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  1. If you currently have a license but it is expiring, do you have to take the written test again?
  2. Where to buy in Ajijic or Chapala ???
  3. We sent you a private message yesterday. We are interested in details please.
  4. Thanks so much for the quick reply and instructions!!!
  5. I need help in sending someone a private message. Can someone help?
  6. Is there an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist in the area? I do not want to go into Guadalajara with the Corona Virus.
  7. Our phone has been out for a month. Three work orders later and nothing has changed. We went to the Telephone Company this morning (I had not read the thread at that time) and it says they will open next Monday). So we just keep paying for a service we haven't received for more than a month!
  8. This was very helpful as it is so explicit. Lived here more than 15 years and ALWAYS clean my veggies when brought home from store with Clorox added to water and soak for 5 minutes. But the method this film shows was invaluable.
  9. To clarify my original post. We had planned to put our Turbo Tax return in U.S. Mail. However, we have changed plans due to Corona Virus and will not be going north in time to mail taxes. I want to e-file and don't know how to change my original order to e-filing instead. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. We owed money (as usual!!!) and we've already paid what we owe through Treasury Direct. Now all I want to know how to do is to have Turbo Tax e-file them for me. I had originally just printed them out since I was going to use U.S. mailing system instead. HELP!
  10. We had planned a regular trip to Texas in the next couple of weeks, and we planned on carrying our U.S. tax return forms with us to put in the mail after we cross the border. Now we're having second thoughts about going at all. Is there a service that actually takes the mail across the border and places it in U.S. mail? We are not comfortable using a third party.
  11. Thanks for the help on sending a PM to someone. It was very thoughtful of you to share with me and I appreciate it.
  12. We are interested but don't know how to PM you. Can you tell us how to do so?
  13. When does Lake Chapala Society (LCS) reopen after holidays? No one answering the phone.
  14. We went to Walmart several weeks ago and parked where we always do. Coming out of Walmart we saw a huge truck coming down the hill and he was going really, I mean REALLY fast. Our truck was parked directly in front of Walmart and directly in his path! We ran to get in the truck and get it out of his way, although it was just in time or we would have been his road kill. He had obviously lost his brakes and was blowing his horn to get out of his way. He crashed right through the concrete barriers meant to slow him down and he missed hitting about 10 kids coming from school (all in uniforms) and also directly in his path. When he came to a stop he was only about 5 feet from Walmart's brick wall. I don't know if the topes will do anything to stop such happenings, but that area can be extremely dangerous.
  15. Does anyone know what the schedules will be for the Ajijic Tianguis since Christmas and New Year's fall on Wednesday this year? Are alternative days scheduled, and if so, what are they?
  16. Which day of the week is the Chapala Tianguis, and where is it held?
  17. My husband and I went the last time they came out from Guadalajara to renew licenses in Chapala. It was about 2 years ago. We stood in a long line for two hours, had all our documents. They told us the licenses would be ready in two weeks and gave us a date and time to be in Chapala to pick them up. It never happened. The officials never showed up. They kept postponing it until we gave up. It wasn't just us, but the entire group we had waited in line for hours to get processed. Ended up having to go into Guadalajara eventually. Not so sure I would fall for it again.
  18. I don't understand why BC/BS did not pay this. I have BC/BS that covers the two of us. One was recently in San Javier for a prostate biopsy. San Javier filed the claim directly with BC/BS and they paid the entire bill. Cost me absolutely nothing out of pocket. Wonderful hospital and all the staff were very good. What's the difference?
  19. What does the toll tag do for you?
  20. Which documents are now needed to renew a Mexican driver's license? How long are the wait times in line?
  21. Is there someone who would like to share their SHAW account? We have a box but need access to a satellite? If so, what would be our cost us?
  22. Last two houses we closed on here demanded original utility bills, not a printed version.
  23. A bit unrelated - BUT. I accidentally changed my on-line bill to go paperless and now I don't know how to un-do it and receive a paper bill. Can anyone tell me how to reverse it back to a paper bill? Before anyone asks why I need a paper bill, in order to verify that the bill has been in my name x number of years when I go to sell.
  24. Has anyone heard the rumor that Salvador's Restaurant in Ajijic is closing its doors permanently the April 2nd?
  25. Yes that helps. Thanks so much.
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