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  1. I have 6 unopened containers of Pero instant grain beverage. If anyone is interested, free to good home. They´re new, sealed, and 2 years old
  2. The verb Chocar gets used frequently in my neighborhood. Any sort of crashing into something, people, cars, etc. Today, for example, yo choqué con un letrero y caí en mi espalda en el malecón. It's the truth. My Spanish isn't perfect, but I think that would get the meaning across that when I was walking on the malecón this morning here in San Juan, I was lost in thought and power-walked my face into a sign and fell backwards onto the cement. Ow! Only a little blood, but a real "wake-up" to watch where I'm going.
  3. I have several books about baking bread that I no longer use. If anyone is interested I'd be happy to let them go to a place where they are more likely to be used. The titles: Cavel The Taste of Bread Suas Advanced Bread and Pastry Peter Reinhart Whole Grain Breads The Bread Baker’s Apprentice Crust and Crumb Wing and Scott The Bread Builders Christine Ingram & Jennie Shapter The World Encyclopedia of Bread Jacob Six Thousand Years of Bread also: Peterson Field Guide to Mexican Birds Mark Miller The Great Salsa Book Email me at pablosemanas at gmail.com or phone 387 761-0254 I'm in San Juan Cosalá. You need to pick them up. Paul
  4. My understanding is that the proper response to "Que le vaya bien" is simply "gracias" and that's the end of it. As the original poster said, we've been told that it's directed to the person "leaving", not the person "staying". Most Spanish speakers here in San Juan say "Que descansen" when they are leaving and we say "Que le (or te) vaya bien" and they say "gracias" and leave. And, of course, "Si Dios quiere" is inserted here and there.
  5. Actually the US bank doesn't charge a fee for checks, nor the Mexican bank unless it's built into the exchange rate, which is too complicated for this old brain to comprehend. And yes, I understand that a money transfer company would have to charge a fee to stay in business. Not trying to argue, just to understand the options.
  6. I imagine that those sites charge a fee.
  7. How interesting. I deposit US checks at Bancomer and it always takes 10business days to clear, although it clears my Colorado account in 2 days.
  8. I don't have a po box with anyone. If possible I have things shipped directly to my home. If it's an item that doesn't ship to Mexico I use either Sol y Luna (charge 1/2 the value) or Estafeta (3.50/pound), whichever is cheaper.
  9. Can someone tell me where "El Bar Co" is? I only come into Ajijic occasionally to shop. Thank you
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