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  1. They have them on the street on colon near the malacon.
  2. I think that it's Tuesday prime rib at Brunos in Ajijic.
  3. I need petsitter in december but you will never see my cat .you could Come on the 6th but I won't be back until the 23rd. Where will you be after the 16th? Best...., Judy g
  4. Hello, I will be going out of town from May 8 to May 14. I need someone to feed, water, clean kittys litter box and water my garden. However, you will never actually see her, she goes in and out of the house By going up and down the chimney. I have a nice house in West Ajijic. Best..., Judy g
  5. No, siker is on the corner one block West of colon on the carreterra in ajijic. They are excellent..
  6. Last night off for one two minutes in West ajijic.
  7. I pay 60 pesos per hour for three hours per week.
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