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  1. Absolutely fantastic information--thank you all! I think we can do it...we're not going into this with naivety nor illusions!! (wow, Al Berca--exactly the sort of example I was looking for--thanks!--not that I'm looking forward to open-heart surgery--just very good to get a ballpark on something like that)
  2. Thanks Gringal, for understanding what my original question was! I have been in touch with Andre Bellon and it was he who (very helpfully) explained that my husband can't get ANY insurance because of the pre-existing condition, even though he's now in fantastic health--hence that first query. In any case, I'll ask one last question--hopefully not a stupid one--which is this: if we set aside $150,000 USD (about $2, 800,000 pesos) specifically for some kind of emergency/hospitalization-whatever--some day, is that likely to cover, say, E.R. + brief hospital stay (two weeks) in a place like San Javier, plus follow-up care? (Of course, as suggested above, the follow-up care, once stabilized, could be in the U.S.). I'd mentioned before that we would use clinics and local doctors for everything. The funny thing is I apparently made it sound like we're on our last legs when in fact we are both agile and totally mobile. We don't anticipate any more strokes now that he's completely recovered and on the right medication, so absolutely nothing might happen, but you never know. That could happen to any of us at any time as we all know. I can get health insurance, BTW--no pre-existing conditions.
  3. Thanks, Lakeside, Chillin, and everyone else: We are adequately covered in the U.S., and aren't looking for any sort of free lunch, if that's the impression I somehow gave--(really?)--we would would gladly pay for care. We love Mexico and Lake Chapala--imperfections and all-- which is the primary reason for considering it; nothing to do with saving money on health care. I was just wondering what people do about pre-existing conditions and how they handle them. Lots to think about.
  4. Hi Zerbit: Yes, we can get Permanente visas. I didn't realize Seguro Popular was good enough for catastrophic stuff--somehow I"d read it's really rough in the hospitals they use (bring your own blankets etc). Thanks so much for pointing that out. If you happen to find a website I could study (I can't) that would be fantastic. But I think you just answered my exact question in two single sentences, something I had not found in months of searching!!!
  5. My husband and I have been thinking about moving to Ajijic. I'm 65 and he's 80, having had a minor stroke from which he's fully recovered. My conversations with agents about private medical insurance helped me realize that no agency will insure him, even though he's well now, and stroke is one of the disqualifying factors for IMSS. If he were to be hospitalized, do most expats in this sort of situation simply pay cash for such a big thing? Do they save up money for this kind of event? We could afford doctors and clinics, but a big or long-term hospitalization could be difficult. Is it dumb to consider moving there at all given these circumstances?
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