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  1. I discovered to my horror that I was 4 days late for renewing my temporary resident Visa. I rushed to immigration in Chapala and was told that all I could do was either return to the US A and start all over again or go through a very lengthy paper process in Mexico. The woman at immigration suggested I go back to the States as it would be easier. I really cannot go back to the States for a number of personal reasons, including that someone I care about very much really needs my help right now. I have read through all of the information on this topic and cannot locate an answer to the following questions: Has anyone been through this situation recently and, if so, how did you resolve it? Is working with a lawyer to get one's Visa back on track expensive? If so how expensive? If one goes for the return to the United States option, how long would it take at a local consulate to file for a resolution of this problem? What is the punishment if a person is caught with an expired Visa? Does this lead to deportation, incarceration, a fine, and or the inability to leave Mexico and then return at some point in the future? Before I see a lawyer for help, I want to be as informed as possible Thanks for any information you can provide.
  2. I just heaved a sigh so deep that you may have heard it above the general din. Thanks, Angus!
  3. I have now heard that you have to file for securidad popular within a certain period after you get your temporal. Say it isn’t so!!! Thanks for this eye opening and nerve shattering exchange!
  4. I have a visa temporal which Spencer helped me to get. I assume I am ok for seguridad popular. Thanks.
  5. Yikes, I am directionally challenged. Sorry!
  6. Thanks for your responses. What does CURP stand for/mean? Thanks!
  7. I am very close to signing a one year lease for a very nice, new apartment in Riberas. It is in the lower part, just south of San Antonio (east/west) and near Santa Monica (north/south). Does anyone have a sense of what the flooding will be like there when the rains fall? The neighborhood looks lovely and seems quiet, so that is my only concern. Thanks!
  8. So sorry to hear about these unpleasant experiences. I wonder if the office in San Antonio or San Antonio would be less stressful. I was told that since you cannot get a passport without a birth certificate, that document is no longer required. Does anyone know if that is the case? I’m not sure I would be able to get a copy of mine very easily from here. Thanks to everyone for your help!
  9. Thank you so much you are always such a wealth of information and so generous with your knowledge. I know there is an office in San Antonio Will they require my Birth certificate? Talk about an Ancient document!
  10. Can a foreigner with her first temporary resident status card still apply for seguridad popular? There seem to be two schools of thought about this. What is the current list of required documents you must present. Thank you!
  11. I am delighted to have found an apartment in Aijic with a large garden where my cat can roam. It is completely enclosed but the front entrance (for vehicles) has a metal gate which my cat could crawl through or under. Also, the tiny balcony in my apartment needs to be partially enclosed so that he does not decide to try any new tricks that could end very badly. Where In Lakeside could I purchase mesh fencing to keep my cat safe? And yes, he was an indoor cat and yes, he has a big belly.
  12. I admit I thought this was a joke but what a brilliant idea! I am glad they are working on this project and hope that it goes on the market not only for those who need it now but also for those of us who will undoubtedly be struggling to keep safe on those cobblestones as we age.
  13. Does anyone know when the stores close in Guadalajara and Chapala on December 24th? Will all stores be closed Christmas Day? And what is the name of that store in Aijic, I think it is on the carretera, that sells delicacies and imported specialties? Muchas gracias!!
  14. RV Gringo, thanks for those addresses. Very helpful. I have another question, There is apparently another bus that goes to Jocotepec and then on to Aijic.I imagine it also starts at the Old Bus Station but was told it stops in La Calma, Zapopam, Guadalajara or Plaza del Sol. This would make life SO much easier as it costs a fortune to get to the Old Station from where I am staying in Las Fuentes in Guadalajara. Is anyone familiar with this route and whether it allows passengers to get on while still in Guadalajara? Many thanks!
  15. Hi Rony,

    I discovered you through Xena (or Zena) who has been very helpful.

    My elderly aunt is at Mi Casita in San Antonio. I have to be in Guadalajara because I could find nothing in Chapala for two reasons: the season and my cat. 

    It takes me 4 hours to visit my aunt because I don't own a car. 

