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  1. Hi Rony,

    I discovered you through Xena (or Zena) who has been very helpful.

    My elderly aunt is at Mi Casita in San Antonio. I have to be in Guadalajara because I could find nothing in Chapala for two reasons: the season and my cat. 

    It takes me 4 hours to visit my aunt because I don't own a car. 

    I am looking for a long-term rental and can afford the equivalent of $500 or $500 (with utilities). I read here that getting an unfurnished apt. can be a nightmare because furniture is slow to be delivered. I am open to furnished or unfurnished.

    It is so generous of you to help the way you do. I can't believe how helpful people are on these forums! Very uplifting!

    Although I have paid rent through February in Guadalajara, I think my host, who is very kind, would let me leave earlier if something became available in Chapala. He is aware of my situation.

    Many thanks in advance for whatever you can advise!







    1. marmorado


      Oops - I meant $550 with utilities included.


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