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  1. Beebee


    10" long standing. $200 pesos. Emily 434 150 7754 (Mexican cell) pelicanablanca@gmail.com
  2. For non weight bearing below knee rehab, a great alternative to crutches. Comes with basket and padded seat. Can be used either side, seat height is adjustable. This is a heavy duty scooter requiring some strength and agility to use safely. $$2000 pesos. Emily 434 150 7754 (Mexican cell) or pelicanablanca@gmail.com
  3. I have some things to donate as well. Can you give me a location to bring? Where are you teaching? I'm an artist.
  4. Booster seat for your dog to ride in car, be comfortable and see out. Seat belt secures. Comfy foam with washable faux sheepskin cover. Used but in good condition. Fits small to medium sized dog. $700 pesos.
  5. Here in Raquet Club, many people did not receive bills this month, so a last minute sprint to the office was necessary. My landlord's caretaker usually presents me with the $1000+ bill the day it's due. This two month period was more than double and I was astonished--wow I guess light use of electric heaters really does add up! I turned off all exterior lights and the fan upstairs. Later I closely examined the bill and I was not credited with the last bill's payment even though I have a stamped receipt. The caretaker explained in colorful sign language that the CFE office was a total mess right now. I hope Dough's problems relate to CFE's current issues and not power theft.
  6. Dr. Foot in Guadalajara is good. They make footbeds from casts of your feet and also carry a line of hand made orthopedic shoes. Google Maps them; not too hard to get to. All the others I know are orthopedic surgeons who want to cut.
  7. Ordered this game for some variety and can't figure it out after viewing Youtube videos! And it's for ages 10 and up. Anyone familiar with this game that might be willing to teach a few of us? Thanks
  8. The one in San Juan Cosala is on Tuesday
  9. Anyone know where I could get my ancient Riccar sewing machine fixed? It's not stiching all of a sudden, though it's picking up the bobbin thread. Lakeside preferred though I'll go to Guadalajara if I have to.
  10. Was able to pay my Telmex bill at Oxxo. I paid the amount that they told me online, which I dispute as it's double what I usually pay and have paid every month, but I'm hoping it will result in a positive balance at least. Yeah refunds seem to be unknown here.
  11. I'd just pay it and work out the mistakes once the office opens. I just tried the two numbers above and with calling it just hangs up, with What's App I get a message saying "messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption which means Whats App and third parties can't read or listen to them". Great, online app also won't take my payment. Wonder what they expect us to do, or whether they will be lenient until they decide to open some form of communication?
  12. Coincidentally I just turned off "location services" in my controls on iPhone. If you are able to use a map program, your location services are on.
  13. Thanks everyone, for your help, I was able to "chat" with Amazon and resolve my issue. By the way, I Googled the number and a site popped up that promised to help me with my order but it turned out one has to pay for that service. I get along with my Spanish in person but the phone is challenging
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