    I am looking for a long-term rental and can afford the equivalent of $500 or $500 (with utilities). I read here that getting an unfurnished apt. can be a nightmare because furniture is slow to be delivered. I am open to furnished or unfurnished.

    It is so generous of you to help the way you do. I can't believe how helpful people are on these forums! Very uplifting!

    Although I have paid rent through February in Guadalajara, I think my host, who is very kind, would let me leave earlier if something became available in Chapala. He is aware of my situation.

    Many thanks in advance for whatever you can advise!







    1. marmorado


      Oops - I meant $550 with utilities included.


  16. You are correct but I like to walk and saving money is something I do whenever I can, even a small amount. But of course, if it is raining or I'm tired, I will take Uber. Thanks for replying!
  17. Because I was unable to find a rental in the Chapala area, I am currently 'commuting' from Guadalajara to San Antonio to visit my aunt in her nursing home. It takes 4 hours round trip and I still have to take Uber to get to the Old Bus Terminal from where I'm staying. Does anyone know if the direct bus from Guadalajara to Chapala stops at Plaza del Sol or anywhere else in Guadalajara? Plaza del Sol would be so much closer. I could walk there in less than an hour and save money. Thanks SO MUCH for any advice you can give!
  18. Lovely happy ending! I have a question: My cat has a microchip with AKC Reunite. I am guessing this will be relatively useless in Chapala yet I heard that Mexico has a microchip program. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.
  19. I did not have time to get my aunt's documents in order prior to her departure, so I cannot get the temporal for her. I applied myself because I am finishing up all the business here in the US before I leave. I will meet her at my brother's in Mexico City and then we drive to Chapala. She is set to move into the assisted living place on Dec. 1. I do not want to have to take her out of the country again in less than 6 months after having moved her around so much. How would I go about helping her to get a humanitarian visa in Chapala? Thanks so much for this incredibly useful information, Sonia!
  20. Wow, what a minefield. I received my temporal visa in my passport today at the Mexican Consulate here in Albuquerque. It was not as hard as I expected but I realize that is only the first step. Would it be easier to go to the INM office in Guadalajara or in Chapala - I will probably be settling in the Chapala area but I just wondered, since both are in Jalisco, which is likely to be less of a hassle? I know that in either case, this has to be done within 30 days of my entry to Mexico on Nov. 21. Does anyone know? Many thanks!
  21. Wow, thanks to all of you for this discussion. I still feel really confused but that's not unusual and I'm in the process of this huge move for myself and my elderly aunt. I will use Skype and Whatsapp for my US calls. I just want to be able to make local calls in Mexico, have access to the internet (and of course Wifi whenever possible) and local texting. I have an Iphone 5s. I don't find it to be that excellent. Does it matter whether you have an IPhone or an android in terms of how easy it is to getting them sorted out when things go wrong in Mexico? From what I've read so far, it sounds as if AT and T might be the best option but perhaps I've misunderstood. Anyway, it sounds as if it is best to wait until you are in Mexico to make any changes. Scary to feel disconnected even for a few minutes, let alone days! Thanks again for your insights and experiences. Margo
  22. So what I'm hearing, as a newby scheduled to move to Chapala in Jan., is that it's best to get a rental that includes internet and WiFI so avoid all of this. Or not? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
  23. It looks as if my friend has learned that she is not allowed to have pets in the house she has rented, so I am in a bit of a bind now as I was counting on sharing with her through March. Honestly, I would settle for a small room as long as my cat could come. I am crazy for my cat but I am not a crazy lady. If you know of anyone who would be willing to rent a room to a quiet, easy-going older woman, I would be willing to pay up to $350 a month for December, January and March. Hopefully in March or April things will begin to ease up a bit on the long term rentals. I am a retired ESL/EFL teacher and also taught high school English for many years. I can tutor, I can clean, I can babysit, I can take dogs for walks, I can housesit. I am happy to provide references that attest to my competency and reliability. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!
  24. I currently have a cell phone provider which does not give a good service in Mexico. I will probably speak to most of my friends via Skype and WhatsApp but it may be necessary to phone the US sometimes. In your experience, which services work best. Does it make sense to rent a phone? What about having several SIM cards for the same phone? Thanks so much!
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