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  1. Home Depot but according to Mr. Murphy his law states every color but the one you want.
  2. How’s availability north thru Mazatlan, Navajoa Nogales?
  3. El congrejo


    If you are paying taxes with haciendo on the income from said property then keep both. If you are flying under the radar it might not be worth it.
  4. El congrejo

    Nogales to Chapala Road Status

    I think its highway 2, not 25. The cut off is at Santa something or other, just before Magdelana which heads up to Nogales. 2 in Mexico ties into 85 and straight north on 85 is Buckeye. Its been years since I’ve been on 2 but major construction a few years past. If 15D is the toll is the free road any better.ñ up to Santa Anna or Santa Cuz, some kind of Santa theme.
  5. El congrejo

    Beware juniors body shop

    Good to know, thanks
  6. El congrejo

    Canelo Triple G

    Didn’t dissappoint, close for sure.
  7. El congrejo

    Canelo Triple G

    Any idea who’s carrying this event on the big screen?
  8. El congrejo


    Expensive given the mundane food and limited overpriced wine selection. Probably went too soon so will try them when they get it together. Right now slow service while wait staff offer very poor service. Of course just my opinion.
  9. El congrejo

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    I thought it a very useful statement. Polite without hostility. Absolutely no need to hear the story. I too had a bad experience and wouldn’t use them but to each his own
  10. If we wanted to “adopt”, we know all about it. We prefer to support breeders who care and take the time to place well so the pups do not end up in shelters. And, we prefer to buy a purposely bred dog with some consistency so they do not fail in their tasks and our expectations and end up in shelters. Not all dogs are interchangeable and we prefer dogs with very specific traits and talents. We prefer to buy from responsible ethical breeders. We prefer not to pretend we are adopting when actually we are paying fees and buying. If you prefer to pretend you are adopting and prefer to support those who do not care enough to breed well, feel free. But please stop trying to guilt me into cleaning up after people whi did not bother to deal with their mistakes. Ellen Schwab
  11. El congrejo

    Coming for a Visit.

    For living in Mexico only part time I would visit Cuyutlan, a 2 1/2 hour drive and Manzanillo, 3+, as winter housing options. Nice to compare your options before the plunge.
  12. El congrejo

    Beach vs Ajijic

    Well I think I goofed but maybe not too late. Moved here for the months of December thru May. NOB for the pther 6 months I failed to consider the beach initially and I don’t know why. Have been renting in Cuyutlan ‘cause its a 3 hour drive at most and the closest to Ajijic and too cold here for me. In the couple of years we’ve been doing this the beach has far exceeded our expectations. So if I had known or thought about starting out buying a beach house at the outset I know I’d have bought on the beach . If we were to consider living here full time then Ajijic would have been first choice.
  13. El congrejo

    Sirens on the Caratera

    Thus is a common occurence. Just police responding as quickly as possible to an unknown trouble call.