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  1. Has anyone brought their dog with them onboard, sitting with you in a second class bus? I know Primera Plus (first class bus) will not allow it. Is there another company that will?
  2. Is that for Telecel or ATT Mexico? I need to stop spam on ATT Mexico.
  3. The fee is in the lower rates offered.People like the service better ... and its not free either ... all buried nicely.
  4. Looking for recommendations on best courier to send a letter from Puerto Vallarta to Ajijic Centro. There are many in Vallarta but want to make sure the carrier does direct delivery in Ajijic. Any recommendations?
  5. I also have a yearly pre-paid AT&T Mexico plan. I "brought my own phone" so bought only the plan. Paid 12 months at sign up and get 12 free months - so quite the bargain. I have used my phone all over the US and Canada and my full 2gb of data is available to me in the USA and Canada at LTE/4G speeds. It renews every month same time without me having to do anything. As I type this I am in Canada on vacation and see they topped me up this month on top of the unused data from last month. That may be something new - but the plan does not provide for it - nice just the same. I live in Vallarta and wold rate the service in Vallarta as very good but there are some dead zones - like around Costco (which is strange). But then Telcel was a dead zone there for me before I switched to AT&T. So in a nutshell: 1.The prepaid yearly plans offer a second year free, 2.Great roaming when in the USA and Canada, 3.No need to go to OXXO or wherever to top up, 4.Good App on phone and web to track usage.
  6. Its rather obvious on Netflix - as you will see a LOT of Spanish movies and tv programs if your in Mexico. Or you can look and see what the source IP address is of the Netflix being accessed. I have NordVPN and Canadian Netflix - though I can pick and choose where I am "seen" or really am. Not going to matter in a year or so as Netflix builds a robust "global" service that provides more equity in the library of the films and tv shows that are available in all regions.
  7. If the card can be used for Visa or MC purchases for air travel, that may help booking of flights out of country - avoiding foreign traveller taxes. Despite being a RP if using a foreign credit card the taxes are charged, albeit recoverable later. This seems a better way to avoid that hassle. Just need to make sure the pesos are in the bank for the transaction. AngusMactavish any thoughts on that??
  8. NordVPN states "In order to setup VPN client connection on your router, it has to support at least one of these connection types: PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN. Furthermore, it has to support it as a "Client" (as opposed to a "Server") to allow you to connect it to NordVPN servers". (https://support.nordvpn.com/#/Connectivity/Router/1047409322/Setting-up-a-router-with-NordVPN.htm) I have been using the older Huawei modem/router from TelMex and while I have seen a slower speed using NordVPN it was not by much - but I have the $389 package from TelMex and its through fibre optic cable here in Vallarta. That said there are still issues so I have purchased an Asus RT-AC68U Router, which has OpenVPN capability built in - and is listed and recommended by NordPN.(https://support.nordvpn.com/#/Connectivity/Router/1087269942/What-router-is-recommended-for-use-with-NordVPN.htm) I picked this up in Canada for under $187.00 CAD from Staples and will install it to the old Huawei modem/router and disable the wifi and other connections and hook everything including TV up to the new router. This means everything in my home will be covered under NordVPN which I can select which country I wish to be seen from (or for that matter server) using my iPhone or any device (just like we now can). More importantly I can leave the default as Canada, USA or UK - and both wifi and tv services will always see the router default location. While I want the freedom to surf and see media content that is restricted - I also want to build a wall from Google.
  9. This information from John Shrall remains good information and I followed these steps and was able to have a ticket prepared. Thank you John.
  10. Anyone know of good head shop in Guadalajara that sells higher end vapes for dry Cannabis? Mines on the fritz and I will be Guadalajara next week. Shops in Vallarta don’t carry higher end vapes.
  11. My question is not for tourists - it was directed at Visa holders. The FMM on-line form appears to work better for Permanente and Temporal LEAVING Mexico - is what I asked. I was told by IMN I could use it and then bring it to the counter for a stamp at the airport IMN before I leave. I asked has anyone done this yet without a problem on the return.
  12. This question to legal Residents: Have you had any issues arise at the IMN Airport Desk when using and printing off the On-Line FMM for departure from Mexico - and having the top half accepted on return at GDL or PVR Airports?
  13. More Canadian friends coming back from Sacramento that were in Mexico on a tourist Visa flew down to Sacramento and now returning to Mexico on a Temporal Visa. None of us (including me) were in Canada and flew to the USA. All of us were in Mexico (living as it were) on Tourist Visa’s or living elsewhere then flew to the USA to a Consulatate of our choice and came back to Mexico with Permanente or Temporal. One person had not been to Canada in 2 years, others were all “well over” 180 day tourist card ? in Mexico and some of us in Mexico within the 180 days. In Vallarta a friend at XXX said we should have applied under the amnesty program as it is or was still available. Maybe. But everyone of us now has a Visa without having to return to Canada or other countries they came from.
