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  1. I have used OneSim for years. You have to make sure you get a SIM specifically for banking. So far it has worked with all banks and credit card companies, although some can be fussy at times, e.g. it works fine with one Chase account and sometimes not at all with another. Keep the option of receiving codes by email for times like that.
  2. Mercado Libre Mexico was selling this type thermometer last week for about 1800 pesos with free shipping. I don't know if they have any left.
  3. Nice to see that the government up north is handing out masks to the rioters and looters who need them or otherwise just ignore them all and let them violate social distancing rules
  4. Everyone in a panic about this should read Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. Written in 1919, it predicts what the "experts" are trying to, and the ultimate outcome, quite well.
  5. Mercado Libre has a large selection of wines from US, Chile and Mexico at various price points. I should get my delivery today for an order placed Sunday.
  6. We're in West Ajijic. I didn't mention speeds so as not to aggravate too many people. But I pay for 150 Mbs down. Right now, depending on the speed tester, I get between 180 and 210 down and 70 to 100 up. I'm sure this won't last as they do more installs, but it sure is great after years of 8Mbs or less with frequent, sometimes daily, interruptions of service on DSL.
  7. We now have Telmex fiber (after over 18 months with nothing from Ilox). We have had only one outage since installion in February. Telmex sent us text messages when the problem occurred and told us there was no need to file a report. Several hours later, we got another text that all was ok. Unfortunately we had to pay for installation, which Carlos Sim can afford much better than us normals. But once everyone in our fracc knew Telmex was coming, everyone signed up, something they wouldn't do with Ilox. Personally I am happy I didn't waste any more time with Ilox and am v
  8. Chloroquine is more dangerous than hydroxyquine, which is used for treatment of arthritis and other conditions. But it also has side effects and contraindications. I took hydroxyquine for a few months and had soreness in my mouth and teeth. My doctor changed me over to another drug. However my wife has been talking it for several years without problems. If necessary I could tolerate it for the seven to ten days needed to treat the virus. Zinc supplements are a part of the equation. You can start on those as a possible prophylactic. I take it with tonic water (with some gin of co
  9. Yes. Everyone in our neighborhood has this problem. And no we have not been able to solve it. It has been going on for months. I would suggest unplugging the modem for at least a minute and then restarting. This usually gives at least temporary relief. A call to the 800 number might get you connected to a good technician who will spend some time trying to improve your connection. The office manager in Ajijic says this problem is due to poor and insufficient DSL infrastructure in Ajijic.
  10. Our quote does not contain any such requirement. You just have to pay for your phone and internet service after installation.
  11. Our fracc got a quote from Telmex of about 5260 MXN per house. If you go to the local office and talk to the manager, she apparently will get a Telmex contractor to make a bid.
  12. We tried this before. We not find anybody, engineer or not, to come, inspect our empty ducts and let us know if we are even eligible for installation. Who exactly can one contact at Ilox. So far nobody will respond to our phone calls and emails. In our small fracc less than half the homeowners are full-time or interested in Ilox so digging up the roads even though we have empty ducts available is not possible.
  13. We have now heard that Ilox will not do any more installations in gated communities. For the last year or so I have been emailing Ilox about this very issue, without any response. Perhaps Tom Kessler can address this, since no one in Ilox will.
  14. Unfortunately, at least for me, Ilox does not answer my emails, whether I write to the noc address or to Jesica Avila. I don't think you can get any useful information from the office. The lady told my neighbor they aren't installing out here (west Ajijic). I have been told another week, month, etc. Mr Kessler keeps saying "any day now." The middle of this month will mark 18 months since I prepaid. It will also likely mark the day I go in and ask for my refund.
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