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  1. Thanks to all of your input, I think we nailed this. We opted to offer a lunch on the final day. They were very appreciative. I figure some dusty chickens, or some tacos, plus some beers and we should be good. Thanks again.
  2. We hired a contractor to perform some renovations. He supplied and paid the workers. The crew was larger on some days, but two guys were onsite daily and did most of the work. The project, which took approximately seven weeks, is nearly finished. Would it be typical or expected of us to give a bonus (perhaps only to the two primary workers) and, if so, any ideas on the amount? Thanks.
  3. Over the past six months, we've had Wizz's 10mb package at two different homes in Riberas. Our actual speed runs between 8mb and 10mb (it was 9.21mb when I just checked). Obviously, that's not blazing. However, it's only been out twice and each time was less than an hour or two. The only downside for our applications is that large torrent files can take a while. Streaming (e.g., Netflix) and general internet usage is seamless. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  4. 1:00pm, or sometimes a bit earlier.
  5. "Just days before the one-year anniversary of a Mexican Supreme Court ruling that deemed the country’s prohibition of personal use or cultivation of marijuana unconstitutional, the judicial body granted an extension of a deadline it imposed on lawmakers to change the policy. The legislature now has until April 30, 2020 to pass reform legislation, whereas the previous mandate required action by Thursday." Source: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/mexican-supreme-court-grants-marijuana-legalization-deadline-extension/ I'm tempted to crack an easy joke about manana syndrome but, in fairness, they must be dealing with an insane number of competing interest groups and power brokers. Well, April is only six months away...
  6. My wife has tried a variety of gluten free breads from: (1) Pancho's Market in Riberas, (2) Superlake in San Antonio; and (3) the Monday Market at Sunrise Restaurant in San Antonio. The quality has been, based on her reports, pretty inconsistent. Be sure to check the refrigerated sections of the markets. Good luck, and welcome.
  7. Hopefully, this isn't too far off topic because we're having a similar problem. We recently bought Mexican SIM cards (Telcel) for our cellphones and are in the midst of switching over from our US provider (Verizon). Part of this includes changing our numbers for confirming/recovering email accounts, credit cards, banking stuff, etc. By that, I mean when an internet site doesn't recognize your computer (or whatever) and sends a text message to your cell phone with a password for you to use. Okay, here's the problem: none of our friends and family type in the same numbers to text us. Some have to start with +52, some with 0052, and some just start with the actual number. So, can anyone confirm what they've used for this purpose? We're reluctant to ditch Verizon until we know how that works. Thanks.
  8. I don't know the name of the place, but I recently had shorts altered at a lavanderia in San Antonio. Google Maps says the address is González Gallo 69. It's across the street and bit farther down (towards the square) from Mariscos Lety. The work was well done and reasonably priced.
  9. Sorn

    Malta &Grill

    We wanted to try it. Went yesterday (i.e., a Saturday) at bit before 7:00pm. Google said it was open until 8:00pm. They were already closed but we heard what sounded like kitchen staff upstairs. Any idea of the actual hours?
  10. If you end up relying on Google Maps (in whole or part), I recommend downloading offline content for your route. We lost cell reception during several long stretches. The offline maps kept us going and alleviated some (though not all) stress.
  11. Hey there! I was the original poster for this thread oh-so-long-ago and am living down here now. The jiu jitsu situation is, uh, complicated. To answer your question: yes, the place in Chapala seems to be there. However, it appears to be gi-only, and, more problematically, oriented towards children. That's cool but wrecking kids isn't exactly what I'm looking to do, nor consistent with the reputation I wish to develop. Last week, though, I met a guy in a San Antonio bar who said he trained for about 10 years before quitting a year ago. He tried to explain how to contact his former school, which is also in/near San Antonio. But, get this, he said I couldn't really call or go there directly because they're almost never open. Instead, I need to find a bread store because the guy who works there also teaches classes at the school. He'd know when the classes were and could help me out. The problem is that, while the bread store was allegedly just down the street, there's no sign. It's basically just some woman's kitchen. I can't seem to find the bread store, nor have I ran into the guy again. The guy from the bar also said there's another place which, while it does not teach jiu jitsu, specifically, does teach other martial arts. He was complimentary of it as a rival school. I think it is Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple Academy, which is a bit north of Chapala. Another guy, who works out but doesn't train anything, recommended asking at the gym above El Torito in Ajijic. Hope that helps. Wish I could provide more concrete info. I'm working on it.
  12. Thank you all for the tips. I appreciate the shared local knowledge. I hope to be in a position to impart something of similar value in the semi-near future (* fingers crossed).
  13. My wife and I arrived in SAT a couple days ago and are looking for a long-term rental between Chapala and Jocotepec. In the interim, a UFC event this Saturday (UFC 239) promises to be among the best of the year. The places I've contacted so far have been polite but non-commital. I've focused on bars since that's where they show in the US. I realize that might well be different in Mexico but I don't know where else to ask. Does anyone know of a place showing UFC 239 in the area? I'm perfectly fine paying a cover or whatever. Thanks in advance for any tips!
  14. That makes complete sense. I don't mind paying an extra month if it reduces the likelihood of problems. I'll just change the effective date.
  15. Thanks for this useful thread. I've printed the summary to keep in our car. I have a question, though, which I hope is sufficiently related to warrant posting here. I'm in the process of obtaining Mexican auto insurance for when we cross the border into Mexico on July 1, 2019. I have a couple good quotes and am ready to proceed. However, I asked for an effective coverage date of June 28th. Now I've learned, from the Banjercito website, that proof of insurance is required to apply for a TIP. My question, then, is whether I need to make the insurance effective NOW instead of a couple days before we cross. In other words, will Banjercito issue the TIP even though my auto insurance would not be effective until a month or so later? Thanks for any info, and sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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