. My mom needs one and has been diagnosed and purchased a cpap and she just cannot or more to the point will not do the work to get used to it. I will be going back to the states in March and would be happy to find one for you if you are unable to do so before then:-) Also happy to help with explanations and what to expect when you do use it! Dr.s that prescribe them should be users so they actually know what the heck they are talking about:-)
  8. This is the best concoction for odors. Even gets out the spray of skunk!
  9. I tried Express VPN but with our "barely there" internet it was just to slow to use any website. I get NordVPN with my antivirus software and it does OK with our slow internet. I use it on my us cell phone as well and am not blocked from any US websites and my calls do not show as coming from Mexico which is good for some things.
  10. Commercial dog food is garbage. It is food that cannot be consumed by humans and the best of it is worse than anything you won't eat yourself:/ You also the risk of inadvertent poisoning by contaminants and it has happened over and over again as you can see by dog food recalls even of the "best" brands. If a vet sells dog food stay away from it. They make about a 100% markup on it:/ After loosing a much beloved dog to very expensive commercial dog food we have been making our dogs food for over 12 years now. It does not have to be expensive especially with the cost of food here in Mexico. Even making food for your dogs you need to be aware of their particular needs. Many dogs are allergic to rice. Many are allergic to corn. Many dogs are allergic to soy. Recent reports suggest "quality" grain free commercial dog foods linked to canine dilated cardiomyopathy:/ (https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/fda-names-16-brands-dog-food-linked-canine-heart-disease-n1025466 )You can give your dog too much fat and run the risk of health issues. Lots and lots of information out there for making your dogs food. I spend about 2 hours a week making food for our 2 dogs, one a 115 lb moose and the other a 6 lb seriously picky eater. I wouldn't feed my dogs commercial dog food if the companies that produce it paid me to:( Obviously there are millions of healthy dogs that eat commercial dog food. Personally I believe their lives would be longer and healthier with real food instead of the stuff they put into commercial dog food. I also feed our cats food that I make for them at home. Dry commercial cat food can seriously lead to kidney disease. We get so much love and affection from our 4 legged friends. To me, the extra work of preparing them nutritional food is absolutely worth it:-)
  11. We rent from a private landlord. We found the house within 5 minutes of arriving lakeside by driving by a hand written “se rente” sign on the gate. I immediately called the number listed thinking the whole time “there is no way we could afford this place!” and met the neighbor who was in charge of renting it. Talked with the owner in California and everything seemed legit. Got a Spanish/English speaking assistant of Spencer McMullen’s to assist when we signed the lease. They only wanted the first months rent. No deposit, no last month, no credit check, no recommendations from past living situations? I insisted that we pay at least the first month rent and an equal deposit just because I wanted to be fair and it seemed so cheap. We secured it last December but we’re unable to return permanently until late September. Happily paid for the rent, landscaping and power the whole time because we felt so fortunate to have such a special place waiting for us:) I watched rentals on the lakeside facebook pages and the real estate websites for over a year before we actually came down and found our place. I was not that excited by the rental prices I was seeing but was still pretty set on figuring out how to live her. It has not been difficult at all. In the 2 months I have been here I have found the following rentals because I have been keeping my eye out hoping our daughter and her husband and son will come to live here: A 2 bedroom rural home with great clean water and a lovely view of the lake for $325 on the south side of the lake. Totally livable but I would have put a little work into the kitchen. Set alone but the homes around it are family members of the home owner and look out for each other. Really great people and it was a charming place. A very nice 2 bedroom totally furnished modern home in Roca Azul for $600 a month including all utilities. A 2 bedroom apartment in Jocotepec with a lake view that was a bit bare bones but live able for $190 a month. A beautiful very large 3 bedroom 3 bathroom updated traditional Mexican home on the South side of the lake directly across from Ajijic on a huge lakefront lot for $350. We also have had the opportunity to rent a stunning home with an even more stunning view up on the hill above San Juan Cosala that was just breathtaking. Totally furnished and I am talking movie style home here. 4 huge bedroom suites, 5 bathrooms solar heated pool, gas heated fireplace, an outdoor kitchen to die for, 3 dishwashers in the place for petes sake! A house I could not afford to live in NOB for love or money! The tenants were moving out and the home owner wanted it occupied but did not want to go through the process of listing it and going through an agency. She was asking for $1800 a month to cover utilities, gardener, maid and pool care!!! We could totally have managed it actually financially. We were tempted and if you had seen that house....you would think we were crazy not to jump on it. But...it was not really a great place for dogs or cats and we so love where we are. We had been through so much transition already giving everything we owned away, leaving all our family and friends and then working hard the first 2 weeks we were in our new home to furnish it and make it our own. We decided that was enough transition for a little while at least and stayed with our low priced lovely home on the lake:-) Of course a person could not rent this home and live on $2000 a month but this house in the US would be at least $5000 a month if you could even find such an amazing place like this for rent! Not anything a single guy would be looking for either but just an example of what we have come across here. Sorry to go on so long with this post but......my point it......in 2 short months I have come across these amazing living opportunities. Certainly they are out there for others to find as well:-)
  12. Absolutely doable in Jocotepec and rents are much cheaper. We found a gorgeous 3 bedroom 2 bath private gated home with no house on either side of us for $600 a month right on the lake just one year ago. Food is also cheaper at the markets and restaurants here. You could live well on $2000 a month here easily I think. Driving on the west end is so much better than Ajijic or Chapala. Easy drive to Guadalajara for anything you need. Folks are very friendly here:-) Chapala is a bit crowded for my taste but if you are comfortable with city life that is probably a good option too. The photo is of our back yard:-)
  13. I just went back to WA state for a week to visit my daughters and there was no fee to park at the airport last week. When I flew into Guadalajara my husband parked and came in to meet me at the gate coming out of customs. Took him about one minute to find a parking spot and us about 1 1/2 minutes to walk from the gate coming out of customs to the car and no fee to park. Easiest airport visit I have had in my life except for Missoula, Montana and their small airport.
  14. I am sure this has been discussed previously and perhaps many times but we just drove to Mazamitla for the first time and WOW.....what a gorgeous drive! Not only is the drive amazing the village itself is very nice as well. We had our 2 ridiculous dogs with us so did not do too much exploring in the village itself but we drove to Valle de Juarez and checked out the small lake there and to Pressa El Volantin where there were lots and lots of pelicans and other water fowl. There are old rock fences that extend out into Pressa El Volantin and the pelicans just perch on the rock walls. If by any chance you live lakeside and have not made the drive you definitely should. If you do not have a vehicle just let me know and I would be happy to drive you:-) No charge, no gas money, just a good attitude and I would be most happy to share such a lovely drive! Here are a few photos I took:
  15. We are looking for another Shaw account to hook up with as my mother is coming to stay with us and I am sure she will not like my husbands choice of sports programs all the time. I am hoping for as good of programming as possible and of course am happy to pay for the service. We already have a Shaw DVR receiver and it is all wired from the satellite dish so all we need now is another account.
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