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  1. Haven't been yet but Felipe at Auto Check recommended Arctic Frost, 331 611 0385, not too far from Tlaquepaque
  2. Wonderful, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor--she's very personable and wants to help
  3. Do you still have a cat carrier? I have a very small one that I'll sell ford $300 pesos, what I paid for it.
  4. Thanks Joyful. This is why I wade through all the snarky posts, some genuine information that may be useful. I go to sleep with my IOD and headphones--it works for me.
  5. Dr. Mendoza at Centro Medical Puerta de Hierro, Guadalajara has impressed me and I've had way too much contact with foot surgeons over the years. He did NOT operate but has a plan should it become necessary. He trained with important foot and ankle surgeons in the U.S. and speaks excellent English. Does knees as well, and maybe hips and shoulders? I contact him through an American medical concierge, Lori Payne, whose email is lori.mymedicalconcierge@gmail.com. I've had eight ankle surgeries over twenty years and though I hope never to have another one, I would go to Dr. Mendoza, if I had to have another one.
  6. Im sorry you are having problems with wildlife. I had a nesting tree in my back yard in Cardiff-by-the-Sea in San Diego and I it is not very fun to live by a rookery if you are a human. Knowledge is power, so find out all you can from experts. One consoling aspect is the wonderful guano they produce that makes flowers and veggies grow like rockets.
  7. My Honda is a 2007 and I don't relish a trip to Guadalajara so I'll try Felipe. Thanks everyone
  8. Anyone have a recommendation for suspension work on a Mexican Honda CRV here in Lakeside?
  9. Anyone have a recommendation for suspension work on a Mexican Honda CRV here in Lakeside?
  10. Anyone with sensitive noses or lungs, there is a great deal of off gassing from carpet glue or new vinyl seats at the renovated Cinemagic. I suspect it will take a couple of months for the process to reach a level of unnoticeability.
  11. Does anyone know how much time one has to pay the CFE bill, after the due date? Just got it today from the gardener and it was due on December 20 and it says corte a partir 21 Dic but I still have electricity on 29 DIC. Trying to figure out if I should head to Chapala immediately. Anyone know if their machine takes U.S. credit/debit cards?
  12. The bedspreads on the handcarts are 100% cotton and I believe they are machine loomed. I paid $550 for a queen size, but it wasn't a queen, so one might want to measure. I saw these vendors both at the Wednesday tianguis and in the plaza on Friday night and the weekends. I have a dog who sleeps on the bed and is hell on bedspreads but this is holding up great and I love it, despite it being too small.
  13. I had an unfortunate experience today with a pair of knife sharpeners soliciting in Rancho del Oro. They are a pair of brothers or so they said. They were both middle age and both carried hand grinders. I brought out one kitchen knife and asked them how much to sharpen it. This encounter was entirely in Spanish and I can't say I'm fluent but after asking several times for a price, they kept asking for more things to sharpen, namely garden tools. It seemed that they needed to see how much time it would take before committing to a price. I told them I had very little money on me and they had better give me a price in advance but they started sharpening and worked for about twenty minutes to sharpen twelve blades. I tested the blades and they were sharp and I asked them how much and they said $1200 pesos!!!!! I reminded them that I had told them I had very little money ($350 pesos) and that they should have told me the price in advance. Much bickering ensued, I showed them my empty wallet, and they refused at first the $350 pesos, which for the twenty minutes, seemed adequate to me. They stalked out and continued asking for the money that I didn't have and finally angrily took the $350 pesos. Please beware of these scammers and don't make the dumb mistake I did in allowing someone to do work without a good idea of the price beforehand, no matter how unable to give a price they may seem.
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