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  1. Are the Nn95 masks washable? If so, how often should they be washed to be effective?
  2. Can't find any new news on status of onions contaminated with salmonella. Does anyone know if onions are now safe to eat once again. Sure miss them!!!
  3. Looks like they have moved the camera, but this is an improvement. Thanks for the help.
  4. What has happened to the web cams at the Juarez and Columbia bridges at Laredo and Nuevo Laredo Border? I watch them daily and all of a sudden there's now an error message.
  5. We just drove from Manzanillo to Ajiic. All the fields are on fire in preparation for the rains to come. This happens every year.
  6. I agree with Maincoons. Can't beat Turbo Tax. While still working full time in U.S., going to college at night, and doing all the household "stuff," one year I decided to have someone do it for me. Didn't just go to a bookkeeper, but hired a CPA and paid big bucks to make sure it was done right. Six months later I received a substantial check in the mail from IRS because of a mistake the CPA had made! Been using Turbo Tax ever since and it's the only way to go!!!
  7. Back to the original topic, Costco closed to people 60 and older. I wonder when I will receive a reimbursement on my PAID membership since I'm not receiving what I paid for???
  8. Is Bancomer in Ajijic open or not? Any restrictions on age to enter?
  9. What is their web site address to place an order for delivery to Ajijic?
  10. If someone gets a speed ticket (by camera we presume) while driving your new vehicle for delivery to lakeside from Guadalajara, and do not tell you about it, you are still responsible for payment of the fine. And if you do not know about it, it increases each month it goes unpaid. This happened to us after buying a new vehicle in Guadalajara through a third party at lakeside, and we didn't know about the outstanding ticket. Large fine as charges kept accruing until we went to renew the plates. BEWARE.
  11. We always paid our TelMex bill at the office. Now that it is no longer open, what have experiences been using the automatic teller machines? Is it pretty simple? Thanks in advance for any info.
  12. I notice that they are not doing anything (barrier wise) to prevent large trucks who have lost their brakes from heading straight into WalMart wall. We can relate since we were in a truck's path and managed to hop in the truck just in time to move it out of the way. It's a frequent occurrence that large trucks coming down the hill often lose their brakes.
  13. We have a poinsettia tree that starts out each year looking great. It is currently in full bloom, but as usual, the leaves have white spots all over them which I guess is a fungus. We've tried all kinds of sprays, cutting it back, and still it looks terrible even though it has beautiful red blooms. Could it be that it just isn't getting enough full sun or does that have anything to do with it? We've seen many Poinsettia trees around town thriving on neglect. Ideas???
  14. Do you place the order by phone or on line?
  15. What do they charge to deliver? Is it a flat fee, or by number of items, etc ???
  16. Is a test required to renew Mexico drivers license? How do you set up an appointment to renew?
  17. Wanted to correct my statement about Texas not accepting votes by e-mail. I found that they DO accept e-mail votes or votes by fax. At least in Nueces County where we last resided. I'm sure each state is different, perhaps each county within a state. But this will make it so much easier for us!
  18. I'll check into a fax. I've already checked to see if Texas would accept an e-mail attachment and Texas does NOT. But I'll assure you that one way or another we will find a way to get our ballots counted!!!
  19. Does anyone know if the Consulate's Office is going to collect votes for the 2020 elections in Ajijic area and send them by currier to U.S. mail as they have done in the past? If so, when and where will they be set up?
  20. I have both a U.S. Amazon address and a Mexican one. Every time I've tried to order U.S. products shipped directly to me here in Ajijic, the shipping cost is almost as much as the item themselves. What am I doing wrong???? Would LOVE to be able to have things shipped to me here. Appreciate any help offered.
  21. If you currently have a license but it is expiring, do you have to take the written test again?
  22. Where to buy in Ajijic or Chapala ???
  23. We sent you a private message yesterday. We are interested in details please.
  24. Thanks so much for the quick reply and instructions!!!
  25. I need help in sending someone a private message. Can someone help?
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