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  1. Thank you very much for your post on SLS. Certainly one of *the* most informative and exhaustive posts I've read anywhere about anything!

  2. I used Veronica Munoz in the past and was very happy with her work. Unfortunately I've l9st track of her phone number. Can anyone provide it? Thank you!
  3. I stumbled upon this thread while looking for local bus schedules 😊. My two cents: yes, hearing aids (HA) are outrageously expensive; however, to say "I can get them cheaper at XXX store" is useless advice. The type of HA determines (in part) the cost; the type, in turn, is determined by what kind and how profound one's hearing loss is. I'm congenitally deaf; have ~ 5% hearing in each ear. I am forced to wear behind-the-ear aids for bone conduction. These are extremely expensive--five or so years ago my sister bought me two at $7000+USD each. The life expectancy of this sort of HA is about fiv
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