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  1. ...a question has come up that there may have been changes to the bank deposit limits. I know there are some 'cash deposit' limits, I believe around $15,000 pesos a month, but what about deposits via bank transfer such as using 'Wise' or what used to be called 'Transferwise'. Many if not most of us transfer our monthly pensions and other incomes down to cover local living expenses, and these sums can easily exceed $50,000 pesos... but these are not cash deposits. Have there been any changes recently. This issue may have been covered, I looked but didn't see anything recent. On the net everything seems old and dated, some info back to 2010...What is the current situation?
  2. ....while your at it might as well toss in a clip from ET or Close Encounters of the Third Kind... all good fun. ... oh wait, now what the heck's that funny noise, guess my poltergeist is at it again.... better call Mulder and Scully.
  3. ... UFO's are an enigma, troubling to the US military in particular because they not only defy the laws of physics but no-fly rules of the US military, much upsetting them.This as reported to Congress in a recently tabled study. A lot has been seen, little is really known except they DO exist. Mexico in particular has seen it's fair share of UFO's sightings with significant activity around Teotihuacán over the years. Keep an open mind. and DO NOT ridicule those who observe or report unusual objects or lights in the sky. Many if not most are explainable, a few are not.. observe, record if you can, in particular objects or events that seem to defy the laws of physics, and then report them. The new mantra for both civilian and military professionals is 'do not feel reluctant to report unusual sighting or events'... it's become serious problem. Standing on a hotel balcony in Acapulco a few years ago, I myself and several others, in broad daylight, no dancing lights here, watched a perfect formation of 4 triangular objects float over the city at an estimated altitude of 3000' above the town... these objects drifted right across the city... then suddenly were gone. No Chinese lanterns, no jets on final there. The truth is out there... somewhere
  4. ...well the Alpha blocker terazosin is no more in the store, might have something to do with the drug shortages in Mexico. and to a certain extent this is happening in a lot of countries... so whaddy gonna do to keep the plumbing flowing? Roto rooting the prostate is one option... turp or green laser be the final frontier, there are other slightly less nasty options, and yes they do work, dunno what that'll cost but I bet the urologist will smile as you walk into his office... be sure to bring your accountant. Doing some research tho. I note the 'ED medicine' Cialis or Tadalafil is indicated as an option for BPH with reported good results. Aside from the obvious efficacy, the 'hard' facts are tadalafil works well on the prostate so and I have become a convert. It's actually a 3 for 1 med because as a smooth muscle relaxant if you have ol phart aches n pains as I have it helps with those too, so trips to the massage therapist might well be reduced... for me it made a helluva difference. And as a bonus your significant other may well be quite pleased with the hardened results.
  5. ...terazosin or terazosina until recently was sold by Farmacia Guadalajara... went to buy more, the FarmaLife brand and no more for the foreseeable future.. looked everywhere. The price was 55 pesos for a box of 20, quite reasonable.... 2mg tablets. Now you look on the net and a box of 20 goes for over $900 pesos... the local pharma says this is 'special brand' tablets... well BS because the name terazosina IS the generic term for that med.. the brand is called Hytrin... originally and as a brand name still sold by Abbott. Anyone know where you can get some at a decent non-ripoff price? Otherwise it looks like a trip to the Urologist for me ....for a prostate roto-rooter job.
  6. ...the core of this boils down to who is considered a non-resident or resident. It's about where your live and your ties to Canada, not about how you do your taxes. In general..... If you own or rent a home in Canada, have dependent children in Canada, a dependent wife or significant other that you are not separated from living in Canada, a job in Canada, (most) Canadian utility bills in your name. a valid DL, insured car, membership in a social/club or political party membership .. then you may be deemed a resident of Canada To be deemed a non-resident you can't have the above BUT you can have a bank account in Canada and you can retain your Canadian credit cards. You should be prepared to show, if asked, your residency card, Jalisco or Mexican State DL, proof of a Mexican residence/home such as CFE or Telmex bills, papers showing you own the car as plated... Do not bring up or discuss your tax filing situation... it is irrelevant. You may need to convince a border guy you are indeed a non-resident citizen of Canada because the definition is not cut and dried. It can be subjective.
  7. "We travel the route from Lake Chapala to Nogales frequently in the last 2 years. The only issues we have had are in Navajoa with the police there who on 2 separate occasions in the last year tried to shake us down. We were just driving out of town each time and they stopped us to check on our TIP and insist that it is expired when it clearly is not and is in good standing. We stood firm each time and did not pay the mordida and they finally just let us go on our way." Sue... this is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago, probably the same two greaseball policia municipal cops... they are still doing that, They are just trying to shake down tourists for a mordida. They have no right to check TIP's, it's a federal matter.. If heading south you no doubt got your TIP checked a few miles near the border of Sinaloa and Sonora.. and possibly further along down south toward Tepic. Remember if you offer to or give a mordida to a cop, you are committing a serious offense.. they can arrest you on the spot jail you and probably tow your car if a mordida or favor is offered... just don't.
  8. I am here in Mexico Angus, residente, and yes, I know all about mordida, we've all had to pay it at one time or another... it makes legal 'problems' real or imagined, more often than not imagined, go away... Mordida is illegal and offering mordida or the 'little bite' for misdeeds is technically illegal in itself. So what pot calls the kettle... where do we go with this? Yeah, Jail....Angus you might go to jail for not paying the mordida too... this IS Mexico after all.
