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  1. Yin is stronger and more abundant than Yang, but Yang is more obvious and active. There is more water on earth than fire, for example, but fire phenomena such as lightning are more exciting and attract more attention. Still, ever since the term Yin/Yang first appeared in China, the word "Yin" has always preceded the word "Yang", and in Chinese this indicates a position of Yin superiority that long 

    antedates the advent of patriarchy in Chinese society.

    DANIEL REID, The Tao Of Health, Sex And Longevity

  2.  Pushing Hands and DAO & Dia-LOGOS

    In the ancient Chinese Dao de Jing

    (aka Tao de Ching)...

    1st Chapter 1st verse

    DAO ke dao.

    feichang DAO

    DAO that can be wordized/verbalized...

    isn't the authentic/true/eternal DAO

    In the ancient Gospel of John (in Greek)

    1st Chapter 1st verse

    In the beginning was the:

    * LOGOS (Greek)

    *WORD (English translat

    *VERBO (Spanish translation)

    *DAO (Chinese translation)

    Dialogue comes from Dia-LOGOS


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  3. Pushing Hands with eyes closed...can be a pleasing are freezing sensory experience...like a massage. Additional element...Tai Ji/Pushing Hands...there is the practice of the VERTICAL, rather than the horizontal. As with the spinning top...the gyroscope...the Earth...there are the 2 poles...Yin & Yang...and we Humans are between the Sun/Yang & Earth/Yin polarity. Pushing Hands allows us to open up the polarity circulation. The FLOW. Having a Partner, with a Mutual Contract to be Non-competitive, but rather to help the P experience sitting back/down gradually more...to open the GUA..the zone of Acupuncture Meridians in the loins...so one does not have tension/fear of suddenly being pushed forcefully.  Nevertheless... One stays ALERT...maintaining/deepening one':s ROOT

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  4. As a future resident, I just now discovered/read this process of Digital Community Meeting. Most impressive. One piece of Info, of relevance to individuals/NGOs/Charities for Fundraising, as English Conversation Partners with Chinese/other learners of English, using Fiber Optic Internet connection. Google search "Online English Teacher". It is a "Sellers' Market". The going rates are from $15 to $30 USD +. If a group organized, they could have a stronger bargaining position.

    I have no financial interest. I am not advertising. Just Google it.

    But..if there is a Charity/NGO interested in this project, I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you.

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  5. My mother-in-law was an Acupuncturist, as was her father and others in the Family Tree. She was Head of the Acupuncture Dept. for a govt. hospital in Shanghai. In such hospitals, folks are able to choose between approaches, whether drugs/surgery or herbs/acupuncture. When Acupuncture made mainstream media discussion 40+ years ago, there were charges regarding its demonstrated effectiveness for centuries with Chinese...charges that it was a Placebo effect, cultural conditioning, hypnotism, hogwash etc. In terms of Western scientific research & results, those explanations have been left behind. Now race horses are given Acupuncture treatments. USAmerican Pragmatism:

    "Whatever works...even if we don't quite understand it.. "

  6. Moving soon to teach Chinese exercise of Tai Chi etc. Interested in renting long-term a simple studio apt. (or even an unfurnished large room with BR) in a Mexican neighborhood. Rent...I know nothing of local costs. Here at seaside Sisal I pay $3000/month for a Studio. Location...I am flexible. . I speak functional Spanish and will have a motorcycle.Tnx in advance 

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