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  1. The reason I frequent this board is to gather information about the area, people, government, and experiences from the people who live or have lived there. Definitely love the lively back and forth from some of the posters. I have visited the Chapala area 3 times in the past two years and will definitely continue to do so. My plans are to one day retire in Mexico and this forum gives me insight regarding this area; you could help me make an informed decision in the future. Thank you all for your comments and I will continue to appreciate this board. Sincerely, The
  2. Thank you ned small and lakeside7 for the information. I recall Dr. Jose Chavez Villalobos on Colon St mentioning Dr. Oscar Ibarra in Chapala if my daughter's situation worsened. I will definitely make a note regarding pediatricians for my next trip. Sincerely, TheWho
  3. To All, Happy New Year!!!! Thank you all for your recommendations and comments. I did revisit Dr. Jose Chavez Villalobos on Colon St., near Ajijic Plaza, and he adjusted my daughter's medication. Within the day, swelling and rash started to subside; we are all doing well and back in Houston. What I did learn, while calling around for medical advice/pediatrician, is that most area doctors and clinics are geared for adults/retirees. We'll try visiting the Chapala area again this year between April and July, hopefully with no issues. Sincerely, TheWho
  4. Hello Everyone, A few weeks, I stated I would be visiting the Ajijic area. I'm here with my family but unfortunately my 8 year daughter has had an allergic reaction to something which is causing her to rash up. Yesterday, Wed 27th, we took her Dr. Jose Chavez Villalobs on Colon St., near Ajijic Plaza in between barber shop and washeteria. Was referred to him by a local and there was a line of mothers with their children when I got there. Doctor prescribed some allergy, fever, and antibiotic medications which we picked up at Walmart and started administering. Looked li
  5. Thank you Yo1 and dichosalocura. I will look into the LCS and Chapala Train art classes.
  6. Once again thank you REC for the mentioned suggestions. By the way, does anyone know of an Arts and Craft studio for children around the area, where I can take my kids so they can do some craft projects like Paint-a Pot Pottery, Tie-Dye Tile Art, Canvas Painting, etc.? Thanks, Who
  7. REC, The Guadalajara zoo and horseback riding sounds like fun. Planning to visit the malecones and the Wednesday tiangues. Had not even thought about were to feed the kids; thanks for mentioning the passive restaurants. Thank you for the information. TheWho
  8. Hello everyone. First time post. I've been following your very informative web board for the past year; very colorful and entertaining. Even though I am not near retirement age, I enjoy reading the different Web board topics regarding the area for future reference. I've was introduced to this area back in 2001 while visiting Puerto Vallarta by a retired couple living in your area; definitely a place I would be interested in retiring when the time comes. I have visited the area twice in the past two years and have enjoyed visiting different places (restaurants, malecon
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