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  1. I am getting super fast internet speed with the new AT&T por casa wireless internet modem. 

    Yes these screen shots are real. The bottom one  @ 31.91 download speed is with ATT. The top one is two minutes later through my TelMex router @ 2.75 download speed. 

    1 You must have a Temporal or Permanente visa or be a Mexican citizen to qualify. 

    2. The contract  is for 30 months!

    3., They will NOT lease the modem and it costs $2100 pesos regardless of what their website says  

    4  They have plenty of modems in stock at the store in Centra Laguna Plaza in San Antonio  

    5  They have two plans 10 mg and 5 mg speed and data is capped each month and the speed will drop to 2 mg if you go over the limit.   

    5  Your speed will vary depending on your location  I suggest Buying a $100 p. SIM card for your phone and testing  your speed before signing up.  

    6  I am not a spokesperson for ATT and do not have any answers for anything beyond what I have posted here, but to me this was a NO Brainer!

    I actually had to find another provider as TelMex does not support TSL encryption which is required for my work.  This program is brand new for Mexico and I could not be happier!  






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  2. On 5/4/2018 at 2:56 PM, Tiny said:

    With all that, you are covering up the taste.   HAHAHAHAHA Just kidding.

    Lots of favor from roasted skin. That is why I de-grease. Mine is stock and yours is a broth. There is a difference.

    Be careful of broth crystals, too many have a lots of salt.

    Walmart has No Sodium chicken broth crystals. 

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  3. A big shout out to Raj, the chef/ owner and David at the Indian Curry Restaurant at the food court in Centro Laguna Plaza. Excellent authentic dishes at very reasonable prices. Not too spicey but lots of flavor!  There is even live entertainment  on weekends. 

  4. 6 hours ago, Ferret said:

    Okay. Now I know what you were trying to convey and you are correct since I use an HDMI cable to a 40 inch HDTV. But that only works if you have access to the laptop screen to tell it what to do. And, if you want portability with your laptop, it won't work at all. I know prices have come down but I still don't think you can get a 40 inch HDTV for 1500 pesos. If you wait 'til August, there are great deals on laptops before school starts usually at Best Buy... mine was $400 U.S. because I wanted everything in English... getting it here is another problem.

    Dan, just go to Computer Land and see if they can help.

    Thank you Ferrit, I will!

  5. 15 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    I recommend Computer Land in Riberas. I took in my laptop with a 17 inch screen on a Saturday and had it back on the following Monday. Great service, reasonable price and Reuben did take it in to Guadalajara to be fixed. Now been working like a charm for over a year. He even gave me the crappy old screen back.


    Sounds good. About how much does Ruben charge?

  6. 9 minutes ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Sadly, that approach will leave you forever with an unfixed laptop. At the very least, the parts have to ordered and picked up in Guadalajara. At worst, it will have to go to Guadalajara. There are thousands of laptops, and they do not necessarily share the same design and fit of screen.

    Around here, I would be happy with a place that actually told me mañana.

    Ok CG🤙🤙. Do you recommend anyone  in SAT or Ajijic?

  7.  Can anybody recommend a good local company that can replace the screen on my laptop without keeping it overnight or longer?   It’s the standard 17 inch screen but I don’t want to leave it at a shop at tells me Mañana, because as we know Mañana has a very open ended definition here! 

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