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  1. After helping out Tina for the last 2 weeks at the Casa de Karma in Mezcala, I have moved into an apt. near the lake. We will begin Tai Ji /Pushing Hands classes at the Chapala Malecon, beginning Monday March 5, every M-W-F, 8-10 AM and 4-6 PM (if there is interest in this late afternoon class) Classes free for 1st two weeks. After that, there will be a Suggestions/Donations box. Cheers!
  2. Tnx. Suggestion...create a shorter URL via www.tinyurl.com
  3. Yin is stronger and more abundant than Yang, but Yang is more obvious and active. There is more water on earth than fire, for example, but fire phenomena such as lightning are more exciting and attract more attention. Still, ever since the term Yin/Yang first appeared in China, the word "Yin" has always preceded the word "Yang", and in Chinese this indicates a position of Yin superiority that long antedates the advent of patriarchy in Chinese society. DANIEL REID, The Tao Of Health, Sex And Longevity
  4. She probably had to wield the yang side of her personality more often than maybe she felt comfortable with to make up for my dad's weakness. This left me with a negative mistrust of my yang power and a dependence on the yin for survival. R. J. COLE, The Dragon's Treasure 6 likes like
  5. Tnx for the Questions/Suggestions. At the sessions there will be a box for Suggestions & Donations... Gringal...sending PM. Now at Tulum...arriving Chapala Saturday... Will start classes in a park in Chapala...any Suggestions? Tnx...
  6. Man hovers between Light& Darkness Woman hovers between Darkness & Light When the twain meet Time stands still in suspended space And stars gasp in silence By FULAN, "YIN YANG" in The New Millennium Poems
  7. But/And...as kinesthetic meditation, our Pushing Hands, by being inter-active, non-aggressive co-operative, bio-energetic with focus upon cultivating: *ting jing--LISTENing to Partner's energy *dong jing--UNDERSTANDing it *hua jing--NEUTRALIZING it In such an activity, being-here-now is cultivated naturally, organically, progressively...
  8. Thanks, Bisbee Gal! The cartoon is a. nuanced example of the dynamic familiar to Meditators/others--the MonkeyMind, ever-restless,jumping from one train-of-thought to the next....living in the Past(shoulda-coulda-woulda) and in the Future (" I will...). The time-proven solution is to give the Monkey-Mind a simple task...such as observing breath/thoughts...
  9. Dao de Jing Chapter 28 "...When the Yin and Yang between heaven and earth unite (tian di xiang he), Sweet dew will fall..."
  10. Moon Time Chinese roots are in Lunar Calendar Earth-based Traditions worldwide Natural -- moon-th of 28days --13moonths Western Gregorian Calendar is async Dys-functional Anti-Natural Hail Caesar! Octo...means 8 & October is 10thmonth etc. Pushing Hands can enable/empower us to re-charge to re-sync Heaven (Tian) Ren. (Human) Di. (Earth)
  11. Dao de Jing. Chapter 28 Though knowing what is masculine You are ready to play the role of female And content to be a stream in the world ................................................................ So it is with Pushing Hands We emphasize cultivating the Yin As with water...yielding...
  12. Pushing Hands and DAO & Dia-LOGOS In the ancient Chinese Dao de Jing (aka Tao de Ching)... 1st Chapter 1st verse DAO ke dao. feichang DAO DAO that can be wordized/verbalized... isn't the authentic/true/eternal DAO In the ancient Gospel of John (in Greek) 1st Chapter 1st verse In the beginning was the: * LOGOS (Greek) *WORD (English translat *VERBO (Spanish translation) *DAO (Chinese translation) Dialogue comes from Dia-LOGOS
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