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  1. Hi Tomgates, Thank you very much for your time. That sounds great. My wife and I are so excited to meet all that nice people in your community, we wanted to find a good place for our family and since my in laws don't like new orleans nasty weather (living in Pittsburgh) they may love to visit us more often in Chapala area, it seems like the weather is amazing most of the year! Thank you again. Have a wonderful week.
  2. Hi Rec, Thank you so much for your replay, it is really helpful and it doesn't come across as negative, on the contrary it is eaxactly what I need, a real thing. Thank you again, we hope to meet y'all in the future.
  3. Hi y'all! Greetings from New Orleans. I am Jacinto. After living in the States for more than 20 years (I am from Mexico and my wife from Kentucky) my wife, Sebastien (our 4 y/o son) and I found chapala, and we loved it! We will be moving to this area pretty soon and just wanted to start having some chats to get more involved in this wonderful community. My Wife Jennie just got her PhD in arts and education. I am a higly qualified handyman and a rustic furniture artist, want to start my handyman business in Chapala, here's my website www.handynola.com and would love to know what you think, suggestions, etc. Please do not hesitate sending me any thoughts, all helps. Thank you so very much. Have a lovely weekend. Jacinto.
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