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  1. I had noticed my Plumeria tree had a tan colored funk on the bottom sides of the leaves and were falling off so I got whats in the picture and its coming back so hopefully this will help you.
  2. I've bought their Mexican rib eyes and New York steaks and agree with you, what they're selling isn't bad at all and especially if you like a thick steak.
  3. I met her in 2018, she told me that she lived in Chula Vista but she sounded very unhappy with living here and even mentioned selling her house and I havent seen her since.
  4. I haven't either but then again I really haven't looked. I made my own beer also for a very long time cause like several people have said, I want malt(ever try 'Barleywine'?)or at least lets have some quality. The brewery's in Oregon(Hair of the Dog was a favorite)and a lot in Colorado make some real good beer.
  5. ragtopman

    Sour cream

    Same here, its pretty good.
  6. La Floresta has recycle bins by the office(on del Lago).
  7. I like how you think and agree...…... can you hold please?
  8. That's an understatement and especially after reading the link Mainecoons posted. They know the virus is ramping up so what do they do, its kinda like lets pour more fuel on an out of control fire. Because when I was a firefighter/EMT how people cross contaminate was preached to us and not to become a victim. All its going to take is that one person that picked up the virus that has not utilized proper sanitization protocols to go to the tianguis and start touching all the tomatoes, onions etc etc and put them back cause it wasn't what they wanted only to have 10 other people do the same
  9. Rick....(you do know who this is don't you?)And no, no ATM fee's and it costs nothing and if the DCC rate is declined I get something real close to the exchange rate of the day.
  10. I'm also with BofA and ML and there is a Scotia Bank ATM by Domino's that is user friendly to us Just when you use it always remember to 'decline' the DCC conversion rate(lower left on the screen)and it might be in your better interest to ask your FA about coming here and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act(FACTA). https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/business/49534-us-brokerage-firms-close-accounts-for-us-expats
  11. I couldn't in good faith recommend Dr. Vargas either, he did some surgery on my wife and her eye hasn't been right since.
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