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  1. TY Michael, that was great. I am nob but interested in maybe Mexico someday. I take mental note of the people on the forum and know who to give a wide berth if I should move there. Afraid to post? Not me, I already gain a tremendous amount of info from just reading the forum, all parts of it. If I ask questions in the future and get nasty responses, the haters will have once again revealed who they really are and that is good. Let them further alienate themselves, IDC.
  2. This is good, encourages a skill that if mastered well enough, can bring in income. I am nob but if I was there, this is something I would be involved in. I believe empowering the women, even in small ways, would be a good thing. Having a little pride in an accomplishment well done is good for self esteem and helping their families with the work of their hands would bring a special joy in their hearts. (I believe)
  3. Do you teach sewing to the local women where they can sew for their families? You know, teach a man to fish? Basic, simple dresses should be easy to master, even for a beginner. Do very many show an interest in learning to sew? Are the volunteers that sew on a rigid timetable to get x amount done in a short time? Just wondering because if I get under pressure with my sewing I begin to consider it a chore I do not enjoy. And I procrastinate as much as possible.
  4. Sounds interesting. I sew some of my clothes, mostly cotton and linen. Nothing complicated or tailored to fit like a glove. It is a long time hobby for me, would never want to sew as a business.
  5. TY, Lexy, I am not personally interested in this subject but it may be useful in the future, for myself and other folks.
  6. Ouch, Pappy, lol. I would assume if either place was held in high regard, that someone would put that info here. Vice versa. If you can check out personally, you may have a different conclusion.
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