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  1. We usually buy from Mario, the berry guy who drives to restaurants, bars, etc. all around lakeside. Great guy and great produce.
  2. Confirmed at Walmart today. They have large boxes of them at the ends of two aisles between the toy section and the hardware section.
  3. Both the pool bar (Amaury's) and the music bar (Johnny's) moved into the same location pointed out above. They have two separate bars. The pool bar is open pretty much daily. The music bar is open Tuesdays and Fridays for karaoke and for occasional events. It's pretty cool. They're always adding things.
  4. Ha! Yep, barleywines, quads, and imperial IPAs were my go-to brews. Big beers with high ABVs hid the flaws in my amateurish techniques. I sucked at lighter stuff like pale ales, blondes, and bitters. Nothing to hide the mistakes.
  5. Only by the most narrow and circumscribed reading. The points are easily reconciled. As I said, I'll do as Mexico requires or leave. But I won't do things Mexico doesn't require if I don't wish to simply because others wish it. If Mexico's requirements change, so will my conduct.
  6. Defensive, much? I didn't quote you or identify those variables. But, hey, collect those virtue-signalling points. Again, I wish you and all those sharing your concerns the best.
  7. I've not seen any brewing supplies lakeside. Granted, I've not sought them out. My guess is you'd have to hit Guadalajara for that. I brewed back in the states for five years or so as a hobby, even though better stuff from pros was obviously available. I'd be tempted to do it here out of necessity.
  8. As others have stated, the Brewhouse's prices are very reasonable. That's not the problem: these guys just don't brew anything worthwhile. I mean, are their wares generally better than Corona or maybe even Bohemia? Yeah, I guess. But your expectations are likely, and understandably, higher if a place, like this, brews onsite and holds itself out as a "brewhouse". I've had nothing there which is even vaguely impressive. A lot of their stuff is pretty true to style; so there's that. But, really, 75% of homebrewers do better. I don't relish these comments. I would love a good (or, gasp, great) local beer. But, to paraphrase Bill W., the first step is acknowledging there's a problem.
  9. The OP's article identifies some critical considerations which those who rush to mandate or proscribe the actions of others would prefer to ignore. Ultimately, I am in a country which was generous enough to allow me to live here. Its citizenry will make the rules. I am free to follow them or leave. It's disheartening, though, to see so many similarly-situated people focus on virtue signalling tethered to where they came from instead of where they are. I get it: many of them are scared, in high risk groups, and feel powerless. I am sad for them and wish them the best. But I will not cave to their asinine demands. And neither, apparently, will Mexico. Things are bad and likely to get worse. Please do what you want to protect yourself. But leave the moralizing at the border.
  10. My best wishes for the continued success of this valuable local resource. I appreciate the content, editorial, AND ads. For myriad reasons, this would be a difficult time to take stewardship of a magazine. *Insert St. Crispin's Day speech here.
  11. Thank you, Kyle. I agree that people getting together in the circumstances you identified would not be advisable. I don't know if they would be allowed. I'm not sure if it's a hypothetical or a real example. I hope the former. If it's the latter, then anyone concerned should stay away.
  12. That's very cute, but it ignores the principle of supply and demand. I.e., more people are seeking out this hooch because commercial booze has been limited. Ergo, the distillers have a profit motive to increase their supply at the expense of quality and safety. Also, it's reasonable to surmise that unqualified distillers have been incentivized into production. They may not even know basic principles or distillation or how to apply them (e.g., head, hearts, and tails). Lastly, it would be quite a coincidence that all of these poisonings just happened to occur simultaneously with an alcohol ban. But, no worries, let's just continue to let people die for the questionable cause of moral righteousness.
  13. Fair enough. But, if that's the case, then please specify the circumstances in which you would approve of even a modest and staggered reopening of services. Or, if you believe the reopening is timely but too broad, then please identify how the reopenings are excessive. Otherwise, you're merely proposing the indefinite closure of everything. (It's sad this disclosure is necessary but my questions are genuine. If you honestly disagree, then please respond with a substantive post.)
