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  1. Thank you - I will check them out Monday
  2. Interested in either a class in home lessons. What is available for 2020 in each category and cost please. David
  3. In the Ajijic - Chapala area: Where can I find a fertilizer blend of: Nitrogen - Magnesium - Manganese (18-6-12) David
  4. How does one deal with tiny ants that appear from under the baseboard daily? Is there an exterminator in Ajijic?
  5. What are the rules for lower La Floresta
  6. Ajijic / Lakeside or Guadalajara. Looking for a Queen size North American bed: 60" x 80" long. Suggestions welcome.
  7. Where can I find Noth American sized beds in Mexico?
  8. Is there anyone that supplies exterior roller shutters ( manual or electric) in or near Ajijic
  9. If leaving Mexico from Mexico City, where is the INM kiosk?
  10. Looking for a contractor to do a new construction pool in Ajijic
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