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  1. Wanted to correct my statement about Texas not accepting votes by e-mail. I found that they DO accept e-mail votes or votes by fax. At least in Nueces County where we last resided. I'm sure each state is different, perhaps each county within a state. But this will make it so much easier for us!
  2. I'll check into a fax. I've already checked to see if Texas would accept an e-mail attachment and Texas does NOT. But I'll assure you that one way or another we will find a way to get our ballots counted!!!
  3. Does anyone know if the Consulate's Office is going to collect votes for the 2020 elections in Ajijic area and send them by currier to U.S. mail as they have done in the past? If so, when and where will they be set up?
  4. I have both a U.S. Amazon address and a Mexican one. Every time I've tried to order U.S. products shipped directly to me here in Ajijic, the shipping cost is almost as much as the item themselves. What am I doing wrong???? Would LOVE to be able to have things shipped to me here. Appreciate any help offered.
  5. If you currently have a license but it is expiring, do you have to take the written test again?
  6. Where to buy in Ajijic or Chapala ???
  7. We sent you a private message yesterday. We are interested in details please.
  8. Thanks so much for the quick reply and instructions!!!
  9. I need help in sending someone a private message. Can someone help?
  10. Is there an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist in the area? I do not want to go into Guadalajara with the Corona Virus.
  11. Our phone has been out for a month. Three work orders later and nothing has changed. We went to the Telephone Company this morning (I had not read the thread at that time) and it says they will open next Monday). So we just keep paying for a service we haven't received for more than a month!
  12. This was very helpful as it is so explicit. Lived here more than 15 years and ALWAYS clean my veggies when brought home from store with Clorox added to water and soak for 5 minutes. But the method this film shows was invaluable.
  13. To clarify my original post. We had planned to put our Turbo Tax return in U.S. Mail. However, we have changed plans due to Corona Virus and will not be going north in time to mail taxes. I want to e-file and don't know how to change my original order to e-filing instead. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. We owed money (as usual!!!) and we've already paid what we owe through Treasury Direct. Now all I want to know how to do is to have Turbo Tax e-file them for me. I had originally just printed them out since I was going to use U.S. mailing system instead. HELP!
  14. We had planned a regular trip to Texas in the next couple of weeks, and we planned on carrying our U.S. tax return forms with us to put in the mail after we cross the border. Now we're having second thoughts about going at all. Is there a service that actually takes the mail across the border and places it in U.S. mail? We are not comfortable using a third party.
  15. Thanks for the help on sending a PM to someone. It was very thoughtful of you to share with me and I appreciate it.
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