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  1. Was able to pay my Telmex bill at Oxxo. I paid the amount that they told me online, which I dispute as it's double what I usually pay and have paid every month, but I'm hoping it will result in a positive balance at least. Yeah refunds seem to be unknown here.
  2. I'd just pay it and work out the mistakes once the office opens. I just tried the two numbers above and with calling it just hangs up, with What's App I get a message saying "messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption which means Whats App and third parties can't read or listen to them". Great, online app also won't take my payment. Wonder what they expect us to do, or whether they will be lenient until they decide to open some form of communication?
  3. Coincidentally I just turned off "location services" in my controls on iPhone. If you are able to use a map program, your location services are on.
  4. Thanks everyone, for your help, I was able to "chat" with Amazon and resolve my issue. By the way, I Googled the number and a site popped up that promised to help me with my order but it turned out one has to pay for that service. I get along with my Spanish in person but the phone is challenging
  5. Mostly lost, I've been looking for half an hour for a phone number forAmazon.com.mx. Also for online chat or email opportunity. They charged my credit card, said it wasn't good and put my order on hold and I have no way of contacting them. Thank you
  6. Tijuana-GDL and vice versa is my regular route to U.S. My flight two weeks ago was cancelled and when I went to look for a subsequent flight they were blocked into November. That doesn't mean they aren't flying tomorrow--that was two weeks ago. I believe if you are ticketed you can buy a Xborder Xpress ticket which allows you to enter the TJ airport via a pedestrian bridge and leave the same way when you return. This avoids contact in hard hit Tijuana and is the easiest, quickest way across the international border.
  7. The CFEcontigo app won't let you pay with U.S. debit cards
  8. I agree with you Ian, about being outside while practicing safe social distancing, is not considered dangerous by most of the pundits I've read but the governor of Jalisco's mandate includes closing all pools, parks, beaches, trails. I am physically suffering from not being able to get in the pool for non weight bearing exercise, I live in Raquet Club and in my opinion, the pool could easily be safely used and provide us shut ins with some mental health time. I read that the trails are for the most part so narrow and steep that safe social distancing isn't possible but it's possible that it's for the Semana Santa shrine visits. I feel your pain....
  9. I did not have bats here in November, December or January. They hit my hummingbird feeders when they around and they are around now.
  10. Haven't been yet but Felipe at Auto Check recommended Arctic Frost, 331 611 0385, not too far from Tlaquepaque
  11. Wonderful, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor--she's very personable and wants to help
  12. Do you still have a cat carrier? I have a very small one that I'll sell ford $300 pesos, what I paid for it.
  13. Thanks Joyful. This is why I wade through all the snarky posts, some genuine information that may be useful. I go to sleep with my IOD and headphones--it works for me.
  14. Dr. Mendoza at Centro Medical Puerta de Hierro, Guadalajara has impressed me and I've had way too much contact with foot surgeons over the years. He did NOT operate but has a plan should it become necessary. He trained with important foot and ankle surgeons in the U.S. and speaks excellent English. Does knees as well, and maybe hips and shoulders? I contact him through an American medical concierge, Lori Payne, whose email is lori.mymedicalconcierge@gmail.com. I've had eight ankle surgeries over twenty years and though I hope never to have another one, I would go to Dr. Mendoza, if I had to have another one.
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