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  1. dcstroker Not sure where you heard the "conditions on the lake aren't always conducive to going out". I ride 7-18 miles almost every day on the ciclopista. Conditions are outstanding for riding, at least during the day.
  2. Yes - the New Line Bike Shop in Ajijic carries electric bikes. My posting is/was about TRIKES. For medical reasons, I can not sit on a bike. I was looking for a Recumbent TRIKE. From my research, no retailer in MEXICO carries recumbent trikes. However, I did find a used trike in Mexico - free shipping.
  3. Update........ I would like to thank everyone for their feedback and assistance. Unable to find a Mx retailer who sells recumbent trikes. I looked into NOB - shipping would cost as much more than the trike. Looked into shipping as checked baggage - carton too large for Volaris. One NOB retailer suggested I take it on the airplane as a wheelchair (folding trike). Considered that, but what do I do if Volaris says no? Through FB - I found someone 3 hours east of Mexico City. I purchased a used KMX Viper and he shipped it to me for free. I just finished upgrading it and will be on the carretera bike path every day. Started out 1/2 mile. Now up to 4 miles. Goal is 12 miles a day. Going to get to know the bike path.
  4. Thanks.......... Seen those listings. Hoping to find a bike store in Guad. No one local is willing to work on a trike (that I have found). So besides purchasing, I am interested in long term support. Or, I may be forced to become a bike mechanic.
  5. Wow - I missed this one!!! Will followup thanks
  6. Cool............ I have been in contact with this seller who is located in Mexico City. Compared to NOB trikes - looks like it is a heavier grade of steel. Durable, but is likely heavy. However, for what I want - this will likely work. However, the seller has stopped responding to my questions, so I am exploring my options.
  7. I have not heard of Drift Trike either. Would not work for me. Thanks for reaching out to your in laws. I had attempted to contact bike shops in Guad - no luck. https://www.industrialbicycles.com/Trident-Spike https://www.industrialbicycles.com/sun-seeker-eco-tad-sx-blue Examples of the kind of trike I am interested in locating. Some brands, such as Catrike, are too low to the ground - would not work on cobblestones. If I can find a manual trike, I should be able to electrify later it on my own. Thanks
  8. I have looked at Evelo. Unfortunately, they do not make a recumbent. I am unable to sit on a standard bike seat.
  9. Starting price NOB is $999 - such as the Ecotad or Trident Spike. Then add about $1,000 for electric motor. Getting it here is the challenge. Lithium batteries canNOT be shipped over the border. I did find a local in Mexico City that makes a custom bike. But, he is in to his 3rd week of quoting the trike.
  10. Looking to purchase an adult recumbent trike - preferably electric. Store in Guadalajara or even Mexico City?
  11. Planning session to re-launch Chapala Dining Out, Thursday, July 5th at 4:00pm. ISSUES TO DISCUSS - Name change? - Website - Mission Statement and Guidelines for the group to review If interested in attending and or would like more information, send me an email and I will forward you the details and location of the meeting. nealahayden@gmail.com Buen Provecho
  12. Any update???? I understand Ilox has met their initial sign up requirements and this is to be rolled out. Now that the holidays are behind us, I assume we should be hearing more about high speed internet coming to our town.
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