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  1. What is exchange rate? Same as Schwab (about 19:1)? yes
  2. Hello fellow expats: I noticed on the SS Website, that it is possible to have your monthly benefits check direct deposited into a Mexican Bank Account. It seems like a real option to paying the monthly costs associated with using ATM's to get your money down to you. We have an account with Bancomer, that only requires a 4000 peso balance to avoid monthly fees. If I had my SS check deposited into this account (keeping my US savings in my US Bank) I would only be risking that amount in case of implosion of the USDMXN currency. Anybody on this forum doing this? Any advice and comments would be appreciated. I appreciate your time, Jeff
  3. I've been using PureVPN for a couple of years now and am totally pleased. Wonderful customer service too!
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