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  1. Several years ago a couple working there were involved in a scam. The apparent manager would claim your previous license from Guadalajara was fake. This was reported to the authorities in Guadalajara and the investigation showed it to be directed at gringos from Lakeside. Subsequently the Ocotlan office was closed to Lakeside residents. It was slso discovered some Lakeside residents had “bought” their licenses in Chapala and some had fake licenses. Now it appears from posts to be once again open to extranjeros.
  2. Maybe good food but since they don’t deliver I’ll never know. Loud music is a deal breaker for dining on-site.
  3. Other than Miramontes who is a good reliable driver for noon flights? Current costs? From Ajijic to airport.
  4. What’s the normal retail on these? I found a Merrill that looks like this for 950 pesos new.
  5. Try Kitchen Harmony in the little area just west of walmart
  6. It seems to me these are questions for your dealer. You made the deal and live with their process.
  7. Yes, I use Rene exclusively for airport trips. Great reliable service
  8. No I don’t think the policy should change. There is a place to go for the information and speculation and it’s sufficient in my opinion
  9. I drove the # 2 from Sonoyta last week. It has way too many potholes to make any kind of speed. The famous tire guy, Pedro in Gila needed to check tites thoroughly when I got there I came back from Gila Bend via nogales and good roads, a little construction but no traffic delays. That was a 2 day drive. Gila Bend to Navajoa the first day, early stop but I prefer it as an overnight point Then 10 1/2 hours from Navajoa to Ajijic day 2. the macrolibramiento from Mazatlan to the Guad/Chapala highway took hours off the journey
  10. So if you dumped Telmex, replacing it with a Telcel mobile phone and modem, would that be a viable option?
  11. For relaxing I like to avoid the tourist traps and like to visit Cuyutlan. To fit in a little golf I’d pick Grand Bay hotel in Barra de Navidad.
  12. They, las garzas, used to come every year to the large umbrella like trees on the lakeshore in west ajijic. Of course this was a beautiful site from the lofty views in Las Salvias but not so much for the folks living under the noise and droppings. Trees are still there birds are not. I seem to remember very loud noise deterring them from roosting at the onset of nesting not during.
  13. Well Tom I have found the best results from the guy in Riberas, north side carretera next to the yard selling vigas and other structural metals. Miguel? i tried that vinyl crap and never again. He will come to your house and measure everything up for you. I used a somewhat repellant material much like sunbrella
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