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  1. I received stem cell treatment to both knees from Dr Aceves last April.  It was a huge disaster resulting in intense inflammation, swelling and excruciating pain that was so severe, I had to be admitted to hospital twice.  From my personal experience  I would strongly advise against this procedure.  My knees took months to recover and are still giving me problems.

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  2. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Angelica Aldana Lena  for her skilled dentistry.  I recently had dental work done at two different but VERY popular clinics in Ajijic, and boy does she outshine them!  She is both  talented and observant.  After studying my x-rays, she noticed that a crown recently made by another local dentist was faulty.  She gave me the X-Ray and suggested I speak to my previous dentist. He agreed with her findings and subsequently is  making me a new crown! 

    Dr Angelica does not rush and carefully considers the case of the individual. I have the highest respect for her as a person, and as a professional.  Her prices are VERY reasonable. I’ve had 5 crowns, and a root canal is needed (2 in my case) Dr Angelica works with an excellent periodontist, also a lady.  I’ve never had a female dentist.  What a great experience!   Btw, fluent English speaker.

    Her clinic is next to the Mirasol entrance - San Antonio    Tel 01 376 765 5364 



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  3. I know this an old post, but people I assume still go back to it .  First, I would avoid Dr Aceves. He injected stem cells into  both knees and my left knee capsule became infected and severely inflamed.  I have been off my feet for 2 months.snd it is still not not right, at all. I would recommend Dr Armando Rabadan. He is an orthopedic doctor and physical therapist.  He is excellent at diagnostics and will help you avoid surgery if it’s unnecessary.  376 766 17 31

  4. My Stem Cell Therapy has been a TOTAL NIGHTMARE .


    On 4/18/18  I had stem cells and PRP injected into both knees by Dr Aceves in his Ajijic clinic.  He specializes in rejuvenation and  anti-aging treatments and is qualified in stem cell therapy. My knees had been bothering me for a month or so, and I was treating the stem cells therapy as a preventative measure, avoiding possible knee replacement down the road.  They used my own fat cells to cultivate the (adipose) stem cells, and for a week I was fine. In fact my knees felt better.  Dr Aceves said there was a 20% chance the treatment might not work, BUT he gave no risk factor of what could possibly go wrong.  He also claimed to have treated 60 to 70 patients with knee injections. Were they all successful.?  Who knows???

    This is a factual statement of my experience 


    Ten days later, on 4/28/18 my knees started to hurt, and the left one began to swell badly.  Dr Aceves gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.  The next day the pain and swelling was so bad I had to be admitted to Ajijic Hospital. The orthopedic surgeon on duty drained 4 big syringes of fluid from my knee, something Aceves had attempted the day before, but was unable to do. I went home to rest but was readmitted 2 days later by ambulance in unbearable, mind blowing pain. I needed a stretcher because I couldn’t get down the steps.  There I was for two days on an antibiotic IV and a lot of painkillers. 

    It’s been 7 weeks since the initial procedure.  I’ve received treatment from two other local doctors and the inflammation is slowly subsiding.  Chronic inflammation (as opposed to acute) is not apparent for about a week, and the healing is slow, weeks or even months.  I’m using a cane to protect the knee for now.  

    I asked Dr Aceves to refund my money, and he did. I think he had no idea what went wrong and wanted to distance himself completely. He’s expensive, so I was relieved to get my money back, but it has cost me so much more in medications, other doctors bills, hospital fees etc...not to mention the pain and suffering. He has never contacted me to see how I was doing.  

    Because I was totally unable to shop, or even cook for myself, I had to move into Alicia’s Assisted Living for this last month. I was so fortunate that they had an available room. The friendly care and accommodation has made a difficult situation a lot easier.

    I still believe in the concept of Stem cell therapy, BUT, there is RISK involved. I would recommend Dr Justina, near Dental Express for more information on the therapy. She thinks I may have had an allergic reaction to the liquid the stem cells are cultured in.  She tells all of her patients of the risk factor normally will start with systematic treatment.  I believe the unguided needle into the knees capsule can be DANGEROUS.  It certainly was for me.

    My new orthopedic Doctor has really helped reduce the inflammation.  I can highly recommend Dr Armando Rabadan for his insight and skill. He is an orthopedic doctor (not a surgeon) and a physical therapist. Tel 376 766 1731.  I feel better with every visit.

    So, I’m FINALLY on the road to recovery, but it’s truly been a totally agonizing and expensive  NIGHTMARE and not something I would like to see anyone else go through!  



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  5. I have discussed the option of treatment with Dr Aceves.  X-rays revealed degenerated cartilage but no fractures. Blood and fat would be drawn in his office then sent to a Guadalajara lab to become Mesenchimal stem cells.  These would then be injected into the specific areas required. Sometimes one treatment will work, sometimes  2 or 3 are needed.  I need to confirm with him how long they would last.    I thought it would be a permanent fix - if the stem cells took. He said his success rate is 80%  and that mine would be higher because of less degeneration and no pits or fractures.  Any comments welcome.  It’s frightening to think my knee might be made worse, as in post above.

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