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  1. We have some sheets (quite a few actually!) left over from building our pool but they are a light/medium blue, not white. Kolorines brand, Mexican made. If you are interested in them let us know how to contact you.
  2. Will the tianguis be open regular hours on the 24th or closed for the holiday?
  3. Thanks, we do know about it and will use it when we just need a few things. But right now we need to do a big shop and also browse the aisles again
  4. Has anyone gone to Costco with Luis Enrique Vargas Medina (that's how he's listed on Facebook)? His post says he charges $300/person. Is he reliable?
  5. Thanks for the comments - we are using one of the local Lakeside contractors but frustrated at the limited selection of tiles, especially metallic or glass. We're being told that there is very little available in the country even though we're shown the samples. Each time we pick something, it's "not available for 4-6 months". Was hoping to find a showroom similar to the terraza and bano tile stores along Av Ninos Heroes in Guadalajara.
  6. Does anyone know of showrooms specializing in swimming pool tiles Lakeside or in Guadalajara? We've been to the stores that carry all the tiles for terraces and bathrooms but no swimming pool tiles.
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