  9. Angus... your logic is that if there is no official route of permissio; then anything and everything is automatically illegal. That may or may not be the case here. At present in Mexico the authorities seem to have shown complete disinterest in Amateur Radio, to the point where even Mexican citizens have not been able to renew their XE licenses as they expire, so it appears from some posts I have read... this could have changed recently but If so their operation would also be illegal by your reasoning. Let's face it, Mexico has bigger fish to fry, and you can be sure Amateur Radio is way down their list of regulatory priorities. In other countries such as 'Ofcom' in the UK or 'Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada'... (that's a mouthful), but much of the day to day operation (exams for example) of the Amateur Service in Canada and the UK have been downloaded on-to the Amateur fraternity itself... and generally this works well. Getting that to happen here in Mexico is gonna take some time what with their love of the formal bureaucratic process. The reciprocal licensing agreement probably still stands, as is the general rules for Amateur Radio operation, but the time consuming and expensive process of foreigner authorization as it once was appears to be at least unofficially gone. Amateur Radio is probably looked upon at as if we are chicken-banders or the users of FRS portable radios, and I can't see those steely eyed policia municipal guys chasing after hams with bug-catcher mobile whips on their cars.
  10. ...recent amendments to the law have stated that if a hotel or resort cuts public access to a beach they have to either provide some sort of easement or allow the public to pass through the property itself and onto the beach.. at least this apples to oceanside properties. The stated penalties for non compliance are severe with huge fines and even the loss of ownership of the resort of hotel complex. This all started in Cancun when a security guard told some beachgoers that they had to leave if they didn't buy 'refreshments' from the fronting property. The local cops (they always do) assisted in an arrest for non-compliance of the demand and the whole thing blew up when it hit the media, going all the way to the top. Hotels and resort complexes fronting beach property restrict public access to the beach at great risk to themselves...
  11. Been a Canadian ham for 60 yrs, VA7AA, now permanently living in Mexico ....has there been any movement toward officially re-licensing or approving reciprocal licensing in Mexico? While there was supposed to be an official process, or there was at one time, that's kinda gone out the window now and there seems to be no process in place. In Canada and the USA reciprocal licensing means just that; a USA ham can cross the Canadian border (when it next opens for discretionary travel) and freely operate without further official approval. The reciprocal licensing agreement, or better the blanket permission to operate in Mexico likely still stands. Have things devolved into a situation similar to Canada and the USA? The bigger issue for Mexico is, or perhaps was, the use of ham gear by the narco's, although even they have now moved on to more sophisticated modes of secure communications in support of their midnight border-crossing trade. Cheap $30 Baofeng radios proliferate, and although amateur radio is often mentioned in their marketing, they were never really designed to be just ham rigs. The ambulance service here has a couple of em. Any new info on this or is it just operate and hope things are OK? My new Xeigu G-90 still sits in the box. Richard
  12. ... just went through this process. A few points to consider for Canadians applying residente temporal through the Vancouver Consulate. 1. You need a monthly pension or income of at least $1,659. The filled out downloaded application form, your 6 months worth of bank statements, and passport good for at least 6 months or preferably more. Only pension or employment income is acceptable, investment income such as royalties are not acceptable, or as mentioned in an earlier post fixed investment assets. I used the pension income. 2. Your bank statement documents MUST be original from the bank, not downloaded copies and must be signed off by any bank official who says they matter. Lots of official looking bank stamps help. They must include the current months statement. No fudging this requirement. You need 1 copy of each statement, and a copy of your passport information page. You need a 1 line letter from said bank poo-bah attesting to the validity of the documents, more bank stamps required. 3. Phone 'Connie' at the Consulate first, ask for her and she will pencil in an appointment for you, give you the 'heads up' on requirements; she is very nice, very professional and speaks perfect English. 4. Bring the CA $53 mas o menos consulate fee in small bills, cash only, they probably won't have change. 5. Go to London Drugs and get the small Mexican Visa pictures done, be sure they know the purpose of the pictures as they are NOT passport size... they have the correct software for the visa size. Costco doesn't. 6. You will get your picture taken at the consulate, you will also be taken into the consul general's or his assistant's office for a short interview.. nice young guy, he'll just ask you about your relationship with Mexico, about where you live or want to live, and why you want residente status. He will sign off on your application and give it back to Connie. A word about the interview. If you have a Spanish speaking partner, as I have, bring them in too. The consul chatted, or better BS'd with my partner for 20 minutes, he just wants to know about you, your world and who you are, this really helps in creating a less formal feeling atmosphere. 7. You will leave with a formal visa sheen good for 6 months glued into your passport. Make sure your passport is good for a while, you don't want it expiring during this process.
  13. New to the board, but I have a question? Not wanting to hijack the thread but this is somewhat related, especially in dealing with channel line-ups... I received a report that Shaw are no longer allowing the legacy DSR505 receivers, or earlier models such as the DSR 307, to to be added to accounts. According to a report ( on Tom Zap Meiaque ) you must purchase a newer 600 or later series receiver and of course with it you'll need a new triple feed-horn LNB to match whatever dish size you use.... E60 or E75. Anyone know is this is true? The DSR 505 is a really nice receiver, supports first gen HDMI (that white plug on the back, you need a dollar store converter), the 8psk codec and HD... if this were true I find that very sad. Sent an e-mail query to Shaw but no reply...
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