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  1. Zipit

    INAPAM card worth having?

    Blood work at Chopo and every medical test in Guadalajara has given me a discount.
  2. I’m sorry but you are wrong again. I have no prejudices.
  3. So start an open page instead of trying to dictate what others should do on their own time. I don’t see the problem. It’s certainly better than what was available before which was nothing and with the flood of new expats moving to the area there is a ton of them on Facebook.
  4. Not really. Those who started the page get to choose the format they feel they can handle. They are not making money from it and can do as they like. If it isn’t successful, it will close. If you or anyone else wants an open page with no restrictions as to who reads it, you would be welcome to start one.
  5. You are free to start your own open Facebook page.
  6. Zipit

    Colonoscopy questions

    I VERY much agree. It’s just not worth it. It’s dangerous but I am glad the ones who did have it done locally had no issues.