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  1. Heading west on the carreterra go past La Canacinta and there is that new development on the north side called La Puebalita with all the colorful signs? Just right past that on the north side.
  2. I have always used 000 or 0000(the best)steel wool to clean my chrome plating and glass on cars so why not a pot?
  3. Its in Piedra Barrenada just past Rosarito El Carnal on the north side of the carreterra. As you pass the big Red Cola sign on the right look forward and up on the mountain side, they have a sign, cant miss it. And my experiences there, great service, good food and an awesome view.
  4. I love my solar electric, its the only way to go around here and went as far to get solar water. The most I've ever paid for 2 months wasn't even 300 pesos and I have a pool.
  5. Yup, you know what your bill is every 2 months, pay it and they will take care of the rest cause you will be running a credit.
  6. its 1:55 and I just got gas on the libramiento, waited about 40 minutes from start to fill and theyre limiting to 500 pesos
  7. Right now 2017's and 2018's do not need a smog sticker and hopefully next year it will be 2018's and 2019's.
  8. If your from Oceanside, I will be visiting a friend in the Escondido area the end of December and if your willing to come there we can talk in person.
  9. Yes, that is what I have heard also. Is supposed to keep his cars and such or does something with them in a building on the Carreterra in Riberas. I saw a silver BMW parked in front of it the other day and was going to stop but had other chores to do at the time.
  10. As of the last elections, this is the Presidents name...…... President Ing. Fernando Plata When ever I have had to go to the office a guy by the name of Luis is always there and been somewhat helpful.
  11. Do you know what code its throwing? If not take it to AutoZone, they should be able to scan it for you and tell you the code and it could even be an easy fix by yourself.
  12. What Rick said, the place is called Ajijic Auto Body next to the garden Center.
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