  14. Sonia, we chatted again with 2 consulate offices and they were puzzled by your mentioning “the law” ,,,, and reiterated we can apply at ANY Consultate as per the Government IMN website which I was provided the weblink and an English summary: apply "In person : at any of the 148 consular offices that Mexico has abroad." https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/visa-de-residencia-permanente/SRE236 Opciones para realizar tu trámite Cita en línea: Ingresa aquí. Presencial: en cualquiera de las 148 Oficinas Consulares que México tiene en el exterior. Para conocer su ubicación y horarios de atención es necesario que ingreses aquí. Embassy is different from Immigration which you know - and language on an Embassy website is intended to “speak” to people that may be in a specific country - but IMN itself excepts applications for visas as stated on the IMN website. i am dismayed you mentioned “it’s the law” post o go to the country of ? What birth? residency? just what do you mean.? Please provide a weblink to the ACT and Regulation that states this ... as the IMN website does not. i reiterate we and friends have obtained our Residente Petmanente at a Consultate of our choosing.
  15. There is no lawful requirement to apply for a visa at a Consulate in your “home” country. You can apply at ANY Mexican consulate of your choice that is convenient to where you are. I am permanenté, live in Vallarta and am Canadian. When I applied 6 weeks ago it was in Las Vegas. Fingerprints are now done in Vallarta and advised my card will be ready for pick up on 1st December .... less than 2 months from start to finish. Friends also Canadian have applied in Dallas, San Diego, Miami and Guatamala City. You can call the Consulate of your choice and confirm requirements and eligibility which I did.
  16. Live in Vallarta in a rental and using my Apple TV on a HD tv - went a way for a week and landlord replaced the tv with a brand new Hisense tv with built in roku - so we changed language, created a roku account but not for payments. We’re Canadian but selected USA only to find no way to access USA services - you can try to download various apps but it comes up “not available in this region”. As we have. Canadian Netflix that comes up but with less controls same with our premium Spotify - it loads the account but it’s a crappy interface. So the Roku is useless and we have plugged the Apple TV back in. We really would have liked to stream HBO for example even pirated ?. Those Hisense Roku TVs must have been clearing out as it’s rather useless as is - unless we are missing something in the settings.
  17. I thought the Hanger Inn did not have a lounge or restaurant - anyone actually stay there?
  18. RVGRINGO, you had written the words "equal status" and I was referring to my PR and my partner with a Tourist status .... him being able to apply for PR to provide equal status to me (my PR).
  19. "Spouse" is an interesting word but not one we use in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is "Adult Interdependent Partner" which is defined as: " "adult interdependent partner is the new name in Alberta for a common-law spouse. However, the term encompasses more than heterosexual common-law relationships. It includes same-sex relationships, as well as two non-conjugal persons who live together in a relationship of interdependence. In some circumstances it could even include two members of the same family, or two friends who live together."[1] According to the Alberta Ministry of Justice, "The act covers a range of personal relationships that fall outside of marriage, including committed platonic relationships where two people agree to share emotional and economic responsibilities."[2] Under the terms of the law, couples in a mutually dependent relationship, conjugal or not, are deemed to be adult interdependent partners after three years of living together, even without signing a partnership agreement, as is the case with common-law marriage." And hence my question. And why I said rights are enshrined in law. I grabbed that from wiki for ease of explanation > http://bit.ly/2idMXOb
  20. AlanMexicali - not sure but I don't think your reply was for my post above? RVGringo wrote "Under vincula familiar, a spouse with a tourist permit may apply for equal status in Mexico, after the first spouse has gone through the visa process to completion". Should I start a new thread so as not to muddy the original post?
  21. Not every couple is “married” - or in a civil or contractual formalized relationship. Canadian law in the Province of Alberta enshrines same rights for couples like us - straight or gay couples. We are gay and have been living together for 17 years in Canada and living here in Mexico. One of us has a PR and the other on a tourist 180 day merry-go-round. Does the person with the tourist have to apply for a TR or is he eligible for a PR and does he need to demonstrate financial wherewithal or fall under the the other with the PR. What evidence is required to prove the relationship - as there is nothing from the Province. Spencer, Sonia or anyone have some insight on this?
  22. If you don't mind answering what was the condition? I am curious as to what it was she had misdiagnosed. I am getting Liquid Nitrogen treatment in Vallarta right now on my face and look horrible. If this does not work she says a mother round and then look at other options - which is scary given the way I look right now 3 days in from the 6 spots she treated on my face.
  23. does not work .... i watch the ants walk on by this stuff.
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