  14. Although I only smoke four or five cigars a year, I'm interested; particularly given the local connection. I hope you won't mind answering a couple questions. How many are in a box? Is it five, as in the picture? Also, can you comment on their relative strength? I get that tastes are relative, and won't ask for a full review, but people usually agree on strength. I generally prefer them strong or semi-strong. Lastly, I presume they have smaller sizes and different shapes (e.g., robustos, toros, figurados)? Sorry for all the questions but - hell - it isn't like any of us are terribly busy at the moment.
  15. Thank you for this very useful post - particularly the translation. My Spanish lessons are on hiatus due to the current situation, and finding English translations of such important information isn't always easy. As to the substance, this seems like a fairly reasonable and measured approach. I completely agree it would be unwise for anyone in a vulnerable demographic (or who is merely uncomfortable) to become less vigilant simply because it's now legal to do so. However, for those who are not especially vulnerable and/or, for whatever reasons, wish to take their chances, well, that's on them. Of course, some people who do not WISH to return to work may nevertheless now HAVE to if they want to keep their job. I feel for them, truly; but an indefinite lockdown poses problems of its own - a conundrum of which they are, no doubt, more aware than I could possibly be. Now, can we please resume alcohol production and (full) sales so people stop dying of tainted booze? I didn't wish to derail the recent RIP thread because I did not know the gentleman. As we are seeing, his is not a unique case: which makes it all the more tragic. I can get all the booze I want from Costco or Amazon. Not everyone is so lucky.
  16. We've ordered delivery from Bruno's via the Traitte app twice. I just checked and it says Bruno's opens at 3pm today. No idea whether they're taking direct calls. Good luck! It's been great both times we had it.
  17. Anyone know when the sale of low graduation alcohol resumes? Immediately? Soon? To be determined?
  18. The symmetry between the content of the quoted passage and the author's name is just about perfect. Quite a salient point, too. Every constitution (written or not) which I've studied is like a set of handcuffs to which governments long ago palmed the key. We can agree, or not, on whether a given unconstitutional action is appropriate, but we must at least acknowledge the derivation. Or not. That's worked pretty well...
  19. Interesting point about the judge(s) in Chapala; though I hope to never need it! We consulted an attorney on our first lease since we knew neither the legal system nor Spanish. He confirmed one always has the legal right to pay in pesos regardless of what the contract says. Of course, that might not be the best way to build a good relationship with the landlord.
  20. The Kennons' videos were entertaining and informative while we sorted out which areas of Mexico to focus upon. We still watch them. The content and production quality improved a lot over the years. By the end, I think theirs were among the best travelogue style videos on YouTube. I'm saddened they will apparently no longer be producing content, but confident they'll find great happiness and success in their new endeavors. It's selfish, but I wish they'd have dropped a little more info on their decision and new path. But in the end those things are just that - theirs.
  21. I noticed La Paz was closed when we drove by about 11:30am today.
  22. We've used the Traitte app three times, though not yet for Vancouver Wings. It's fantastic. We appreciate the English option and the timely updates to let us know everything is on its way. It's taken 45 minutes from ordering to delivery each time. But they were all from Ajijic (or West Ajijic) to Riberas. No complaints here - except, yeah, fries are gonna be soggy every time.
  23. Thanks for the info. I second the endorsement of iShop. They've been nothing but kind and helpful. Most probably know this, but iShop will accept and hold a package of any reasonable size for only 30 pesos. Handy if you don't have a mailbox or aren't going to be home for a needed delivery.
  24. Ha! I think we're talking about the same ones. The two cranky guys in the balcony were Statler and Waldorf. Apparently, they were named in honor of two famous hotels in New York. I can't verify that, but their running commentary was my favorite part of the show.
  25. If so, I'll be in the balcony with Statler and Waldorf.
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