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  1. I'm so glad to hear that, thanks.
  2. Maybe easy to find here but apparently of unknown quality, and that worries me.
  3. I too have gotten the tax notice yesterday to appear today, glad I'm not alone - I was worried but it's probably nothing but needing to prove it was paid.
  4. You did indeed answer your own question, tests are on hold, and I'm not so sure even after that that the Chapala branch will be doing any further testing imho.
  5. I'm seeing in increasing number of posts with misspelling in the subject line - maybe a little more care is needed?
  6. I would suggest let sleeping dogs lie, can't say I miss him!
  7. I've been using Free-Ebooks.net for a few years. Decent lists of books, lots of categories. I think it was a one time subscription of 29.95 and never expires. Works for my needs.
  8. Filled mine yesterday. 2555 pesos for 234 liters by Z gas.
  9. They were closed when I tried them today at noon, so not sure.
  10. I really wanted/intended to go but something came up, darn. Did they all show up and what transpired?
  11. I'm not quite sure about their hours but I was just there and they said their testing machine is broken down at least till next Monday.
  12. I'm pretty sure a transformer blew as I heard a loud bang just a second before the power went off.
  13. I imagine computer guy could help you - he's on this forum.
  14. Perhaps it would be best to just give some of the books now and some more later so as not to overwhelm the recipient?
  15. Power actually came back on in lower Riberas at 9:05 pm, they're really working late!
  16. Congrats CG. good luck in your new endeavor, but you know you'll be sorely missed doing what you were doing!
  17. We went there Thursday afternoon and had none, weird. Also went a week earlier and also had none.
  18. I believe it was primarily focused on Riberas sewers being installed and routed to the San Antonio lagoon which may be expanded to handle it. For now it was just left as "we will look into it and get back to you"..
  19. I would suggest disconnecting the battery overnight just to see if the car starts the following morning.
  20. Either that or something is using battery power slowly overnight, maybe check to see if an interior or trunk light or even an under the hood light is staying on (it happened to me more than once).
  21. I hope you're trying it with a large oval dish, not the small one because on the small one you won't get anything?
  22. That's on the corner of the Libramento (sp) and the Carretera on the west end of San Antonio just before entering Ajijic (about 3 blocks west of Super Lake). Walmart will be on the left and the casino and HSBC and Steren and some other businesses will be on the right. Ther's a driveway next to Black Coffee that will take you there.
  23. Gabriel Garcia M.D at Alles Heilkraftig also does it. He's located north of the casino close to Walmart.
  24. Across the street and a little east of S&S Auto if that helps.
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