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  1. I just ordered from Jessica whi also delivered my food. Got Emma’s soup and sandwich. Very good service and food was here in about 30 minutes. Hopefully they will get some more restaurants signed up! Was only 40 pesos delivery to San Antonio!
  2. CG-What is the name of this place in Joco? The phone number does not want to connect when I tried calling just now.
  3. I am looking for a “good” or better quality Chinese restaurant Lakeside with no luck. Been to Min Wah in Ajijic and the food court at Central Laguna and both were low end barely edible pseudo- Chinese food... Do I need to drive to Guadalajara? I heard Roberto’s has a Chinese menu on Sunday nights only. Wondering if its any good or just more of the same?
  4. HSBC is right around the corner and is always higher than CiBanco. They usually pay the highest rate when I check the website.
  5. My Vonage VOIP Internet phone is dropping a lot of calls and Vonage is wanting to have Telmex change some router configuration to get better reception. I am wondering if anybody else has run into the situation and if Telmex is ableor willing to change anything on the router configuration, especially since my instructions from Vonage are rather complicated, and of course are also in English...
  6. If you are referring to the pre made “logs” that I have seen at Walmart US stores, well I guess you have never had the real thing! I add wine, low sodium chicken broth, herb cream chese and butter to the basic recipe on the bags.
  7. I’m looking to make some polenta and I am having trouble finding cornmeal here. Does anybody know where I could find corn meal, which is sometimes also labeled as polenta, even though polenta is a dish made with coarsely ground corn meal.
  8. Given the current state of fluctuation in laws in Mexico, does anybody know for certain whether the temporary import permit (TIP) can be renewed for another six months if the US plated car is driven back across the border into the US (maybe at Laredo TX?) when is the first TIP is due to expire?
  9. I am looking for 1-2 well qualified professional sales reps to work part time 20-25 hours per week calling pre- selected businesses in the US ANY experienced Sales Reps please PM me to set up an interview. A decent laptop and a US based cell service are required.
  10. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the best locations on where to place or post Professional HELP WANTED ads for expats here at Lakeside? I am working to build a team of a few well seasoned TELEPHONE SALES professionals to work PART TIME calling B2B Sales leads back in the USA. 20-25 hours / week, comission only. Must be extremely articulate with english as first language and a US citizen with a US based cell phone and a decent laptop or PC to qualify. I WILL BE INTERVIEWING CANDIDATES SOON AFTER THE EASTER HOLIDAY. Please PM me if you are qualified and want to learn more.
  11. Eric, can you still use a US based credit card address or is your card registered to your Mexican address as well as the Amazon billing address?
  12. What are the best and fastest ways to disinfect produce bought locally?. I just learned there are several different products for this, bacdyn, microdyn, iodine drops etc and it is necessary to soak or spray all produce before eating or cooking. This is a bit disconcerting as I have been cooking onions and mushrooms for my omlettes without going through any disinfecting process for a few days now....I read that Walmart sells a spray for berries that can not be soaked. Does every fruit and vegetable need to go through this process before cooking or eating? Glad I found this out before contracting some terrible illness!!
  13. Well I was at the Monday market in Chapala so I guess it is the same vendors? I was hoping to see some ready to eat food for sale in Ajijic such as tacos or ceviche. The vegetables and fruits on Monday in Chapala were very repetitive.
  14. Calle Miguel Martínez 441, Centro, 45900 Chapala, Jal., Mexico
  15. What is the exact location of the Wednesday farmers market in AJIJIC And what time does it start ?
  16. STATUS GYM is in Chapala and is pretty good.
  17. I need to buy 2 Twin XL Box Springs to support a standard eastern king mattress. They do not have this on Amazon. mx. Does anyone know of a mattress store in Lakeside or Guadalajara where I may order these items?
  18. Interesting, thanks. Yes my 6 plus battery wont be in stock until late March in the US. When I spoke to the Apple the rep he said there is only ONE Apple store in all of Mexico and none in GDL which is why I posted the question.
  19. Does anybody know of an authorized Apple repair center in Lakeside or GDL? My iPhone 6 needs the battery replaced under Apple's battery recall program.
  20. I am moving into a 2 bedroom home with a real jacoozi bathtub. What is the extra cost or surcharge for this dreaded DAC and about how many pesos per month would be a good estimate of my bill if we use the whirpool for an hour every day? Assuming we conserve elsewhere as is recommended but with no solar panels.
  21. Where is this Tuesday organic market in Ajijic? Is there not also a Wednesday market somewhere in Ajijic? I know of a Monday market in Chapala near Soriana's but not the location for any in Ajijic. Thank you for the tips!
  22. I am moving to Chapala and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any healthy organic grocery stores like Whole Foods or Sprouts in Guadalajara? I found one called FRESKA on line but am not familiar with it. I am familiar with Soriana's and Walmart and Super Lake and have read all about Poncho's new store... what ever it is named? I'm willing to drive 45 minutes to an hour once every week or two if anyone has any recommendations.
  23. Any suggestions as to a "local dealer"? I spoke to one in GDL but they want a year prepaid service for Shaw
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