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  1. We are visiting the last 2 weeks in April and wonder if there are any bus trips planned for that time period.
  2. I was reading your post on driving suggestions and inquiry as to dogs.  We will be driving from Florida next year, and we will have 2 dogs and 1 cat.  Can you suggest pet friendly and safe lodgings for the trip from Nogales crossing?


  3. Thanks everyone.........I can now complete my budget, even if I double all of your expenses it comes no where near Florida in the summer expense!
  4. Thanks Angus, that sounds comparable. And, that is very inexpensive. What is the subsidized level?
  5. I have done extensive research on the cost of living in the Lake Chapala area. I have been able to find approximent cost of taxes, water, propane, phone, internet etc....but when it comes to electric all anyone says is "electric is expensive in Mexico". Can anyone tell me approximate cost of electric for 2 people, 2 bedroom 2 bath house with washer, dryer and ceiling fans. I realize costs vary, but all I am looking for is a range.
  6. So, if we get TP for 4 years and then apply for RP is approval more or less automatic or do we need to re-qualify at the larger amounts?
  7. If I purchase a Mexican residence does the purchase price count as part or all of the financial requirements to obtain a temporary or permanent visa?
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