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  1. What can you tell me about this "Lakeside Fraccionamiento Assoc"? I would of loved to have been able to attend if that was possible.
  2. Here are the sheets that were given to me when I got my Jalisco license and like its already been said, the only one that was on the test that's not on the sheet is a glorieta:
  3. Josh from M and J Pizza owns this so if you had a pizza from M and J then you know what he stands for cause its my go to pizza joint also.
  4. After doing a search it appears there are a few cigar smokers here and by chance is there any place preferably lakeside that I can buy a few real Cuban cigars. If I have to go to Guadalajara I can do that and because I've never bought any real Cuban cigars, what can I expect to pay for them and thanks in advance.
  5. Didn't Sammy Hagar do a song about traveling from west Ajijic to East SAT, "What took 2 hours now takes all day"?
  6. My first thought on your question would be, isn't that why the check points weren't put back up because it infringes on a persons ability to travel as per the Mexican constitution(or at least that what I heard)and then we would have to start with the first amendment of the constitution to answer your first question: Any form of discrimination, based on ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disabilities, social status, medical conditions, religion, opinions, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other form, which violates the human dignity or seeks to annul or diminish the rights a
  7. Exactly and like Mainecoons said figure out how many liters of propane you need, you already know the price of it and multiply. And I made this up several years ago for people to make things easier. Most houses have a 300 liter cylinder, 50% now becomes 150 liters and 25% now becomes 75 liters, 1/8th or 12.5% is 37.5 liters, 1/16th or 18.75 liters is 6.25%, 1/32nd or 9.375 liters is 3.125% and 1/64th or 4.68 liters is 1.56%. If your at 30% and you want to bring it up to 80% you need 50% or 150 liters or better yet, if your at 26% and you want 80% you need to fill 54%. 168.75 will fil
  8. I had noticed my Plumeria tree had a tan colored funk on the bottom sides of the leaves and were falling off so I got whats in the picture and its coming back so hopefully this will help you.
  9. I've bought their Mexican rib eyes and New York steaks and agree with you, what they're selling isn't bad at all and especially if you like a thick steak.
  10. I met her in 2018, she told me that she lived in Chula Vista but she sounded very unhappy with living here and even mentioned selling her house and I havent seen her since.
  11. I haven't either but then again I really haven't looked. I made my own beer also for a very long time cause like several people have said, I want malt(ever try 'Barleywine'?)or at least lets have some quality. The brewery's in Oregon(Hair of the Dog was a favorite)and a lot in Colorado make some real good beer.
  12. ragtopman

    Sour cream

    Same here, its pretty good.
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