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  1. Just to update: $1320 MXN is now only $58.32 USD since the fall of the peso @ current exchange of 22.63
  2. Just to clarify, I never intended to imply I was "worried about taxes." I fully recognize the incredible bargain we receive here compared to "back home;" it's part of why we moved here. I'm just an interested person in general, and just "like to know things." The previous owner paid the taxes through the settlement date and provided receipts thereto. I don't know why our portion was not paid at that time but the city claims not. I won't go hungry, nor will I worry about $150 or so that is unclear at the moment, but at the same time, this is Mexico and I'm not inclined to let something slide that is not justified. That is all. Thanks for the information provided.
  3. This is our first time paying property tax. We dutifully paid what the clerk in "city hall" requested (invoice?). However, how can we tell what rate we paid? Is there a published "mill rate," a rate per $100 or $1,000 of assessed value like in the states. We were surprised at the amount we paid, but it appears that we had to pay for part of 2017 since we purchased the house, and perhaps we did not have current information regarding tax rates? Any thoughts?
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