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  1. Thanks folks I have my newly minted green card, so that makes it a little easier
  2. Which brings up a good question -- I have been an RP for less than a week and will be flying back to TX in a few days -- what documentation do I need at the airport -- I don't have an FMM since I just went through the canje process. And equally important, what do I do on the return trip in a month or so -- do I still fill out the FMM on the way back to CDMX ?? And where do I get the FMM -- at the airport or do I ahve to go back to the INM office??
  3. It is hard to believe how quick everything happened in CDMX !! 1) We visited INM just before closing on Dec 11, and handed in all the papers and proof of payment 2) At 7:00 pm the SAME DAY we got an email that we were approved for residente permanente 3) We had travel plans, so couldn't act on the approval until Jan 17 when we went back to be fingerprinted -- no appointment required 4) We picked up the green card Jan 18 Had we acted on the original approval instead of traveling for about a month, the entire process would have taken three days from beginning to end Really !
  4. Thanks to everyone -- particularly Cronopio. Some INM offices require a letter and some don't, or so it seems.. The "official" INM website makes no mention of a letter, but we want to be prepared so in case ours in Mexico City still wants it. I'll report back in about a month when we will be there next to go through the process. Rick
  5. The letter that INM requires to ask for the canje from visa to resident card -- has to be submitted with the other INM forms, copies of visa, etc. I have looked everywhere and can't find a good sample. Writing it in Spanish is no big deal, but it would be great to know what has worked for otehrs so I can have it accepted on first try. Thank you Rick
  6. Hey Spencer Is there a sample FMM canje letter available somewhere on your website ?? Thank you Rick
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