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  1. Thank you all for the kind words. Sue is working with the LCS on a day, at this time it will possibly be Sunday but a confirmed date and time will be posted as soon as we know it.
  2. My Dad Ross loved the area and more importantly the people in the area of Lake Chapala..... after being there even for a short period of time I was able to see why he loved it so much. Sadly he passed away this afternoon. Some of his closest friends will be organizing a service for the end of the week before I bring him home to Canada, there will be a post with the details in the next day or so should anyone wish to attend.
  3. Most Canadians may already be aware but the RCMP are in Mexico City and available to assist/liaise with the local police should you have a criminal issue. Our dad is Ross Brownridge also in recent years known as the candy man. Although his good nature and love to be around people initiated the giving of candy the illness magnified the gesture to almost an obsessive routine. He trusted people and was clearly an easy mark. We are still consulting with legal on charges and any other legal option against his so called friend and past lawyer, once that is concluded i will be posting all info fo
  4. yes it is and we are looking into that as well as other options hearing this is not the first time for the lawyer and as far as the so called care giver we are certainly trying to determine if he has done this before..someone so focused on getting what he wants, it cant be the first time and he has lived there 15 years. That facebook page of shame ..is it under chapala society ??
  5. It was not a doctor ....the medical field has been fantastic as have most of the people there. This was a so called (canadian) friend who took control of the finances and worked wth a lawyer who we have since found out did some questionable work for dad in past. There were documents recently found during dads hospitalization dated this December giving this person his car computer and all his possessions, we have also uncovered a new will written at a time when the Alzheimer's was already evident leaving the lawyer a chunk of money and this friend signing it as a witness. They continue to pres
  6. good to know given those involved are part of the retirement community or promote their practice within the community! thank you
  7. With Alzheimer's it is difficult ...one of the reasons he was a target. Simply trying to make people aware and be cautious
  8. As in all beautiful retirement communities there are people who choose to target individuals they believe they can take advantage of for profit. I have recently experienced this first hand in your community with my father being a victim. I had the pleasure and privilege of speaking to many residents who state this is too common an occurrence however difficult to monitor and prevent. I am looking into the police and legal side of this issue in our case but thought why not start or keep the discussion going. The best way to monitor or address unethical people is to know about them and discuss
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