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  1. I actually prefer the Anzalduas Bridge from McAllen TX.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anzalduas_International_Bridge Mcallen is actually a nice place to visit & shop... much nicer than Laredo..and Anzalduas is not a commercial truck port of entry... I think it might be an hour or 2 longer to Chapala once through border...
  2. I am going to write the Post that I wish I had found BEFORE my 3 trips to INM AFTER arriving back from the Consulate with my ''Permanente Visa Pre-Approval'.. After waiting almost 90 minutes on my first visit, I was advised that I needed to visit the bank & pay 4,828 pesos, using the form below to direct payment to the correct account... Upon returning with the receipt in hand, I waited another 45 minutes to learn that additional requirements must be met and the attached form would guide me in their preparation. Today, after waiting for ~60 minutes, I successfully completed
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