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  1. Update...I have been in communication with Cynthia Rothschild/www.cincoelementosajijic.org, regarding developing classes there. I will be meeting with her there when I arrive in early February.
  2. Ahhh...gringal, thanks for the INFO. Only once a week...hmmm. It is my wish/hope/intention to give classes every day, if possible. We will not be duplicating what is already being offered by other classes. Non-competitive Pushing Hands, and (gentle)Internal Work of Rooting/Walking/Rowing/Standing...these are not well-known in the West. Someone suggested the possibility of renting a Gazebo at LCS. Is that feasible? In any case, I will join LCS. What a great organization! TED Talks group! Film Appreciation! I used TED Talks in China for English training, and developed their MovieMagic appr
  3. Here at Sisal seaside the seagulls ride the wind...an excellent Metaphor for non-competitive Pushing Hands. When there is no fear of the Partner's incoming Yang energy...then TENSION is reduced. Listening/Rooting are increased. Remember the lesson of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Just a slight turn of the hand is enough. The CONTRACT is that the Partner transforms to Yin when the yielding Partner reaches Maximum while sitting back/down, while Yin-yielding. We all help each other to expand our yielding-rooting-listening. AND...open the GUA meridian zones in the loins. Looking forward to m
  4. Pleased to see your Inquiry. I just posted an Announcement a few days ago in this Chapala.com:Authentic Tai Chi/Pushing Hands coming to Chapala I have been informed that there was/is a Tai Chi class at LCS. I am contacting them. I am greatly interested in affiliating with LCS, and offering a non-competitive Pushing Hands class...walking/rooting/standing exercises.
  5. Any suggestions for Care Facilities that might be interested in my giving free Demonstration Class showing Tai Chi mobility/rooting/equilibrium exercises? For further INFO--Yesterday I posted: Authentic Tai Chi/Push Hands coming to Chapala
  6. gogirl Regarding: "Now if all men would understand. Sigh." Relevant are the perspectives/research of (1)Riane Eisler. Chalice-Blade and Partnership-Domination (2) John Gray---Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus The Chinese exercise of Pushing Hands is an excellent way for helping both men and women to balance/harmonize their Yin-Yang energies. In early February we will begin training in Pushing Hands. Yesterday I posted Announcement: Authentic Tai Chi/Pushing Hands coming to Chapala
  7. Suggestion for Fall Reduction...Tai Chi walking/rowing/standing exercises promote equilibrium, develop cobblestone confidence. See my Post from yesterday... Authentic Tai Chi coming to Chapala Cheers
  8. El Cartero, Pleased to see you are really interested in Tuishou--and that you know Pinyin spellings...and thus pronounce Taijichuan correctly, rather than as TaiCHEE. Also interesting to see our SYNCHRONICITY...In 1977 I started cultivating in Boston Chinatown, with Hwa Yu Taijiquan Master John Chung Li (later my father-in-law)...in Boston/Fla./Chicago and then in Hong Kong. This Art is also called Liu He Ba Fa (6 Methods/8 Combinations), and other names. Actually, the Internal Work (Nei Gong) which will be the focus.. this is essential for progress in any of the many Forms. The Tuis
  9. Hi...tnx for the Invitation. Will do so. A few questions: What do the folks do in the sessions...learn/practice a Form? Which one? Any additional Internal exercises--Standing/Walking/Rowing/Push Hands? As I mentioned in the Announcement, my particular interest is to introduce/teach/promote non-competitive Push Hands and Internal/Rooting training. My online research has given INFO about interesting projects such as CincoElementos.ajijic....sana-clinica...and the many Retirement Homes Any suggestions/contacts would be greatly appreciated. Cheers...see y'al
  10. As a fellow Senior (1947), I am interested in sharing this Internal Art with fellow Elders who have the time to focus upon QOL in its subtle/sustainable dimensions. A year ago I returned from residence in China since 1999, where I taught MovieMagic English and did Intensive practice with Master Yun Yin Sen in Shanghai. I have been cultivating this Art since 1977, with Chinese Masters in US/HK/Macao/Taiwan/Mainland China. As an EFL teacher, at all levels, for 30 years, I have the EQ to tailor my Tai Chi lessons to suit individual levels/needs/abilities. With its large population of retired
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