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  1. Yes. Everyone in our neighborhood has this problem. And no we have not been able to solve it. It has been going on for months. I would suggest unplugging the modem for at least a minute and then restarting. This usually gives at least temporary relief. A call to the 800 number might get you connected to a good technician who will spend some time trying to improve your connection. The office manager in Ajijic says this problem is due to poor and insufficient DSL infrastructure in Ajijic.
  2. Several types are sold in Home Depot in Guadalajara
  3. Our quote does not contain any such requirement. You just have to pay for your phone and internet service after installation.
  4. Our fracc got a quote from Telmex of about 5260 MXN per house. If you go to the local office and talk to the manager, she apparently will get a Telmex contractor to make a bid.
  5. We tried this before. We not find anybody, engineer or not, to come, inspect our empty ducts and let us know if we are even eligible for installation. Who exactly can one contact at Ilox. So far nobody will respond to our phone calls and emails. In our small fracc less than half the homeowners are full-time or interested in Ilox so digging up the roads even though we have empty ducts available is not possible.
  6. We have now heard that Ilox will not do any more installations in gated communities. For the last year or so I have been emailing Ilox about this very issue, without any response. Perhaps Tom Kessler can address this, since no one in Ilox will.
  7. Unfortunately, at least for me, Ilox does not answer my emails, whether I write to the noc address or to Jesica Avila. I don't think you can get any useful information from the office. The lady told my neighbor they aren't installing out here (west Ajijic). I have been told another week, month, etc. Mr Kessler keeps saying "any day now." The middle of this month will mark 18 months since I prepaid. It will also likely mark the day I go in and ask for my refund.
  8. Do you know what area Unetc covers? I could not find a web site for the company. It's getting to be about 18 months since I paid Ilox and I haven't heard a word from them since.
  9. You might not have problems with deliveries, but if you want to stream, you won't be able to set the app up properly. With your setup you would only be able to get the Mexican version of Prime Video. If you wanted both US and Mexican, you would need separate email addresses due to the way you access the video app.
  10. You have to open a Amazon Mexico account with a different credit card and email address. I think Amazon requires that you use a Mexico CC for a new account down here. You home address would be your residence in Mexico.
  11. You can buy a small adapter that fits the gas intake valve and reduces the amount of gas that can enter. The fireplace can then burn LP gas. They are not expensive. Most plumbers can do the job for you.
  12. My experience with Aduana is that if the package does not clear within a hour or two, it never will. The only option at that point is to return it to the shipper. The only things the shipper or the shipping company can do is try to find out what document is needed and provide it. However, this doesn't help in most cases. Right now I am having a similar problem with an Amazon Mexico shipment. The product apparently has suddenly appeared on the banned list. The shipper is recalling it and giving me a refund. A year or so ago, they would not allow a pair of eyeglasses in. I had to have them shipped to a friend in Texas. I would contact the shipping company and ask their advice and/or contact the shipper and ask for the package to be returned and hopefully you can get your money back.
  13. He is a very good diagnostician, and he will do his best to help you. He might be able to refer you to someone in Mexico who can help. But if you have insurance in the US, a better choice might be one of the teaching hospitals or the Mayo Clinic.
  14. Since I live the next block over, that's news to me. I have no problem waiting. The Ilox office is the entity that caused them to lose at least one prepaid customer. As has been suggested many times in this forum, it would be helpful if Ilox were to send out some information about their plans from time to time or at least answer polite email request made to them.
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