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  1. I knew the practice existed but I had no idea it was this common. Can anyone recommend an electrician (or other person) who has traced down this sort of thing and resolved it? We've reported a similar issue to CFE (still waiting on that new meter ... sigh) and had one electrician look at it ("have you tried new light bulbs?" ... sigh) as cursively as possible.
  2. I can't comment on his services but he's apparently doing well enough to not return calls and texts from new potential clients.
  3. Sorn


    We've had great pizzas from Fogon de Charlotte and La Estacion (above Pancho's) providing they leave the things in the oven long enough. As others have said, Domino's sarten crust is a solid option, too. Better than what I recall from Domino's in the states, but those experiences were years ago.
  4. What is this attorney's name? That would seem to a good place to start. I'm sure there are many fantastic attorneys in Guadalajara (and, yes, here, too).
  5. Yeah, really. A lot of information is disseminated: some of it accurate, most of it muddled, and the rest plain wrong. If pressed, one might point to this thread as evidence. I'm glad WalMart announced what it is doing this weekend. Throughout this entire Covid thing, however, the communication in general has been problematic.
  6. As a guest in Mexico, I'm glad to follow the relevant restrictions it implements. I just wish those restrictions were communicated a bit more clearly. It doesn't appear to be solely a translation issue, either; I know of several people who are locals and/or fluent in Spanish who are similarly uncertain.
  7. I love Pancho's grocery store. And I've learned the restaurant works great for drinks and appetizers. Unfortunately, I'm let down each time I venture off those paths.
  8. I live nearby and am a potential customer. Unfortunately, I can't tell what the place sells. The facebook page led to a different business which seems like a tienda focusing on fresh foods. Googling only showed businesses which appear entirely unrelated. Might walk by eventually, I guess.
  9. We've gotten delivery and eaten there several times. Both are great. The fries don't travel very well, but that's to be expected. They have many more items on the full restaurant menu than on the delivery menu. Everything I've tried has been fantastic. Cozy, comfortable spot, too.
  10. I second the recommendation of Bellon. We found that most insurers and policies covered the same things at very close to the same rates. So it really came down to which agents we thought would be responsive and helpful when we had a claim. However, please pay close attention to the policy exclusions. Many, many things are excluded for time periods of six months to two years. It's so bad that policies are arguably quite useless for the first year or so.
  11. I walked by during breakfast hours a couple days ago. The place smelled great and looked very clean. Seemed like standard breakfast fare (i.e., not Indian) at that time. I'd have given it a shot if I hadn't been on errands. Interesting location just short of where the Chapala traffic begins to get bad and the parking sparse.
  12. We've had to visit the SAT hospital for emergencies twice in the past year. One was minor; the other involved surgery and a multiple day hospitalization. Each time, the care and service was excellent and the facilities were very clean. The overall costs were a bit higher than other options in the area and Guadalajara. I don't know that it would be my first choice for an elective or scheduled procedure, but I'm glad to have it around as an option.
  13. We usually buy from Mario, the berry guy who drives to restaurants, bars, etc. all around lakeside. Great guy and great produce.
  14. Confirmed at Walmart today. They have large boxes of them at the ends of two aisles between the toy section and the hardware section.
  15. Both the pool bar (Amaury's) and the music bar (Johnny's) moved into the same location pointed out above. They have two separate bars. The pool bar is open pretty much daily. The music bar is open Tuesdays and Fridays for karaoke and for occasional events. It's pretty cool. They're always adding things.
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