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  1. I need someone familiar with WordPress to make a minor edit to my website. I know how to make basic changes but cannot even locate the form that I need edit it when I go to the pages tab on WordPress. My website only has four pages and I have edited this page before.
  2. San Antonio. It was a text that appeared on my phones home screen automatically. Said wifi will be down till tomorrow including surrounding areas.
  3. I just received a message from Tel Mex that their wifi will be down in this area for the next day or two... and it is! I am so glad I am getting my new ATT wireless modem this afternoon and wont have to deal with “Hell Mex”
  4. I am getting super fast internet speed with the new AT&T por casa wireless internet modem. Yes these screen shots are real. The bottom one @ 31.91 download speed is with ATT. The top one is two minutes later through my TelMex router @ 2.75 download speed. 1 You must have a Temporal or Permanente visa or be a Mexican citizen to qualify. 2. The contract is for 30 months! 3., They will NOT lease the modem and it costs $2100 pesos regardless of what their website says 4 They have plenty of modems in stock at the store in Centra Laguna Plaza in San Antonio 5 They have two plans 10 mg and 5 mg speed and data is capped each month and the speed will drop to 2 mg if you go over the limit. 5 Your speed will vary depending on your location I suggest Buying a $100 p. SIM card for your phone and testing your speed before signing up. 6 I am not a spokesperson for ATT and do not have any answers for anything beyond what I have posted here, but to me this was a NO Brainer! I actually had to find another provider as TelMex does not support TSL encryption which is required for my work. This program is brand new for Mexico and I could not be happier!
  5. What is the area code for Mike the Computer Guy please?
  6. I am looking for recommendations on where to buy smoked whitefish to take home. Preferably in Ajijc or San Antonio but anyplace will do. Thanks
  7. I am in need of someone local to help design some graphics for a new start up business. Business cards, logo and advertising PDF. Any recommendations would be appreciated!
  8. That is good thank you. . I will go to LCS on Wednesday.
  9. Looking for a good reputable skin doctor Lakeside just to check out a few moles without insurance.
  10. The pork roast is at 145 F and the house is at 91 F. according to my digital meat thermometer! And that’s not in the kitchen either... Who wants dinner??? Not me unless its served in a cold tubby!
  11. San Antonio or La Florista is what I decided after staying in both Chapala and Ajijic. You can walk to Walmart Superlake and many nice restaurants and its a 10 minute drive to Ajijic or maybe 20 to Chapala. You can even walk to the Ajijic plaza and the Wednesday market.
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