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  1. You have to open a Amazon Mexico account with a different credit card and email address. I think Amazon requires that you use a Mexico CC for a new account down here. You home address would be your residence in Mexico.
  2. You can buy a small adapter that fits the gas intake valve and reduces the amount of gas that can enter. The fireplace can then burn LP gas. They are not expensive. Most plumbers can do the job for you.
  3. My experience with Aduana is that if the package does not clear within a hour or two, it never will. The only option at that point is to return it to the shipper. The only things the shipper or the shipping company can do is try to find out what document is needed and provide it. However, this doesn't help in most cases. Right now I am having a similar problem with an Amazon Mexico shipment. The product apparently has suddenly appeared on the banned list. The shipper is recalling it and giving me a refund. A year or so ago, they would not allow a pair of eyeglasses in. I had to have them shipped to a friend in Texas. I would contact the shipping company and ask their advice and/or contact the shipper and ask for the package to be returned and hopefully you can get your money back.
  4. He is a very good diagnostician, and he will do his best to help you. He might be able to refer you to someone in Mexico who can help. But if you have insurance in the US, a better choice might be one of the teaching hospitals or the Mayo Clinic.
  5. Since I live the next block over, that's news to me. I have no problem waiting. The Ilox office is the entity that caused them to lose at least one prepaid customer. As has been suggested many times in this forum, it would be helpful if Ilox were to send out some information about their plans from time to time or at least answer polite email request made to them.
  6. A neighbor in my fracc, located on the west side of Ajijic near LaCristina, prepaid Ilox last year. He has been checking with the office periodically. This week he was told that Ilox will not do any installations out here due to lack of signups. I prepaid in April 2018. The problem is at least 2 to 4 of my neighbors would not prepay, but would sign up is the service was available. So the number of prepaids really should not be the determining factor. In any event, I have not been able to get any responses to emails trying to confirm this. If anyone knows about this, please let me know. My neighbor has requested a refund and I will do the same if it turns out I am waiting for nothing.
  7. Jessica Avila does not answer emails of this nature, at least not for me any my neighborhood.
  8. Usually when I try to get higher speeds from Telmex Infinitum, the message was that I was getting the best possible speed already. For the hell of it, I tried again today. The program let me in and I asked the the 50 Mbs package. In return I was allowed to sign up for a 20 Mbs package, which, if it works, is about 3x what I get know. I even got a email from Telmex acknowledging the order. We are at the very west of Ajijic, not far from the Jocotepec border. So we shall wait and see what happens. I personally did not think Ajijic and environs would have sufficient support for more than one high speed service. Looks like I was wrong. (It also looks like I will not need new lines etc. like I would have with Ilox.)
  9. Does anyone know how far out of the village this will apply? We are on the western edge of Ajijic near La Cristina. I have seen no evidence of any Telmex activity around here. Same with Ilox who I prepaid about 15 months ago. Maybe foolishly I have been paying Telmex 599 a month for years. If I can get 50Mbs down from them without any further hassel, I will be getting a refund from Ilox ASAP and I'll be a happy camper.
  10. Who or how do you get in touch with someone at Telmex to explore this option? We have open underground ducts and have been told different stories about whether Ilox will use them or not. I too am on a HOA board and would like to explore this option - especially since I prepaid 14 months ago and have not heard word about any plans to install in the area we are in.
  11. I have bad arthritis in my feet. I have much less problems with it at sea level than I do up here.
  12. And what about the 40% who are still here and are nowhere near getting an installation? Last time I went to the office I was told maybe another month or two - but I was one of the first 100 prepaid signups. I totally agree that some communication from Ilox would be very helpful.
  13. Yesterday parts of west Ajijic was out for 22.5 hours
  14. We were "tipping" the garbagemen monthly for over a year. After run ins with GIRRSA people, garbage pickup for our condo and the whole street stopped for over two weeks. Then the garbage men finally showed again up one Saturday night and told our groundskeeper they couldn't keep the tips and actually returned them. They also referred us to the Aseo Municipal office in Chapala where we had to pay. We also had an area for garbage outside the date for central pickup. So as far as I know we pay for trash collection in our taxes, but if you're in a gated community you pay again or watch the dogs and rats tear open the garbage bags stacked on the street.
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