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  1. Am I replying correctly? I seem to be circling back to myself. Well, if you got this message, Xena, then I guess something is working. First of all, this web board is amazing. How generous of everyone to be supportive, even of a newbie like me! It really gives me a good feeling about moving to the area. Do you have any suggestions for finding out about rentals from local landlords prior to arriving in Aijic? If not, what is the best approach once one arrives. I have a place to stay through February.
  2. Six cats? That's fantastic. Such great news, Natasha! Could you tell me where I can find local landlords who are flexible in this way? All I know are the big real estate rental agencies. I'm hoping to be in Aijic by the end of November and have a place to stay (with my Foxy) through February. It's incredibly kind of you to help. Thank you! Margo
  3. Margo with another Foxy (fat white Maine Coon) question: Will it be difficult to find an inexpensive small apartment or casita that accepts cats for long term rentals?
  4. Here is is in all his Falstaffian glory! And, yes, if you must know, that is his furry belly (all muscle!) hanging out roundly below the rest of him.
  5. Is McAllen, Texas the Mexican Consulate for visa issues? How long is the ride from La Foresta? Thanks!
  6. Thanks to all of you for your responses! Wow, what wonderful people there are in my soon-to-be new home! Foxy weighs 21 pounds. The lightest carrier will weigh a couple of pounds. The airline limit - and they do weigh your pet - is 20 pounds. I wish I were as confident as you are but I can think of nothing worse than being stopped at the boarding gate and denied passage. I will be flying either Aeromexico, Volaris or Viva but can't find any details about their regulations regarding pets.
  7. I am moving with my aunt to the Chapala area in November. She is moving into a nursing home and I have a place to stay until February. Is having a cat going to make finding an apartment rental much harder? Please say, no! I can't separate from my fluffy friend. Actually, please just tell me what you think is the real situation. Thanks!
  8. Greetings! I've already received a lot of clarification through this webboard - so thanks! Here is our situation. I am moving with my aunt to the Chapala area so that she can move into a nursing home in San Antonio. I have a place to stay through February and have been checking rental options and am confident that I can find something by March. She gets $1845 a month in Social Security. I get roughly $1250 but have savings that I can draw from if need be. I am worried that immigration might not grant us temporary or permanent residence because we don't have enough money. If we have managed until now to live in the US with this income, I know we can manage in Chapala! What concerns me is that I don't want to turn into one of those gringas who stays on a tourist visa indefinitely as I do plan to live in Mexico. More concerning still is I can't expect to drag my poor aunt from the nursing home up to Ciudad Juarez/El Paso to get her tourist visa stamped every six months. How can anyone expect an elderly person to do that? I have asked previously about power of attorney and understand that with US power of attorney I shouldn't have any trouble getting similar documents in Mexico. My next question is: If my aunt can't get temporary or permanent residence, can I bring her visa with me as her power of attorney when I go to renew mine if I can't get some kind of resident visa? What if she can't get residence and I can and explain that I am responsible for her and will compensate financially for anything that her social security check can't cover. Is that an option? Now that the new level of care my aunt needs is beyond our financial means, I am so happy to have found her a lovely place to live out her last years. I too am looking forward to a more relaxed and pleasant lifestyle in the future and, from what I have seen, heard and read, Chapala really does offer that. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance!
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